True Story.

Going back over my life there's been a few things i've wished i'd done and few things i wished i had'nt done, but one thing i thought i would never do happened with my best friend. For years me and my friend mated around with eachother, we went to school together and hung out together through our teens into adulthood but this story elevates from our late teens.

We often used to do daft things, u******e drinking being one of them, daring eachother to go into the newsagents to buy something from the top shelf, which is a task we both completed before sharing a glossy porn mag with eachother, and with the ever growing stash of nude magazines under my bed i could have started my own porn shop. While my friend was at mine one day and we had some music on he asked where my porn mags were? I told him under the bed, he began pulling out one after the other and flicking through them, getting himself horny and trying not to show it he sneakily rubbed his crotch sometimes letting out little sighs and grunts.

While looking through the mags he looked at me and awkwardly mumbled i'm gonna have a wank, i thought he meant downstairs in the bathroom but no! He started to undo his jeans and pulled them and his boxers off and proceeded to start touching his cock right infront of me... now i'm no prude and admittedly me and my mate had done some barmy stuff in our time but i'd not see this side to him before.

He wanked his cock slowly over the mags, occasionally looking at me before asking if i would fetch him some toilet paper, so without thinking about it i went to the bathroom and brought enough paper for 20 people, as i walked back into my bedroom he was still sat there wanking his cock, now i'm straight and i'd only ever seen me wanking myself off in the mirror but for some reason there was a slight interest into what he was doing and although i was'nt hugely turned on i watched with a curiosity.

As i looked on and he wanked off he looked at me and with a slight nervousness in his voice asked if i was going to have a wank, so i said if you give me some of that toilet paper i will, so he tore me a bit off and i without thinking about it undid my pants, got my already hard cock out and began to wank off at the same time, i was'nt shy or nervous about him seeing me as i could clearly see what he was doing right infront of me, and after a few minutes of looking at the mags and occasionally looking at eachothers cocks we somehow became very brave with ourselves.

I asked if i could look at the same mag he was looking at snd he agreed so i moved across the bedroom and laid down on the floor behind him, i could now see a naked woman in the mag and his hard cock getting pulled over the top of it, so i calmly asked if he would like me to wank him off, he did'nt hesitate and replied "go on then" so i let go of my cock and took hold of his, that was the first time i'd ever touched anyone elses penis and although wanking was familiar to me it felt weird that i was doing it but not getting any sensation.... he looked over his shoulder at my cock and reached over to it and started to wank me off.

As our confidence grew i'd ocasionally stop what i was doing and run a finger over the tip of his cock, smearing his pre cum over the head of his swollen head before taking my hand and rubbing his pre cum over the tip of my swollen head too, i think we were both more than curious at this point and i think while we both thought about maybe kissing eachother i think we both knew it would be a step towards something we were'nt comfortable with but he suddenly did something which totally surprised me, he repositioned himself on the floor pushing his backside closer to my cock as he pulled it.

I'd only ever seen anal sex in porn films before and had always wondered what it was like, so i let go of his cock and took a hold of mine and rubbed it against his arse which he seemed more than ok with, he moved his hand back across to my hard erection and began to wank me again as i did him, we were both more than horny now and he suddenly stopped what he was doing and moved his backside even closer before taking my cock and pressing it against his tight arse, i wanted to and i think he did too so i asked, do you want me to? He replied yes, so with a bit of careful pushing and poking i eased the tip of my cock which was well lubed with my pre cum into his tight arsehole.

Slowly pushing my entire length into his arse i began to fuck him, slowly at first and as i built up a slow rhythm i'd take hold of his cock again and wank him as i fucked him, this was great anal sex really did feel as good as it looked in the porn films, i'd occasionally pull out to see his strched gaping arse before pushing my length back in, i told him if he did'nt want me to cum inside him he better pass me some of that toilet paper, as i felt my balls start to tighten i pulled out and we both watched as i shot my load into the tissue, it felt great and i think he knew it and to be fair as i'd had my fun i thought it was time to have the same sensation as i had.

Laying on my back with me legs open, i said do you want to try and without hesitation he positioned himself above me, nudging his cock into my hole, slowly pushing his full length up my arse, it actually felt quite pleasurable, feeling something inside me, i could tell by the look on his face he was enjoying it too, i asked him to pull out so i could look at his cock and as he did so i could see the juice from my arse allover his hard cock before he slid it back in and slowly fucked me, he asked me what i wanted him to do when he came, i said i want to see you come too... he fucked my arse slowly building up speed asking me to pass him some tissue i just looked at him and said pull out and cum where you want to.

He did, he pulled out and we both watched as his cock spurted 4 or 5 thick shots of cum over my balls and cock, my forskin was still rolled back and feeling his warm cum on my on my soft helmet only added to the sensation. Needless to say that was'nt the only time we had the magazines out and we fucked eachother a few times more, eventually being brave enough to allow eachother to cum inside our tight arses.
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2 years ago
Good story, got me hard!