Stephons first run in with Sora

I'm a young, attractive, slender, african american young man. I'm on my grind everyday. I like to drink, sl**p, and fuck. I find that I can make any woman laugh until it is about that time to fuck. This is just one incident that proves this stament.

Alright so I'm in one of my classes doing my regular, being a class clown, and funny as hell. all of a sudden the most amazing looking female walks through the doors of our lecture hall and im like... Fuck, its time to calm down because if i want to sl**p with this female anytime this century I'm going to have to show that I'm a catch, and not the giant jokester that everyone else thinks I am.

There are a pair of open seat near the front of the class and i can already see that if i am going to be making any move i will have to move quickly. She sits down, and like clockwork I jump up and excuse myself to the bathroom.

Why the fuck woud you do that Stephon, anwser, because i have to have a reason to move. Luckily for me i have eye sight bad enough to wear glasses which remove on my scheduled bathroom break. I return to the class and sit beside this sexy thing. At this point, the words coming out of the professors mouth are gibberish to me.

Fortunately for me i managed to catch her eye so the rest of class we catch eaching evaluating the others bodies. In my looks i noticed that her skin was tight and fair, her lips suptle and inticing, her breast appeared to be a b or c cup which complemented her fame in every way shape and form. She had faint freckles and a gorgeous shape. her eyes were a mystifying hazel and her hair was a luscious black that was as deep as the night. from her sitting position i could tell her body was toned and atheletic, and she looked of asain decent. YES!!! In the instants that our eyes did meet, the world around me slowed and i was inmmediately insnared in her trace, and i think she was too, because he stared at each other for around thrithy seconds before breaking eye contact.

She the said " sorry, you just look so... delicious." at that moment i had to play it cool because i knew i this point that she wanted the dick but was probably going to play impossible to get before she gave it up. So mask my excitement and just smugly say, oh really, thanks, and i just want to say that you look like something out of a dream. and i cut the conversion there to not fuk it up too soon.

She wrote something a sheet of paper then dropped all of her stuff onto the floor, however she somehow made sure that the sheet of paper she had just written on made it closest to me. Being the gentleman that i am i insisted on helping to pick up her stuff, and of course to receive the note which she dropped on the floor.

i get back in my seat and open the paper. it has her number and two questions.

What is your name and how big is that cock of yours?

I put her number in my phone and wait for class to end.

I leave to make sure i get her some thing to anticipate and as i leave and am going out the door she takes her small hand grabs my ass and whispers in my ear, i k** you not, mmmm your going to be fun aren't you? then she winks and vashishes in the flurry of people leaving the class. I was in shock, she was so blatant about how bad she wanted me. Immediately one of my closest friend bryan, walked up to me and said. do you even know her name. i promptly responsed with a side to side head motion.

she is going to trouble, Bryan said.

So class was over for the day and i was anticipating texting or calling this girl. i had been 5 hours since class and she was probably alone and really horny. So i texted he the anwsers to her questions. Stephon and 10 inches. within two minutes i have a response. her name is Sora and she is japanese. she says i'm really hot and that she whats to see my big dick. i comply, and send her a picture. and i also see a message saying, you have seen my pride and joy and now it's your turn to show me something precious.

she sent a wink emoticon and sent me a picture of tits,and she said that she liked my cock, especially the dark band near the middle. i said thanks, it is a pretty nice specimen, and also said that she had the tits of a goddess. she also said she wanted to show me more, and she wanted to show me in person. i asked her dorm number and faster than a bolt of lightning got to that room after a few stops. i had condoms, lube, roses, chocolate, and a bear, everything i would need for a girl who i wanted to have a lasting impression on. so i get there and am really suprised to find that she has a room to her self.

I hand here the stuff and she examines and appriates it. then once she put it down gently, she not so gently back me up on the wall using her amazing kissing skills to distract me while she backed onto a wall. then she went down. i'm getiing insanely aroused at this point. and she knows it. she strips of her shirt then mine, then her bra.She goes all of this in a way that is different and exciting in all new way. she then reveals my stiff member and goes to work bobbing up and down on it. deep throat, just the head, stroking ball sucking everything. she pleased me for about 15 minutes and then it was about that time. i told her i was going to cum and she just continued sucking until i did and she just obeidently swallowed the sizable loads. she got up, kissed me and said, that was the longest any guy has lasted against me and my mouth.

I'm pleased to hear that and then it gets a little confusing. she said so are going to do mine now.

....... What?

i have a cock

.................................WHAT!!!instintivly i start to pack up. then i see that she is saddened by my response and sits down on her bed.

What the fuck, there has to be a irst time for everything. so i coax her to let me suck on her. I started at her face then to her neck, a little bit lower to her tits. she stopped me and said " I'm sorry i should have told you."

My response is ," I was stupid to respond like that, your still one of the hottest girls on campus. I'm just going to treat you like i would if you didn't have a dick."

She smiled and in that instant something changed, she went from sexy timid girl, to a like fucking predator. she looked at me with a certian lust. We kiss and i continue my pattern from before, mouth, neck, chest, tits, stocach, belly button, below belly bottom, then it was it was time, time for me to expose this girl cock... oh boy.

If you would like to know of the second part of my first run in with a t-girl, favorite, or five stars, and please comment. hell if you like it enough send a friend request. i want to tell more stories of my sexual adventures. But I can't do that without support from you.

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2 years ago
2 years ago
Can't wait to read Part 2!
2 years ago
Dude!!! You can't stop there... I'm not finished yet! XD Really good story. You nailed my fantasy.
2 years ago
Very good so far