What a Turn of Events (part2)

The plane will be landing in 30 minutes. I park the car with the Valet and head into the terminal. I have plenty of time so I decided to stop and grab myself a coffee. I'm sitting at the table and I'm watching the entertainment as they walk past. I can't seem to focus. The woman I've had fantastic fantasies of is but a few minutes from being a real person. Her hair...is it really as curly and wavy as the photo's and video's? Do her legs really go on forever? Will her smile brighten my day just like I visualized in my thoughts every day? I'm completely lost in my thoughts and I nearly burned my balls off when my text rang!!! My God she's here. My internet wife Anna has come to me after all this time. Thankfully I didn't wear my coffee.

I head over to the gate and I'm watching all these people coming through the gateway. My head is bobbing left and right anticipating a glance of her as she makes her way through. There she is with her bag in tow. My face hurts from the smile she put on my face. I can't take my eyes off her. The photo's and video's don't do her justice. She is more remarkable in person. I must be standing there with my mouth open 'cause she is a walking beauty.
"Hi!!" came out in unison. and we both chuckled. We gave each other a hug and a quick friendly kind of kiss. Her body feels so...so soft but firm. I was lost in the kiss. Her lips were sweet to the touch. I could feel the electricity traveling through my body.
"Your photo's don't do you justice." I said.
"I was thinking the same thing." She stated.
"Let me take your bag for you." was all I could think of to say.
When I say I was nervous...I thought I was going to say something stupid and then trip over my tongue.
"let's get out of here...How was your trip?...Are you tired?...Do you want to get something to eat?" Real meaning full and heart felt stuff just kept dribbling out of my mouth. I"m thinking that I sound like a dork.

We made our way to the valet and he went and got the mustang. I allowed her to be infront of me as I walked her to the passenger door. I sneak a peak at her ass. Great curves and so tempting to grab. I just wanted to reach out and plant my hands on her cheeks. She was hynotizing me with her seductive walk. I composed myself and opened her door. I tip the valet and we are on our way. I shouldn't have drove the mustang because I could NOT take my eyes off of her. She had taken off her jacket when she got in and she was teasing the crap out of me with her low cut top. Her bra (if you want to call it that) didn't hide much but it sure did form her breast to the fullest. Was she that excited? Her nipples were trying to bust through? Focus on the road guy...focus on the road. I couldn't stop sneaking a peak. She is oh so beautiful. Then she pushed her seat back a little and started to cross her legs. It was done in a single fluid motion but to me it was slow motion. She was wearing form fitting tight jeans but I had x-ray vision by now. I didn't see anything but her long legs. She didn't catch me looking. I was definitely caught staring...completely lost in a transe. "Watch were you're going John" and she reached over to turn my head forwards. "Guilty" I replied. And we both started to giggle like a couple of high school k**s.

Her hand came down off my head and rested on my shoulder and glided down my bare arm. Good God I'm getting a raging hard on and my pants were not cooperating. "Anna...could you grab..." She interupted and finished my sentence for me... YOUR COCK...I'd love too" and she started to reach for my cock. I let go of the wheel and she stopped before I got there. "gotcha!!!" and she just started chuckling. "WOW!! Aren't you an awesome teaser". I reached over and grabbed hold of her thigh and started to caress her thigh working closer and closer to her pussy. The giggling was fading away. Her leg was smooth...even through the jeans. Her eyes are now focus on my hand. Slowly I has wandering ever so close to her pussy. My imagination was feeling the heat from her pussy as I was getting closer and closer to my fantasy land I had to stop. Not that I wanted to but I really had to focus what was on hand. Driving.

I put my hands back on the wheel and tried to start some small talk. It was too late...she wanted to play games and I was her playstation. She reaches over and starts talking small talk but I can't hear her. She is running her fingertips up and down my arm firing small jolts of electrical charges. Reaching up, she starts to run her fingers through my hair, outlining my ear with the faintest of touch. All of a sudden her right hand is on my thigh and working it's way closer and closer to my crotch. I look at her and she throws me the devious little smile. She gave me a stare with her eyes that were intoxicating. Meanwhile she is asking me "What do you have in store for our evening's entertainmment. "UMmmmmmmm I thought we...." She has now reached beyond my cock and was working her way up my chest. I can't seem to finish a thought... "AWWWWW fuck" was all I could think and I said it outloud. She leaned over and whispered into my ear... "We can do that later." She then reached down and firmly grabbed hold of my cock. "Think you can make it 'til "LATER"?"
What if I say "no?"
"Are you telling me you can't wait until later?" She still hasn't let go of my cock and in fact makes her grip tighter but it wasn't painful.
I then chose the wrong words. "It'll be hard."
She then starts to reach for my zipper. "I can fix hard!!"

That was it. I'm now starting to accelerate... and so is the car. She then stops and says. "We are going to have so much fun this weekend." She relaxes back into her seat and starts to appreciate the scenery. "The foliage this time of year is at it's peak." I'm now back to watching the road. I can feel a wet spot forming from precum. She wasn't even trying and she did this to me...for me. I sneak another peak and her breast look even more inviting than before. Are my lips going to be planted on them later? Will I be going down on her pussy? I'm already tasting her in my head. Is this really happening? Am I really having a great conversation with my wonderful Anna? Still... in the back of my head I'm lost in the events that lay ahead.

"WOW..What a beautiful place you have." as she looked at the foliage across the lake.

The side door on the house opens and my wife was there greeting us with a sweet hello. "Hi Anna, I've been hearing a lot about you lately." The meet and greet was over and we all head to the porch for a cocktail and....

To be continued

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1 year ago
nicely done....she's a lovely woman as is your wife