Deirdre the office admin

Dateline 1996. im a newly qualified computer engineer,freshly minted and ready to deal with any computer problems ever devised. i got a job with a small computer repair company, there was six of us in all. five guys and deirdre the office admin. the guys were cocks but she was smoking hot. five seven, slim and with a mane of red hair she was very easy on the eyes. after a few weeks ther eit was obvious the boss of the company was desperate to fuck her.

Anyway roll on the christmas party. we went to a restaurant first then ended going to a nightclub called CopperFacedJacks. the party was a bit of a bust as all the lads were talking about was computers and the boss was harassing deirdre. you could see she was pissed off by it. when the boss left to get drinks i asked her if she wanted to dance and she immediately agreed. we went onto the floor and i started my best white boy shuffle. as the night progressed deirdre was dancing closer and closer to me, till by the end of the night she was practically hanging off of me. when the music ended they turned on the lights meaning the club was closing. as we walked off the floor deirdre whispered in my ear that she had a great time and would she come home with her.

i immediately said lets get out of here. we went outside and hailed a taxi. as we drove off i saw the boss standing on the street watching us go. we were in the back and i was chatting to the driver. deirdre was quiet except to give her home address. as we drove i spoke to the driver and she sat very close to me. she took my right hand and discreetly placed it between her legs. she held my hand tightly as she started to rub it against her pussy. i could feel her clit rubbing against my fingers and then her pussy slit. she rubbed my hand down her slit till my fingers slid into her slit and i could feel her wetness soaking the fabric of her panties. as you can imagine conversation was very hard to carry on when a girl is masturbating beside you.

she was rocking her hips quickly and my fingers were sliding up and down her well lubricated pussy, her panties were soaked. as we pulled up she took my hand away and pulled her skirt down, i paid and we got out. as we walked up to her door she said to me i want you to fuck me hard. i guarenteed her a hard fucking and when we got inside we went upstairs immediately. i started pulling her clothes off when we got in the room practically ripping them to get her naked. i pulled of her bra and turned her a round revealing the most amazing tits i had ever seen. they were a milky white with a dusting of freckles. her nipples were the softest pink colour. i put my mouth over one and started to lick it feeling it grow. i held her close and ran my hands over her firm ass grabbing each cheek and firmly kneading it. i pulled her cheeks apart and ran my fingers down her ass crack feeling my fingers gently run over her anus. her hard breathing in my ear told me she was enjoying this immensely. i stopped m*****ing as long as it took to take my clothes off, as i took off my boxers my erect cock stood proud.

Deirdre reached down and took it in her hand and started to gently stroke it. she pulled back the foreskin revealing the tip slippery with precum. she knelt down and took my cock into her mouth, all of it right to the base. and immediately started sucking it, she knew how to suck cock, tonguing the tip and sticking the tip off her tongue into my japs eye. she was an eager bitch fondling my balls with her other hand as her head bobbed up and down. i could feel my orgasm starting to build so i pulled her head off of my cock. it was covered in her spit. i pulled her onto the bed and spread her legs. she still had her panties on and i started to lick the large wet stain where her arousal had soaked through. i could feel her bush through her panties. i hooked my fingers into the crotch and pulled them down. exposing her ginger bush and it looked beautiful. i parted her pussy lips and started to lick her wet slit. i could taste her as i eagerly licked her, her hands on my head and thrusting her hips in my face. she was very wet as my two fingers slid into her with ease. she groaned and i could feel her pussy tighten as i started to fuck her with them. she lifted her hips up a little every time i pushed them into her and as she did i could see her tight anus. with my other hand i put my fingers between her ass cheeks and started to gently rub her anus feeling its soft puckered ring. i gently pressed my finger against it and felt it yield as my finger slowly entered her ass. she groaned loudly as she could feel me violating her rear entrance but she didnt stop thrusting her pussy onto my fingers.

i withdrew my fingers from her wet cunt and slowly pulled out of her ass, she got into the doggy position and said i was to fuck her now. not needing to be told twice i shoved my cock into her roughly. she gasped and arched her back as she felt my cock spread her cunt lips and fill her tight pussy. i shoved myself all the way to the base of my cock revelling in the feeling of warmth and tightness engulfing it. i then proceeded to fuck her like the sexy little tramp she was. when i felt my cock harden i grabbed her hips and pulled her too me. my orgasm was hard and strong and i felt her orgasm on me. i stayed there for a minute completely breathless feeling my cock slide out of her cunt. she lay on her back and gently rubbed her slit as my come seeped out of her soaking into her pubic hair. she was breathing slowly and said that was the best fucking she had in a long time. she got up to go to the toilet and was about to close the door when i asked her if i could watch her pee. she laughed and called me dirty perv but she left the door open. i went in with her and as she sat on the toilet spread her legs. i watched as she peed and saw my come dripping out of her pussy.

as i got dressed the next morning i saw her panties on the floor and asked her if i could have them. she asked why and i said they were soaked with her pussy juices and i wanted to remember her whenever i jerked off sniffing them. she let me take them and away i went. oddly i was fired from my job a few days later by a very jealous boss.
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1 year ago
"oddly" indeed! Good story!