A Wild Turn of Events

What a wild turn of events.

I'll back track to when it all started. Months ago, I made friend's with a young lady on this site. At first, I was amazed at her writing and told her so. I went from story to story and was involved in her stories. The detail were vivid and made me feel like I was involved in a voyueristic episode of total erotica.

We chatted for quite a while and became friends. During our conversations, we would have episodes of sorrow and moments of cheer. The chats eventually turned into flirting. We exchanged provocative photo's and videos. I was starting to get more and more brazen with my flirting. I finally made a pitch that stopped her dead in her tracks. I asked her to come visit me. She was completely taken aback from it. She didn't know what to say. She actually disappeared for a couple of months. I thought I was too aggressive and pushed her away. Suddenly she was back and I was not about to push her away again so I dropped the idea of us ever getting together.

Then she had me speechless. " Do you think this holiday weekend will be nice in New Hampshire because I'm going to take you up on your offer." I'm totally lost and confused. She will be landing at my airport in 5 days!! I'm not ready!! Where do I?!?!? How do I?!?!? What about?!?! I have so many thoughts going through my head and yet I can't even complete a thought.

"Five days and my internet fantasy wife will be coming to visit." Wife?? Intenet wife?? Now I have a problem...I need to explain to my real wife that we are going to be having some company. I've fantasized about having this woman coming to visit and I'm not going to cancel. I sat down with my wife and we had a good long chat. She didn't like the idea of me having a fling but once she had a chance to read all our conversations, she understood..sort of. She saw her as my friend and she knew I was a flirtatious person even with her present. I take the week off from work to make sure everything is just perfect for when she arrives.

Today's the day and I can't sl**p. She will be landing in just 6 hours and I'm feeling like a p*****n going on my first date. I'm all shaved and ready to take a shower. I'm now sporting a major hard-on and getting all lathered up. My wife walks in and says "you leaving soon?"
"Not for another 90 minutes." was my reply.
She then poked her head in the shower "Is there was room for me"?
I turn my head but not my body making sure I hid my erect cock from her vision. "sure...always is"

She steps into the shower and has her back to me. I let the water run down her back while I reach for the soap. I now start to lather her up and caress her body. I slowly glide my hands down from her shoulders to the middle of her back. I reach around the front of her and caress the soap over her breast. I feel how erect her nipples are. The soap is running down her back and into the crack of her ass. I push her head down and slowly massage the lather into her lower back and I work my way down through her cheeks.I reach up to her pussy and find her pussy is on fire. I can't recall the last time her pussy was this hot. I continued to massage her back while I worked my way thought the heat from her lips. I easily found her clit. It was engorged like never before. I stopped what I was doing and grabbed her hips. I pulled her back onto my cock and I slid into her with ease. It was very quick and she just let out a sweet moan that I still hear today. She pushed herself against me and was not going to let me pull out. I could feel my cock flicking and pulsing while I was in her. She reached between her legs and grabbed me by the balls. Ever so gently she tugged them reinforcing her hold on me. She was incredible. I was in a wrestling hold that I didn't want to get out of. I was being milked by my wife. I slid my hands along her waist and slowly found my way to her pussy. I pulled back the folds and started to rub her massive clit. All of a sudden her wanton hold on me let go. Her knees gave way and she lost her step on the shower surface. I was free and I turned around and shut off the water. I got out of the shower with her and without either of us saying a word we made our way to the bedroom.

She led the way leading me to the bed while holding my cock. I was eager to follow. She turned me towards her gently pushed me back to the bed. She never let go of my cock. She followed me but stopped short of being on top of me. instead she went to the floor on her knees. She was slowly caressing my cock with just the tips of her fingers barely touching me. It was like an electrical charge being sent into my body. I was arching my back anticipating an eventual orgasm. She then put a death grip to my dick and the sensation subsided. Then wham...She had me completely down her throat. She wasn't going to move. She had completely engulfed my cock in her mouth. Slowly backing off my shaft only to slide back down til she buried my cock in her mouth once again. Over and over and slower and slower she went. She could feel me tensing up again and she released me from her vacuum of lust. But not before using her teeth on the head of my cock and ever so slightly giving me a tug. She then stopped everything. I was on the verge of no return but never crossed the line. I had precum just dripping from my cock and she reached down with her finger and coiled it on her finger and put it to her lips.

Now it was my turn. I sat up and had her join me on the bed. I rolled onto my side and was now fondling her breast. I rolled her nipples between my fingers and they grew even larger than they already were. I worked my way down to her pussy. The aroma was intense and arousing. Her clit was enormous. As I had said earlier, I'd never seen it so engorged. I began to insert my fingers into her pussy and then worked my way up to her clit. I no sooner touched her clit and she was squirting everywhere.

"Enough of that" I said and leaped between her thighs and had my face buried in her pussy. Orgasm after orgasm after orgasm. I was flicking my tongue on her clit and she would bathe me in her fluids. She was quivering and screaming the whole time. I gagged a few times from too much of a good thing. "ENOUGH PLEASE!!!" was the last thing I heard from her. I stopped and looked. Her breast's were heaving as she continued to giggle.

I was ready and proceded to make my way between her thighs. I slid in with ease and she just opened her eyes. She had the look of devilish desires in her eyes. She dug her nails in to my back. "Do it".."Give it to me"... "Faster"... "harder"..."harder"..."HARDER!!!" I was pounding her pussy with reckless and abandonment. "let it go honey...Shoot you load deep into my pussy" "Do it!!" I lost it right then and there and sarted shooting one blast after another into her warm pussy. I then collapsed onto her. My breathing was labored but the sensation was incredible. As I lay on top of her I was thinking what a wonderful woman I've married. Then she whispers into my ear.

"How was that?...Now you don't have to go to the airport with that raging hard on."

I married a wonderful woman??? indeed.
NOW I'm off to the Airport to pick up my internet wife!!

...to be continued...

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1 year ago
you married an angel
3 years ago
i can't wait until you pick this " mystery woman " up from the airport, oh wait you already did, thank you so very much john for treating me with utmost respect and making me feel at home during my stay, anna