It was a hot sunny Sunday afternoon, Leanne and Dean were in the garden pottering around in bikini and shorts when they heard someone speaking.
“Hi there, we’re your new neighbours, I’m Julianne, Jules for short and this is my hubby Sam, we moved in a couple of days ago but we haven’t had a chance to meet you until now”
Leanne and Dean went over to the fence to greet their neighbours and introduce themselves, Jules, about 5 foot 3, black hair and well tanned was in a skimpy top and shorts set and Sam, about 6foot with dark hair and also well tanned with an athletic looking body had a pair of baggy Joe Bloggs shorts on.
“Hi, I’m Leanne and this is Dean, it’s lovely to meet you both” Leanne said over the fence.
“Where have you moved from?”
“Oh, just a couple of miles up the road” Sam replied “We wanted a house with a bit more room and a bigger garden”
“Yeah, that’s why we moved here too” Dean answered.
The two couples exchanged pleasantries for some time then Leanne said.
“Why don’t you come around and have a drink if you’re not too busy”
“That sounds like a very good idea” Jules answered with a broad smile.
Dean went indoors and sorted out some drinks and brought them out and put them in the little fridge in the summer house beside the pool while Leanne got some ice and clean glasses. Jules and Sam arrived round and Dean poured the cocktails for them all and they sat around the pool and chatted.
“It’s really private here isn’t it?” Sam remarked.
“Yes you’re the only ones overlooking us and us you, if you know what I mean” Dean answered.
“How long have you lived here?” Enquired Jules.
Leanne looked at Dean “It’s about four years now, isn’t it Dean?” “Yeah about that” Dean agreed.
The couples sat and talked for a long time finding out about each other, Sam was a consultant sports Physiother****t and Jules was in advertising, they were married, about five years and were thinking of starting a f****y that year. Leanne told them how they had found the house and described the work that they had done and she talked about the general neighbourhood and how quiet it was and so on.
“Any one want the pool?” Leanne asked “I’m going in, I am so hot”
She had changed into a tiny bikini top and thong and was sitting on the edge of the pool,
Jules said she would love to go in and took off her shorts to reveal an equally skimpy thong, Sam nipped round to his house and came back in a pair of swimming shorts which Leanne thought were a bit too short but nice. The couples lounged about in the pool and as Leanne was kneeling on the edge trying to reach a towel she glanced round and caught Sam looking at her ass, she raised her eyebrows slightly as she caught Sams eye and Jules piped up.
“Oh Sam, stop that, you’re going to embarrass Leanne now”
“Sorry Leanne” Sam said “I just cannot resist a tight ass like yours.
“That’s OK” Leanne answered, feeling good about her bum now.
“Looks like you’ve got a fan darling” Dean whispered.
“Mm, it does doesn’t it”
As the afternoon turned to evening Dean suggested a barbeque and the idea was immediately accepted by all so he got some stuff prepared and they all sat down to eat, there was plenty of well cooked food to eat and chilled drinks to wash it all down.
“D’ya know something?” Sam said “That was perfect” Everyone agreed and they sat back and relaxed, then Leanne got up to change the music disk and let out a groan.
“What’s the matter” Dean asked
“Oh just my back, stiff, a bit sore, it’ll be all right in a minute”
“Why don’t you let me have a look?” Sam said “It is my profession after all”
Sam laid one of the loungers out flat and asked Leanne to lie down on her tummy.
“It’s a bit low” Said Sam.
“What about the table?” Dean asked “I’ll soon clear it and there are plenty of bath sheets to cover it”
“That would be ideal Dean”
Dean got the table prepared and Penn lay down on it while Dean and Jules sat back in the sun chairs side by side and watched as Sam began to work on Leanne’s back.
“You’re very tense Leanne” Sam observed “Try to relax, I wont hurt you, do you know what, I’ll be back in a couple of minutes” and off he went. When Sam returned he had a shiny aluminium case with him which he set down on one of the little tables and opened to reveal lots of little bottles with glass stoppers all laid out in rows.
“look if you and Dean don’t mind I’ll mix a little potion to relax you” Sam said.
“OK by me” Dean answered.
“Go on then” Leanne said “But I am a little nervous”
Sam set to work measuring and mixing and then when he was done he started to massage Leanne with the resultant oils. Using a very soft, steady stroking action Sam started with the soles of her feet and the backs of her legs pushing with both hands on one lag then the other moving right up almost to Leanne’s bum. There was no urgency in his stroking and the feel of his warm hands and the pressure of his massaging along with the musky aroma of the oils Sam had mixed soon had Leanne in a state of total relaxation, so much so that when Sam asked her to open her legs slightly she did so without hesitation. Sam continued to firmly massage Leanne’s lower body now moving his attention to the inner sides of Leanne’s legs stopping just short of her bikini bottom. Leanne looked at Dean and Jules and found them chatting quietly and seeing Jules touching his leg every now and then.
“OH Jules, do stop teasing Dean, you’ll upset someone” Sam said in a sort of ‘What’s she like’ voice.
“No problem here” Leanne said quietly.
“Actually, I’m quite enjoying it” Dean answered, and he was.
“Leanne, I am going to move to your upper body as well now, I will be touching your buttocks and you can take your briefs off or leave them on. If you leave them on they will get oiled up and also you will not get the full benefit of the massage, but, it’s entirely up to you”
Leanne thought for a few seconds and realised that she was enjoying this stranger touching her body the way Sam was and so she lifted her bum off the table and slid her bikini bottoms off. She set them down beside her head and then noticed a little damp patch just where her fanny had been and she suddenly went red, no one else seemed to notice though or, if they did they did not comment. Actually both Dean and Jules noticed and when they looked at each other they smiled knowingly.
Sam now started to massage Leanne’s upper back starting at her collar bone and pulling down all the way to her heel with both hands on one side of her body and on one leg at a time. As his hands moved over Leanne’s bum cheeks his fingers wrapped around her leg and the tips of his fingers almost brushed her fanny lips. He continued his strokes now very soft and light, now quite firm, this continued massaging Leanne found to be not only extremely relaxing but quite erotic and she found that she had inadvertently open her legs quite wide and when she made an attempt to close them she decided that she didn’t want to so left things as they were.
Leanne looked at Jules and Dean and saw that Jules had her hand on Dean’s leg permanently now. She was stroking his inner thigh with her finger tips and slowly moving her hand around almost touching his crotch.
Leanne looked at Dean and smiled at him then gasped quietly as Sam’s finger tips this time brushed against her outer fanny lips, she looked round at Sam and his expression told her that he had slipped. Leanne smiled at him and said quietly “It’s ok, if you want to”
Sam continued to stroke Leanne and every now and then his fingers would brush her lips and now Leanne knew that she was getting extremely wet and very horny.
“I need you to turn over now Pen, you can put your bottoms back on, if you want”
But Leanne just turned onto her back and looked directly into Sam’s eye and stayed silent.
Sam started to massage Leanne’s front starting with her neck and with the same gentle firm stroking action moving slowly down around the outside of her breasts and onto her hips then into her inner thighs. After some time Leanne had an overwhelming desire to open her legs and so gave in to it and opened her legs slowly but quite wide. Sam moved along with his stroking but this time when he came to her inner thigh he let his middle finger fall over so the tip touched her glistening slit, this immediately brought a gasp from Leanne and she arched her body up slightly and his finger slipped inside. Sam moved his finger up and down her slit until Leanne was almost squirming and now so horny that she just wanted a good fuck. She decided that this would have to either stop or go a lot further and then she looked over at Jules who smiled and winked her approval. Jules was now in the large hammock with Dean and Leanne could see that she had her legs wide open and her bottoms pulled away to expose her bald lips, she had her hand inside Dean’s shorts and Leanne could see that she was playing with his cock. This also turned Leanne on so she brought her attention back to Sam and when his hands came near her inner thighs again she immediately thrust her fanny up and Sam responded and put one finger deep inside, Leanne sighed and pulled her legs up and let them fall open to reveal her swollen lips and clit. Sam then started to gently massage her clit area without actually touching her clit itself. Then he put two fingers inside Leanne’s pussy and started to finger fuck her gently at first but building up speed and strength while with his other hand he wanked her clit off.
Leanne loved this and she put her hand out and found Sams groin, she grabbed his huge, hard cock through his shorts and whispered.
“Take them off”
Sam immediately did as he was asked and Leanne saw for the first time that his cock was massive, it must have been ten inches at least and really thick with a huge, glistening, dark red knob. Leanne wanted that cock inside her now so she wriggled her way down the table until her legs were hanging right over and her bum was on the edge, she guided Sam around and put his cock into her wide open slit. She gasped with every inch that went in as Sam thrust forward firmly, slowly but without stopping until his entire shaft was buried in side her. Sam now fucked Leanne with the same steady, slow but really firm rhythm of his massage, Leanne found herself drifting in and out of emotions, now ecstasy, now a sort of dream like state, now pure lust and the need to be really fucked.
Leanne looked over to see Jules sitting on the edge of the pool with her legs over Dean’s shoulders as he sucked her clit and fondled her now bare tits, then Jules got in the water and as Dean got out she grabbed his cock and put it in her mouth and Leanne could see her sucking really hard on his knob.
“Come over here you two” called Leanne
Dean and Jules moved over to the table and Jules got up on her knees with Leanne’s head almost in between them, Dean got onto the table behind Jules and Leanne could clearly see his cock as Jules took it and slipped it in to her welcoming slit, she watched as Dean thrust his cock in and heard Jules start to pant as Dean started to fuck her. Leanne reached out and started to wank Jules’s clit, which unlike her own small erect and very sensitive member, was quite large and surrounded by dark lips unlike Leanne’s beautifully shaped pink ones. Leanne found that she could easily hold Jules’s clit between her fingers and wank it off like a tiny cock so that is what she started to do and do with some f***e as Leanne felt Sams hands grab her tits and squeeze and pull her hard nipples.
Then Leanne heard a squeal of delight from Jules and demanded of Sam.
“Sam, fuck me now I mean fuck me like you’ve never fucked before”
Sam buried his red hot shaft with f***e into the back of Leanne’s dripping pussy and started to thrust the full length of his cock in and out with his knob almost, but not quite, coming out of her fanny. Sam increased his strength and speed and Leanne started to moan uncontrollably as her emotions took over entirely. She felt every thrust with a passion, she felt his knob rubbing the deep inside of her pussy, she felt her inner lips gripping his rod as she contracted her fanny, she felt every minute movement and every contour of his cock and her own fanny. She had never experienced this before and surrendered herself completely to the ebb and flow of pleasure and lust. Because of the size of Sam’s shaft and the position of the couple Leanne found her clit getting pulled in with each thrust and soon was bucking madly against Sam increasing the f***e of his penetrations. She felt like her pussy was splitting wide open and her clitoris was on fire but the beautiful pain of this only sent her into an even higher state of excitement and when her approaching orgasm built to a crescendo and she heard Sam gasping that he was coming, Leanne exploded in pure ecstasy, she wanked Jules with a f***e and speed that made her cry out and then as Dean started to come Jules squealed loudly.
“Coming, I’m coming, don’t stop, don’t stop, Christ” Leanne watched as Jules’s juice flowed down Dean’s cock and she grabbed Sam’s bum and pulled him in tight and held him there as she wrapped her legs around his waist and f***ed her pussy against him shuddereing with each spasm of her orgasmic, swollen, wet and burning hot fanny.
“God, Sam oh Sam, push hard, push hard, go on that’s it, that’s it, fuck me yes that’s it , oh shit what a fuckin cock, what a fucking”
Leanne was squealing and laughing and crying as her orgasm built and peaked, finally Leanne started to subside and after some time Sam pulled out and sat down, he was sweating and breathing quite hard as was Leanne, when she got up she looked to where Dean and Jules were and saw that they had watched the entire thing.
“Jesus Leanne, that was some show, I’ve never seen Sam like that before” Jules said in a husky voice
“I don’t know what happened, maybe it was the oil, or the massage or what but I just completely lost myself in a different world or something” Leanne said still out of breath “But I know one thing, and Dean this is no slur on you because you know how much you mean to me, it has never been like that before and I don’t think it ever will again, I mean I think it was one of those moments that ever only occur once in a lifetime”
The two couples sat for a while and then went in the shower and when they got back together they started to chat about what had happened and decided that it probably was a one off event but it had been a unique experience for Leanne.
“Did you mind me touching you?” Leanne asked Jules.
“On the contrary, I thought it was very sexy” Jules replied smiling “As a matter of fact I’m getting a bit turned on just thinking about it”
Dean asked Sam if he fancied a game or two of pool or snooker and as Sam said yes they went off into the house leaving the girls alone.
Jules was in the hammock and asked Leanne if she wanted to join her, Leanne agreed and went and lay down beside Jules.
“I hope seeing Sam and me shagging like that doesn’t upset your relationship Jules” Leanne said earnestly to Jules.
“It won’t, I’ve never seen him like that before and I think that I have learned something like having a bit more patience and letting him caress me more and to let myself totally relax and go with the flow if you know what I mean”
“Yeah, I know exactly what you mean, I’ve had to educate Dean”
The two girls snuggled up together and got nice and warm and cosy when Jules said,
“I’ve never touched another girl before”
“Do you want to?”
Jules moved her hand to Leanne’s fanny and Leanne opened her legs wide to make it easy for her.
“What should I do?”
“Just touch me the way that you would like to be touched”
“Will you touch me?”
“Of course”
As Jules touched her Leanne realised that Jules liked to be touched in the same way as herself and she soon started to build her excitement again as she felt Jules’s fingers explore the inside of her still hot fanny, Jules found the exact spots that made Leanne shiver and played with them for just the right time and with just the right movements.
Jules had three fingers inside Leanne when Leanne said
“You can put more in if you want”
Jules next put four fingers in and fucked Leanne gently then she took her fingers out and curled her thumb into the palm of her hand and slid it back inside Leanne’s eager pussy, as she got further in she curled her fingers up and then before they knew it Jules had her entire hand inside Leanne.
Leanne was gasping,
“God that’s good” Jules twisted her fist around slightly, “Fuck that’s even better”
“Do it to me” Jules pleaded and of course Leanne complied.
The two girls fisted each other for a while and as the tension rose they started to wank as well and pretty soon afterwards their separate climaxes became apparent.
“I’m going to come now” Jules cried,
“Me too, oh shit I am and I think I am squirting my juice all over you” Leanne squealed
Jules went completely rigid and cried out,
“You are and it’s fantastic, don’t’ stop, fuck I’ve come, yes I’ve come”
The evening went on some times with the girls alone together sometimes with their partners and sometimes all together but needless to say there were a lot of discoveries made that night.
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