Experience with Mum.

Ever masturbated in the bedroom and had that sudden panic when you've heard your mums footsteps near the top of the stairs, making that frantic panic to pull your pants up before she walked in? Yes so did i on many occasion when i lived at home, i don't know what i or she would have ever done if she had caught me? Then i started to wonder exactly what she would do?

Knowing that me and her were the only two people in the house i was feeling a little horny and decided to have a wank to release the frustration and i had a wicked idea, i left the bedroom door open slightly in the hope that she might peek in should she come up the stairs, she did'nt on that occasion, but i was determined.

One evening i had come in from work feeling quite horny, my mum was in the kitchen making some dinner, making small talk i told her i would have a quick bite then have a bath, i disappeared upstairs with the thought of being caught and proceeded to have a little play. Stripping off apart from my boxers and a t-shirt i lay on the bed and began to masturbate again with the bedroom door slightly open waiting for those footsteps.

Finally it came, that 3rd step on the staircase creaked and my heart suddenly began to beat faster knowing that she could catch me at any moment, i hesitated for a second and decided to carry on, wanking my hard cock i closed my eyes and proceeded to slowly masturbate i heard her at the top of the stairs and this made me even more horny, suddenly i heard the door open a little..... for what seemed like an eternity i slowly played, opening my eyes i saw my mum standing there watching me, she suddenly realised that i had seen her and she quickly walked out saying i'm so sorry.

I got off the bed pulled up my boxers and walked out of the bedroom across the landing into her bedroom where she looked at me all flushed, again she said she was sorry and i said it was ok, don't worry about it. My cock was still hard and i asked her how long she had been stood there as if i did'nt know, she replied with "long enough". I asked in a nervous voice if she liked what she saw but she hesitated in answering, i asked again "mum" did you like what you saw, suddenly a quiet, nervous reply came... yes she replied.

This was my chance, "mum" i said, will you... and before i could finish my question she said no, i looked at her and said oh please, again she said no. I could see that gentle persuasion was'nt going to work so i said "mum" i'd like it if you would wank me off as i pulled my boxers down a little so she could see my hard cock. I rolled my forskin back so she could see my swollen helmet and precum, again i asked if she would and she said it would be wrong, i stepped towards her and asked again as i sat on her bed. She said god knows what anyone would say if they knew, i asked her one more time and added i would'nt tell (as it's not the type of thing you do tell anyone) she rolled her eyes at me and sat on the bed beside me.

Hesitating she reached out to touch me, then she pulled her hand away and said "you had better not tell anyone", suddenly she took hold of my cock in her hand and began to wank me, it did'nt feel wrong just slightly odd that this was the woman who brought me into the world and now here i was being touched intimately by her. Slowly she started wanking me, occasionally building up her speed before swapping hands and starting again, i asked in an awkward, nervous voice if i could touch her, she looked at me with a small smile and i put my hand onto one of her breasts. By now the temptation and frustration was building, as she wanked me i ran my hand up under her blouse and slipped my hand inside her bra, feeling one of her breasts and nipple made me want more and i think she knew it too.

She asked if i would like her to take her top off, i thought she was being slightly sarcastic at first, but i realised she was'nt joking as she let go of my manhood and began to undo her blouse before taking it and her bra off, she had lovely breasts, slightly drooping but still big and firmish with nice big pink nipples, i seized my chance and took one of her nipples in my mouth and began to suck. Now i know i was incredibly horny and i think she was starting to feel the same, i let her breast slip out of my mouth and we looked at eachother before we went to kiss eachother, yes now it felt wrong but neither of us cared by this point, as we kissed i felt her hand on my cock again and i ran my hand down to her thigh and ran it up to her groin feeling the warmth and wetness of my mums cunt, i slipped a hand down into her knickers and felt her thick bushy pussy.

Kissing eachother i knew i wanted this to go all of the way so i pulled my hand out of her knickers and with both hands i pulled them down, not knowing what was under there i lifted her skirt and there it was, my mums cunt, hairy but with nice swollen pink pussy lips glistening with her juices, i looked at her and told her i would love to fuck her, she looked at me and replied "fuck me then", i did'nt hesitate. She moved herself up the bed to lay her head on the pillow as i lay on top of her and pushed my cock inside her, i could'nt believe i was now inside where i had originally came into the world from, her pussy was so wet and warm around my cock as i slid it in and out, knowing how turned on i was she wrapped her legs around me and kissed me as my speed slowly increased.

Do you like fucking your own mum she asked, i smiled and let out a little groan of pleasure, would you like to fuck me again she asked, i did'nt hesitate, yes i replied as i looked into her eyes, good she said. Building up my rhythm i knew i was getting ready to cum and she knew it too by surprising me with the best question i've ever been asked!? Would you like to cum inside me, would you like to cum inside your mum, i did, and i told her i wanted to, as i felt my balls begin to tighten i told her i was cumming.

She wrapped her legs around me even tighter making it almost impossible to pull away from her, i began to build up my speed when suddenly there it was, i felt that first thick wad of cum spurt out of my cock inside her, she smiled at me and said "hmmm that feels warm" as my balls pumped my hot spunk into my mums cunt. I did'nt hide behind the bedroom door after that experience and if i was feeling horny enough would tell my mum that i was going up stairs where she would happily follow and we would indulge in hot passionate sex with eachother.

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2 months ago
2 years ago
got me so horny fffkkk
2 years ago
All mothers should be like her, letting their horny boy's fuck them.
2 years ago
Great story
2 years ago
great, great story!
2 years ago
2 years ago
2 years ago
great story, i can't wait until my neighbor reads it while i play with his nice cock in the drive way tonight
2 years ago
A very good story..
2 years ago
Great work. Would love to read more.
2 years ago
very nice
2 years ago
Nice story!!!!