fragment 2.2

.. "Is this all you can do?! The neighbor at the window staring at you since 5 minutes is not even stroking himself yet. Rub yourself harder and open up your pussy with the other hand so he has something enjoy!" You do your best to please me and the stranger, moaning louder as you bring yourself closer and presenting your wet open hole to the world outside. "Good, at least he is touching himself now... Good slut!". You hear me stepping behind your back and shiver as I suddendly work a cold lubed finger into your tight asshole and begin to fuck it slowly. "What a sight, you are very pretty like this".
"STOP - don't dare to come yet! You have to earn that first. Put your arms behind your back!" I grab them and begin to tie them with a thick hemp rope. As you can no longer move them I put the candle to the side and lay down a pillow in front of you. "Kneel down!" You hear me opening my trousers and feel my hands on the sides of your head. "Now, wouldn't you be happy to please your masters cock?"
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