A normal day after school

I think by now you have figured out I was raised in a morally loose f****y. My stories haven't even started to scratch the surface. I have come home to some of what "normal" people would consider to be strange or perverted but seems normal and common place to me.

There have been times I've walked in the door after school, dropped by bag by the door, and walked into the kitchen to grab a coke only to find my mom up on the counter with her hands dads head. He would be licking her pussy while she leaned against the cupboards. Moms eyes would be looking at some faraway spot lost in her pleasure. She would usually hear me when I opened the fridge door.

"O, hi honey. Sorry didn't hear you come in I'm a little preoccupied."
She said as she put her skirt over dads head
"How was school?"

Dad never pulled his head out or even stopped what he was doing. This was evident by the fact that mom still jerked a little when his tongue hit the right spots and every so often her eyes would glaze.

"It was OK. Maybe we can talk about it when you and dad are finished."

I needed to leave I was starting to get hard and didn't want mom to see.

I went to my bedroom and shut the door load enough that they could hear me. Only I was on the outside. I slowly walked back towards the kitchen making as little noise as I could. The closer I got the more I could hear moms moans of pleasure.

"Fuck baby I love the way you suck my lips but I need it in my pussy now!"

I reached the corner of the door just in time to see my mom slip off the counter and pull her top over her head. I loved my moms boobs. They were big with nipples the size of my little finger. I know dad loved them too. The second the popped into view dad cupped one in his hand and started to suck the nipple. Mom let out a low gasp of pleasure. While dad sucked mom reached down and unbuttoned his short. They hung up for a moment on his hard on then she pulled it free. I liked seeing dads dick when it was hard. I knew he would be plunging it into moms pussy. His dick was a little larger then mine but I hoped I still would grow. I had just turned 14 and wanted it to be at least another inch longer and a lot thicker.

Mom went down to her knees and took dad into her mouth. It went in about half way when mom gave out a small gag. She pulled it out and licked the tip then slid it back in. She reached the point where she had gagged, stopped for a second then put it the rest of the way in. Dad let out an "O Fuck." mixed with a sigh.
Mom held his dick in her mouth. I found out later when she first sucked mine that this was her trade mark so to speak. Plunge the cock deep then run her tongue along the ridge that ran the length of the cock. I know now that his cock was just getting as large as it could. He had to be streaming a load of pre -cum.

"If you want me to fuck your pussy you better stop now. I can't take much more!'

Mom looked up to his face and slowly slid his dick out of her mouth. I was right dads cock was a purple raging hard on. A mixture of moms saliva and dads pre-cum hung from his cum slit. Mom stood up and kissed dad.

"Now fuck me. My pussy is so wet your gonna slide right in."

Mom turned around, lifted her skirt and bent over the counter. I got a look at my moms pussy before dad stood behind her. She was right it was so wet she had drops of moisture clinging to her lips. Dad got behind her and lined that rock hard purple cock up with her pussy. I gripped my dick with my fist and as dad thrust into her I thrust my dick into my hand. My cock was wet with my own precum and it slid with little friction. Every time dad thrust into her I copied by thrusting into my hand. When mom moaned it was me making her moan. When she cried out that she was cumming it was me making her cum. I shot my load the same time dad shot his. As he thrust deep inside her having her jerking hips milk him dry I let my load go all over the corner of the door.

I saw dads cock slip from her pussy. It was starting to go soft. Mom looked over her shoulder

"I'm not done yet sweetie."

Dad looked down at his cock.

"I think I might be."

"Even if I want you to fuck my ass?"

Dad got a look of surprise on his face then he got a big smile on his face.


"You know I don't like it all the time but when I want it I want it bad! Now do you think that dick of yours wants to fuck my ass?"

I say dads cock had stopped shrinking and was starting to grow again.

"Fuck just you talking about it is making me hard again let alone when he starts to get in there."

I barley got behind the door as mom moved from the counter to bend over the table. She pushed a chair out of the way and laid her breasts on the table right where I ate. She reached down between her legs and pushed her hands into her pussy.

"With my juice and your cum this should make a nice lube."

She then took her soaked fingers and rubbed her ass hole. She did this a few more times then stuck one of her fingers inside.

"That should do it. You think your up to it?"

Dads cock was more then up to it. It was almost standing straight up. Fuck, mine was as hard as a rock again but it had never gone down. I kept stroking it using my spent cum as a lube watching as mom played with her ass hole.

Dad stood behind mom for the second time only now he was going to put it somewhere I had never seen him fuck her before. As he put the tip against her ass mom reached around with one hand and grabbed his cock. She moved it around he hole letting the juices cover the tip.

"Just stand there and let me do the work."

Mom pushed back on his cock. The head was turning a darker red when it just suddenly pooped in. It was just out of her ass then it was inside. Mom let out a gasp and froze.

"You all right?"

"Yeah babe just give me a sec. I forgot how much bigger it feels when it fills my ass."

Mom slowly started pressing back against dads cock. It slipped in a little further then she pulled it slightly out to get more juice on it. Every time she pushed back it went in a little further until dads balls were on her ass.

"Now be gentle in the beginning until I get used to it."

Dad started to slowly stroke in and out of moms ass.

"God That is so tight it feels like your'e a virgin again." "I don't know how long I can take this before I shoot again."" I haven't cum twice this soon since i first started fucking you in High School!"

I just kept looking at that hard cock and moms ass hole. Moving in as he pushed in and clinging to the shaft as he pulled out.

Mom started to breath heavy and I knew she was getting ready for another cum. I had heard her cum often when I was growing up and knew when she was getting ready. I could hear dads balls as they slapped her wet pussy. Mom laid her head on the table and thrust back against dads cock meeting every thrust with one of her own. This time I shot first. I couldn't help it. There wasn't as much as the first time but they both left a stream of cum that was running down the wall. Mom let out a "O Shit o shit o shit." Her body started to jerk and she came hard. The hardest I'd ever seen her cum. The was all it took to send dad over the edge.

"Fuck! I'm cumming in your ass baby! My god i'm cumming in your ass!!"

They both were jerking now. Dads knees buckling. It seemed the only thing keeping him from falling over was his cock plunged in moms ass. He fell over on top of her and grabbed her tits.

"Fuck baby! Fuck! It's almost too much."

"Don't pull it out. I want all that inside me. I can feel it you know, your cum it's hot shooting in my ass."

Eventually dads cock got soft for the second time and fell from her butt hole. Mom turned around kissed him and said.

"You know what? I really enjoyed that. Maybe I won't wait so long before I do that again. What do you think? Would you like that if we did it more often?"

The last thing I saw as i headed to my room was a big smile on my dads face.

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2 years ago
fuckin hot man!
2 years ago
Lonely hearts. The son's mom ain't (sp) going to come around; he needs to set his sights on other prey for his (incestual) sex needs.
2 years ago
naughty! i love it.
2 years ago
2 years ago
momma is one hot bitch
2 years ago
excellent moew plse
2 years ago
Thats amazing
2 years ago
Crazy hot..thanks.