We start with Leanne who was getting ready for an evening at home with husband Dean. Leanne is 35, with the most gorgeous body, she has the legs of a dancer, firm, shapely and just perfect. She is about 5ft 5 with the most gorgeous cheeky smile and a laugh that is infectious.
Leanne was in the bedroom sorting out some romantic clothes when the door bell rang she pulled on her dressing gown and went downstairs and opened the door to see one of her friends, Alexis, standing there smiling.
Alexis is 25, blonde, a little taller than Leanne with quite a shapely body, small hard tits and a bubbly nature
"Hi Pen" said Alexis "Are you doing anything to-night?"
"Well I was planning a nice romantic evening with Dean but, you can join us if you want to" replied Leanne.
"Won't Dean Mind"
"No I don't think he will" Leanne answered thinking “If things go the way I want then he will definitely not mind”
Alexis came in and they both went into the kitchen and got a drink each.
"Listen Alexis I was just about to get in the bath" Said Leanne "Do you want to come up with me or stay down here?"
"I’ll come up with you please"
The girls made their way up to the bedroom where Leanne began to take her dressing gown off to get in the bath when she noticed Alexis looking at her crotch so she asked her in a mildly scolding voice.
"Alexis what on earth are you looking at?"
Alexis jumped and looked sheepishly at Leanne
"I, noticed that you've shaved all your pubes off, I would love to be like that but I have never been brave enough to do it"
"I tell you what "Said Leanne "I need to shave it tonight so why don't I do yours for you in the bath?"
"Well, I don’t know, I’m a bit shy" replied a rather nervous and slightly embarrassed Alexis
"Yeah I know, I’ve never done it to anyone before either but it might be fun" replied a more confident Leanne.
The girls got in the bath which had lots of expensive bath foam in and as they sat facing each other Leanne sat up on the end of the bath and as she put one foot over onto the edge she inadvertently gave Alexis a close up view of her little bald mound. Leanne could see Alexis looking at her fanny and so she got the special gel and began to massage it onto her outer lips and thighs, then with her special razor Leanne began to gently shave what little hair was there. When she had done her hairless bump was as smooth as anything and looked gorgeous.
“Well?” Leanne said to Alexis “What do you think, you want to go for it?”
“I think so, but I’m shaking a bit, but that might be a bit of excitement rather than nervous, if you get my drift” Alexis answered
“You mean you’re getting a bit randy” Leanne laughed “That’s OK by me”
Now it was Alexis’s turn to sit on the end of the bath and Leanne asked her to put one foot on each edge, Alexis balanced herself and lifted both feet onto the bath’s edges, Leanne could now see her pussy clearly and noticed that Alexis’s clitoris stuck out quite a bit and that she had very full lips. Carefully Leanne rubbed the gel onto Alexis and when she accidentally brushed against her clit area Alexis giggled.
“Do that again” Alexis said
Leanne looked at her and thought.
“Shy eh? Shy my ass”
But Leanne was feeling quite randy now herself and felt quite surprised, she had always sort of fantasized about being sexual with another girl but thought that in real life she would back off and so realized that she was actually doing it and enjoying it so, again she touched Alexis’s sensitive area lightly and listened as Alexis’s breathing changed, Leanne rubbed her lips with the smooth gel and watched Alexis close her eyes and sigh.
“OK, lets get this thing bald” Leanne quipped “Or we’ll be here all bl**dy night”
“Aw, all right then” Alexis faked petulance
Leanne very carefully shaved Alexis’s fanny all around her lips and legs.
“Do you want it completely bald like mine, or will I leave a little tuft just above your clit?”
“Complete please” Alexis answered.
Leanne finished her work and admired the results, now Alexis’s fanny looked completely different with her full lips really showing now and her hood hanging down Leanne thought to herself
“Nice fanny, but, I like mine better” and she looked at her own in the mirror, neat firm lips, a concealed hood which hid a clitoris that was ready to burst out when she needed it to, and a slit that was tight and just showed a little pink. Yes Leanne liked her pussy.
"What do you think Nick?" Asked Leanne
"I think it's fantastic" Said Alexis.
“We should get ready then, Dean should be home in about an hour and a half or so” Leanne told Alexis
OK" replied Alexis and the girls went back to the bedroom,
"What sort of thing will we do tonight?" asked Alexis.
"I thought we might play a game or something, if you want to" said Leanne
"Something like Fantasy for Lovers maybe"
"I’ve heard of it, but never played it, what happens?" enquired Alexis
"Well" answered Leanne
"You get dressed in some really sexy clothes and then as you play the game you take certain bits off either yourself or someone else, the different cards tell you what you must do, and there can be quite a bit of feeling and kissing and so on"
"I don't have any sexy clothes with me Pen" Alexis said
"Don't worry" replied Leanne
"I’ve got loads, Dean buys them for me all the time, I can let you have some, look" and she opened a drawer and showed Alexis a selection of underwear then the wardrobe, Alexis chose her underwear, a white basque, suspender belt , tiny white mesh knicks and white fishnet stockings. Next she selected a short crochet unlined flared dress from the wardrobe with red 5 inch heels.
Leanne went for red, a deep red silky deep waisted bra top, a matching garter skirt with attached thong, black shiny stockings and black killer heels. She pulled on her little red number to finish the look.
Alexis and Leanne admired each other and each thought the same thing, sexy, they sat down side by side on the bed drinking their drinks.
"Do you think I will be able to play this game or should we have a practice run or something?" asked a now quite nervous Alexis.
"Well I have never played it with any one but Dean before but Yeah lets" said Leanne
Setting the game up on the bed they started playing and before long various items of clothing were being discarded, then Leanne got a card to kiss another player passionately.
"I have never kissed another girl before, you know, like this" whispered Leanne.
"Me neither" replied Alexis "Do you want to?"
Leanne replied "Yeah I think I do"
They came close together and kissed very softly and gently.
"What do you think" asked Leanne.
"I liked it very much" replied Alexis and they kissed again this time with more f***e and then Leanne felt Alexis's tongue part her lips and felt a slight shudder pass through her body. The girls had now forgotten the game and were laying on the bed locked in each others arms, as the minutes passed the girls very softly stroked each other's body all over, then Leanne rested her hand for a brief moment on Alexis's firm breast and gently pinched her nipple. Alexis moaned and she paused her stroking,
"OK?" asked Leanne
"I've never felt anything like this before" replied Alexis.
As the girls continued to explore each other Alexis's finger touched Leanne's clit which made her jerk slightly, the touching went on for half an hour when Leanne whispered
"I don't know about you but I am very wet and very, very horny"
"I am shaking with excitement" replied Alexis.
They started to explore each others crotch and found the most sensitive positions as only girls can. Their fanny's were indeed dripping wet with juice and they both spent time gently fingering and touching each other, Leanne touched Alexis's clitoris with her finger moving around in circles over her hood and all around her swollen lips.
Alexis then started to move down the bed nibbling Leanne all the while until she reached Leanne's fanny, here she stopped and gently opened Leanne's legs wide and started to very softly lick her thighs and around her fanny lips. Leanne moaned with pleasure and started to finger fuck Alexis quite gently at first then using more fingers and f***e and curling her fingers up to reach Alexis's G Spot. Alexis sighed loudly and started to flick her tongue across Leanne's clit, and then she took the whole hood and clit into her mouth with a huge suck and moved her head back and forth whilst flicking her tongue fiercely across Leanne's clit.
"I want to suck you" Said Leanne and so they change position with Alexis on top so that each could lick the others fanny. Leanne opened up Alexis's lips to expose her clit and with her fore finger and thumb gently wanked Alexis off, then she put her mouth around Alexis's fanny and sucked so hard and long that Alexis almost screamed with
ecstasy, Leanne continued to suck and lick Alexis's clitoris while Alexis kissed and sucked Leanne's with spells of finger fucking.
"I think I am cumming" Panted Alexis
"Oh fuck yeh, so am I" Said Leanne and from then on the licking and the finger fucking became so intense that the girls could only pant and moan. As Leanne felt her orgasm building she pushed her tongue deep into Alexis
who replied with a long hard suck on Leanne's clit and hood. Alexis's orgasm was nearly there and as Leanne fingered her clitoris she shuddered with pleasure.
As both girls started to cum, the air was filled with sighs and soft screams which seemed to last for ever, and then they held each other as the feelings started to subside.
"Jesus, I have never ever had a cum like that before" Said Alexis and Leanne agreed.
After several minutes Leanne spoke
"Will we get ready again for the evening?"
"You bet" said a rather disheveled Alexis.
The girls got cleaned up redone their makeup and brought the game downstairs and had only just sat down with a drink when Dean got in.
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