]Nat had arranged a date with Sean a black guy from work; somehow I got taken along for support as she was a little nervous. This ended up with her going back to Sean’s place with five other black guys. Her fun started in the limo on the way there and mine started when I got tied to a chair in the bedroom and watched her being used by these six men. The previous parts to this story were posted on the 14th and 18th of February. Now we continue:

Nat laid exhausted on the bed after her fucking, her hair a mess, and make up nearly non-existent, beads of sweat mixing with the drying sticky spunk that had been running all over her body. The six black guys all kissing and caressing her as the bruises and bite marks began to look more and more distinctive on her slender white body.

Sean laid back on the bed next to her his massive hard cock pointing high into the air. “Get on" he instructed her. Nat lifted herself from the bed and straddled his body slowly and hesitantly lowering her soaking cum filled pussy over the tip of his hard cock. As she went down and his blackness disappeared inside her she let out a moan which turned to a scream and look of pain on her face as he thrust up with his hips forcing his whole cock hard inside of her. She rode up and down on his huge member for some time her beautiful cum covered 34D tits bouncing up and down and her brown hair tossing from side to side. Oh god she screamed and the look of pain turned to pleasure as his massive cock began to stimulate her tired pussy.

For some time the other guys just watched and wanked then Erol moved behind Nat and putting his hands around her, he began to massage her breasts as she fucked Sean. Slowly he leant his body weight against her pushing her forward so she lay down on top of Sean. Still with his cock inside her she turned her head to the left as one of the other guys got on the bed his cock in hand it was pushed into Nat’s mouth and started pumping it in and out, thrusting deep fucking her mouth and with each thrust so deep she gagged. Another guy got on the bed to the other side and held her head allowing his friend to better f***e his cock down her throat while he eagerly awaited his turn. Sean kept thrusting his hips up and down under Nat making sure his huge cock penetrated her fully. “Now” Erol said “this is the bit I like when we double penetrate the little white slag”. Even with a mouth fully of cock Nat managed to scream” No No No I never done that No!” Erol ignored her pleas, spat on her arse to give some kind of lubrication, smeared it into her crack and with his large black hands pulled her pert white bum cheeks apart, revealing his target. He held his cock firmly and pressed it against her arse hole. Nat’s head was turned to the other side and her screams and pleas of “no” were gagged by the other guy ramming his very fat cock into her mouth until she gagged again. Erol slowly and firmly f***ed his cock into her very tight white arse. Even with her mouth filled with fat black cock I heard her screams of pain as he f***ed the full length of his 10 inch cock all the way up to his balls in her arse.

There she was my beautiful ex-wife not only with her first black cock but sandwiched double penetrated between two well endowed black guys taking turns sucking off two others in her first black gang bang being used by a group of guys who clearly just enjoyed using and fucking white women as their sex toys. Richard, Sean’s father, watched awaiting his turn while wanking and calling insults at Nat. “You whore – white slag – dirty bitch – filthy slut – white cum whore – spunk bucket – fuck here harder fuck her use the white slut”

Erol rammed his cock faster and harder into her arse, her screams turned to pleasure as she could feel these two massive cocks inside her and an experience she had never had before, very new and very exciting. Erol suddenly went ridged thrust into her one last time and exploded his load into her tight arse. “Oh fuck yeah! Take that you slut” he moaned and pulled out followed by loads of hot cum leaking from Nat’s sore arse. “ My turn now” shouted Richard “ You goanna suffer now you white slag” He grabbed her hair pulling her head back as far as it would go, spanked her arse viciously, this guy was not playing he was going to hurt her. He rammed his cock up her arse hard and fast pulling on her hair so hard tears were in her eyes. Pumping in and out slapping her head, biting her shoulders and neck “come on take it you dirty bitch” Fortunately for Nat he came pretty quick and he fell exhausted on the floor, her pain was over! One of the guys she had been sucking off took his turn next and he shot his load in her pussy at the same time she received another load in her mouth. She was then turned on to her back and Sean fucked her until he shot a nice load up inside her just as she started to quiver with the biggest of orgasms.

Sean lay with Nat on the bed and they caressed and kissed each other, his huge black hands moving all over her white skin. They had some very passionate kisses, I could see their tongues exploring each other’s mouths and I knew she would be enjoying this. She played with his giant cock and it became hard again. She took it in her mouth licked and sucked it lovingly. Slurping and moaning as she moved her mouth up and down his very long black shaft. I was beginning to wonder what they would do with her next or was it over, when my question was answered. The five guys that had been watching Nat suck on Sean’s cock now all had their mobile phones making calls. “ Yeah she’s up for it, nice white slut, we used her think she needs some more, first time, yeah taken all our spunk, dirty bitch, white whore, such a cum filled slag, she will do anything we tell her, come and unload in the filthy slut” where just some parts of the many conversations. Basically yes they were all phoning friends inviting them over to fuck Nat.

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