The fun part of stephons run in with sora

Ok, its going to be ok stephon. I think to myself as I reveal her cock. It turns out shemale cock isn't that different from regular cock. Or at least mine, I have never sucked off a guy so......


Mouth, neck, upper chest, natural breast, chest, belly button, below belly button, shorts, panties. I stop, im still second guessing myself and then just nut up, expose her cock and lick it.

Umm.... This feeling is different than I expected. I think that I'm actually enjoying it. Like three minutes go by and im sucking on the head. sora is moaning so I guess I'm doing good. I was fucking wrong,r remember when I said she turnedinto a sex
b**st. that comes back into play after those wonderful three minutes.

She says more and I suck about to half way. I think im doing big things until she grabs my head and f***es it down her 8 inch shaft. I know her isnt to far from t he size of mine but note ive never had anything that big that far back in my throat. I thought I was about to die. I was scared. She was fucking my mouth..... hard. I was tearing up and shit. I was gaggling but that didnt make her seem anymore gentle. My spit was thick. I couldn't breathe out of my mouth or my nose( she was pinching it shut).jesus, and my jaw, it was soo sore and tired. After about three minutes I switch the game up. This chick want to fuck my mouth.


So I do what myinstincts told me to do. Fuck her with my mouth. Umm the long story short versio of that is that it didn't work. She ended up saying oh so you you want to fuck me with your mouth. Imma just have to show you what im capable of.

This next part put me in my place for real. I wasn't ready for it at all. She started to fuck my moith harder. She fucked my so hard shebacked me up like three feet back onto the wall and fucked my mouth somemore. Even harder. At that point, I quit, I was done fighting her, got off her cocck momentary to let her know I was going to stop fighting and that was that. I gave her oral for five more minutes really And then the funny part. Ok so she starts to cum, I get scared, unmount my face as she starts shooting. but it still gets in my mouth. She laughs and asks to taste her cum. I say yes kiss her, passionately and after take I am reminded once I try to say something that my jaws are really sore from the fucking. I rub my jaw and sora laughs.

Sorry babe,you put up a good fight but I'm a good So we make out for a while until I can regain stamina because I I know I get to fuck her ass now.

Ten minutes go by, we are still kissing and I ask sora if I can fuck her ass.

I don't think it is possible to describe inwords how esctaic her expression was.

I have never fucked or been fucked by a guy, only girls. And girls sith strapons.

We finish undressing continue to fall in love with her body. So smooth, so natural, so perky, so feminine. She sees me staring at her body and she looms as if she is about to cry.

Babii, whats up

No guy, ever, has treated as good as you have. It's this damn cock.

Babii, no please stop talking like that. Im here because I like you and I want to be here.

aww... C'mere

I kiss her, caress, her explore, lick her from mouth to toe,lift her legs, and oh my god, I have never to this day been more attractsd to an asshole as I was that day.

She spits all up on her hand and jerk my cock directly into her perfect little ass. It was incredible. It was so tight. I hardly even fit inside. More spit and strecthing and soon I mwas going pretty good. She was yelling, the head board was creaking. I had just cum so I was good and then the freak side of sora came out again..... Would yall like for the story to go on cause it aint over

So this is the second installment. fav, rate, friend, message. So me some love. I still would like more feed back you guys
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2 years ago
Don't stop! This is getting better'n better.