First time at club. Part 2

Continuing our adventures at a club for the first time.

After our first taste of what the night could bring we went back to the bar to grab a beer and see if anyone else took our fancy.

Tru sat at a table in a secluded area where we could watch the goings on. As she sat down she squirmed into the chair and told me that she loved the feeling of the guys cum soaking through her thong, my cock was hard again when she slipped a finger to her pussy and slid a finger over her cum soaked thong then put her finger in her mouth and tasted the guys cum. She giggled sexily and I could tell that she was as horny as I've ever seen her.

I left her and went to the bar to get some drinks, I was greeted by a sight of semi naked woman in all different outfits, some enjoying some attention from guys stood with them. One woman was happily chatting to a couple whilst a guy was on his knees in front of her licking her pussy through her underwear.

There was a young couple in one corner of the bar with a space next to them so I made for the gap, The woman was dressed as a St Trinians school girl complete with a straw boater hat, very short skirt and white over the knee socks, her big tits were straining against the white cotton shirt she had over her white bra. Her partner was a big chap dressed smartly and introduced himself and his wife, I orderded some drinks and offered Mark and Heather a drink too. They said thank you and asked if I was alone, I explained that Tru was over in the corner and asked if they would like to come and join us.

As I walked over to the table with our drinks, Mark and Heather, followed a few seconds later, as I walked up to Tru she had one leg up on the chair opposite and was openly stroking from her inner thighs to her wet thong slowly and was looking in the other direction, I followed her eyes and saw what she was looking at. On a couch in the other corner was a black guy who was having his large cock sucked by a hot blonde girl. As I got closer Mark and Heather had caught up with me as I introduced them to my wife who was snapped out of her trance. Marks eyes went straight to my wifes pussy as she removed her hands.

We sat around chatting for about fifteen minutes, we found out they had been to this club a few times and had always had a good time especially in the darkroom.
Heather said she loved not knowing who was touching her and what mark was doing in the room. She said that every fifteen mins they put the light on so you can see what's going on. I looked at Tru and she had a big smile and said she would love to try that later. I noticed Mark was stroking Heathers thigh making her short skirt rise up to show a pair of white panties, Her hands was on Marks upper thigh and you could see a large lump in the front of his trousers. I put my hand on Tru's thigh but she took my hand and put in right on her wet covered pussy, so I slowly rubbed her clit through her underwear making her bite her lip and gently moan. the sight of things in front of me had made my cock strain at the front of my trousers, seeing this Heather asked If we would like to go have a look round one of the rooms.

I told Tru to go with our new friends as I needed to go to the gents. so we finished our drinks and I left Tru and went to find the gents.
There were all types of sexual activities going on all around the place, The gents were right next to the sauna and jacuzzi area which was full of naked people all having fun. On a bed near the jacuzzi I stood watching as one tiny asian girl had a guy fucking her hard from behind as she was swallowing another guys cock. The sight was amazing and I was just about to turn around when the guy having his cock sucked groaned, took his cock out and sprayed cum all over the girls face. I was glued to the spot but then remembering that I had to piss and also my wife was somewhere in a sex club, horny and without me. The thought made my hard cock twitch.

On leaving the gents I looked back in the room where the girl was sitting on the guys cock, she was sat away from him and he was grabbing her arse and pulling her down onto his cock. The guy who had covered her in cum was her husband and he was now watching his wife getting fucked hard. I told him how hot she looked, he thanked me and asked if I wanted her to suck my cock. Now I was in turmoil, get my hard cock sucked by a hot asian girl or go find my sexy wife and see what she was up to. I thanked the man, but told him I was off to find my wife before she forgot me.

I looked around the bar area but there was no sign of her. I started to look round the playrooms, my cock hard and my heart thumping wondering what I would find. The first two rooms had couple playing together one of the first guys we had met was in there having his cock sucked as the girls partner fucked her arse. He told me my wife had been in watching but went elsewhere which gutted him as he wanted to fuck her.

The next room was dimly lit and there was a few people in their some watching and some playing. As I'm a tall I could see over the small crowd, what I saw almost made me cum in my shorts, Heather was laid on her back, her legs spread wide and the big black guy between them filling her pussy with a thick black cock. I followed up her body to her big tits where both Mark and Tru each had a nipple in theirs mouths, Tru was on all fours and I could see her thong was pulled down to her knees, she looked so slutty. I could see three guys sat around the edge of the huge bed all stroking cocks, watching the show in front of them. Mark was laid on his side and when I moved to get a better look I saw that Tru had her hand wrapped around his short but thick cock. Heather also had Tru's tits out of the top of her corset and was licking them hungrily. Mark looked up into the small group of lookers and found my eyes. he said something to Tru, who looked up and had the sexyist look on her face, as she stared at me she put he hand between her legs and pushed two fingers into her hot wet pussy. I made my way closer and told Mark to get behind Tru as I think she needs a hard cock. He quickly got on his knees behind her and replaced her fingers with his own, Tru looked at me and told me to get on the bed. Mark then slipped a condom onto his hard cock and I held her arse cheeks open so I could watch his cock slide into my wife. She moaned as his thick cock spread he tight pussy, but she was so wet that he was in as deep as possible in one long slow push. I felt someone undoing my trousers and a warm hand grabbing my cock and stroking it slowly. I looked down to see Heathers hands wrapped around my rock hard cock as she guided my cock into her warm mouth. How I didn't cum straight away, I don't know. I pushed my cock down her throat till she gagged on my cock. Tru was moaning loudly as Mark filled her pussy with his thick cock, she was watching Heather sucking my cock and moved closer so she so help Heather to suck my cock, I looked down to see two hot woman sucking and licking my cock and balls as they were both being fucked hard. As I was getting close to cumming I took my cock from them and watched as the black guy incresed the pace of his trusting, He said he was going to come soon and where did Heather want it, She quickly slipped off of his cock and laid her face underneath his large cock, He grabbed his cock and pumped it in his fist. I grabbed Tru's hair kissed her hard, I called her a little slut for geting started without me and pulled her so her face was next to Heather's. Mark followed her desparatly trying not to let his cock slip out of Tru's pussy. I told Tru to suck her first black cock and that I wanted her to take his cum like a good slut. She followed instruction to the letter taking the big black cock into her mouth. It was so horny to see the difference in skin colour as she swallowed his cock. Mark was still driving his cock deep inside Tru and she was loving it, I knew she was close to cumming herself and she put her hand between her and Heather to rub her clit. Heather felt this and did it for Tru so she repayed the favour and rubbed Heathers wet pussy making her scream out. This started the black guy off and his cock twitched and started to spray a huge amount of cum in and over Tru and Heathers face. My cock was like rock as I stroked it slowly watching the cum dripping from Tru's lips and being kissed away by Heather. This sight made Mark cum and he thrust hard and deep into Tru's wet pussy, He pulled out and laid his cock in her arse crack the came all over her arsehole. Heather was next to cum as Tru rubbed he pussy hard. Mark sat back and watched his cum dribbling down Trus arse. I quickly got behind Tru and used Marks cum to lube Tru's arsehole before slowly easeing my fat cock into her tight hole, We always both cum in seconds when I fuck Tru's arsehole, and tonight was no different, I thrust probably eight times before filling her arse with my cum and making Tru scream out that she was cumming.

After about five mins of trembling and giggling we all sat back hot with sweat and the girls covered in cum. We all decided a drink was needed before we went and tried out another of the rooms..........................

More to follow if comments are ok.

Thanks for reading.
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2 years ago
Excellent!! - Please post more sexy stories!!
2 years ago
Great story - I just want to be in that club with you!!!

I would love to read more of your sexy exploits!!!
2 years ago
2 years ago
another excellent to have Tru working my cock, although I feel I'd not even last as long as you did!!
2 years ago
great story