My gym manager was apologizing while telling me that all of the massage ther****ts he trusted were completely booked. I asked him if they could give him any names and he laughed and said, “Yeah, each others....”

He had stopped before finishing so I finished for him.
“And you?”

“It would be inappropriate.”

“Why, because you are gay?”

He gave me a small smile and shrugged his shoulders.
“I didn’t think you knew.”

“I was clued in by the blonde that sneered every time she walked past you. I asked her if she was telling me you were gay because you had turned her down or because you had told her?

She was taken aback by my question, looked away then said, “Both”.
She suddenly looked embarrassed. She bit her lip and looked around then headed in your direction. That was when she caressed your shoulder as she walked past.”

“I was wondering what that was all about. Thanks for the intervention.
So you don’t have a problem with my being gay?”

“No, I already know that you are the worlds best boy scout and would never do anything inappropriate. You were my first choice in the first place. So unless you find me a voluptuous woman named Wicked Wanda you are my choice.”

He laughed and said, ”One of the ones I tried to get for you is the Wicked Wanda type but it would not have helped much, she is gay too. The blonde you talked to, Dawn, now goes to her at my recommendation.
Come back down to the massage room when you get your work done.”

Several weeks later Derek and I had become friends and I was happy with my decision. I got my massages Saturday afternoons as a precursor of going out that night and seeing about getting laid.

I was very surprised when it turned out to mean I would be fucking Dawn more often than not.

I had decided I liked her when her remorse at the way she had behaved towards Derek proved to be genuine. I made her my friend as she made me her sounding board.

She did not need or want a boyfriend; she wanted the occasional one night stand and in her mind she wanted Derek, her massage ther****t at the time.
She did not have the self-esteem to handle being turned down.

At first she though Derek was lying to her about being gay which hurt her badly. By the time she talked to me she knew he had not lied and my question made her realize that her behavior was out of line.

She used my ear to get past the embarrassment and had in fact sent flowers and an apology to Derek.
She actually thanked me for forcing her to see that she was not always a nice person.

I soon mentioned to Dawn that “One Night Stand” was my middle name and she tested me out that same night and most Saturday nights since.

We were now fuck buddies, which was what we had been searching for in the first place. We both have too much invested in our careers for anything else.
We had also become each other’s best friend, or more accurately our only real friend. We had friends and acquaintances among co-workers but we were each other’s lone non-work related friend.

We had become our default dates at company functions. When she felt like going out it was me she called. I had cancelled more than one date for her.
Any work related bitching either of us had to get off their chest was vented on the other.

I was relieved to have a woman of however fleeting value in my life because over time I had found that Derek’s hands on me felt a hell of a lot better than I thought they should. We had expanded my massage to full body and sixty minutes and I was often getting erections from his ministrations.

He assured me that it was very common during massages for the client to get erections, which is likely true, but my real problem was the fact that I liked that he was seeing them.

Late one Saturday afternoon I was headed for the gym wondering if Derek would make some move on me that day when I got a frantic call from Dawn telling me I needed to hurry to her house and fuck her. Now!

I called Derek canceling my appointment then hurried to Dawn’s house.
A lady in distress trumps all other plans.

She was nude as she opened her door. As she grabbed my hand and hurried me to the bedroom my cock jumped to full readiness. She helped get me naked then pushed me onto my back on the bed, mounted me and fucked me with great intensity.
Her orgasm appeared to be one that was well overdue. She slowed her fuck and looked at me with what was an expression of relief, and said, “Thanks, I needed that.”

“Apparently. What happened?”

“I nga. She does everything but pinch my nipples or touch my pussy. I would **** her but she is too big. Today she let me caress her ass for about three seconds but would not get her pussy or tits close enough for me to touch. She knows I want her but she just gives me a massage.”

Inga was her Wicked Wanda.
I reminded her that if she got her wish Inga would lose her license and livelihood. She needed to ask her over for dinner.

“I already have, more than once. She knows that my main course would be her.”

“It never crossed my mind you eat pussy.”

“I don’t, well not since college. I am surprised that Inga has brought back that hunger. She is a large blonde and my preference has always been small with freckles.”

Dawn had resumed fucking me with purpose. The mental image of her eating pussy had me in a stir and I was going to have a difficult time hanging on until her next orgasm but as luck would have it her cum came seconds after I started mine.

Dawn slid to my side and I kissed her softly. “Hang in there baby, we will think of something,” I said.

She kissed me back and asked, “How goes it with you and Derek?”

“About the same as you and Inga.”

Dawn quickly turned to face me and with wide eyes asked, “Really?”

Yes, but I am just as afraid he will lose his job as he is.
I no longer wear the towel over my ass or cock but although he enjoys looking at my dick especially when it is hard he has never come close to touching it.”

“Woe is us,” she said with a gentle kiss.

“You have that right,” I answered with a soft, lingering kiss.

Something had changed between us and I could not pin down what it was. Maybe it was sharing the same frustrating predicament.
Maybe it was admitting to ourselves and to each other our clearly homosexual wants, our most closely guarded secrets.
Maybe it had sunk into the two of us that we were basically two against the world.
We had suddenly become very important to each other or more likely we had just simply realized we already were.

Whatever it was it had us cuddling and caressing and kissing for over thirty minutes, double the time of all our other after fuck cuddles combined.

I suddenly told her something I should have weeks ago. “Dawn, I apologize for not saying this before, you are beautiful, I love the way your body feel against mine. I thank you for allowing me in your bed. You are a special lady.”

She looked at me with a look of surprise and a touch of giddiness. Her only comment was a long, soft kiss.

Up until then the longest time I had ever spent at her house was an hour or so. Under normal circumstances I would be dressed and on my way home by now.
There was never much foreplay. We probably kissed fewer than five times per session. They were, “slam, bang, thank you ma’m, see you later,” events.
I had never gone down on her.

I had a semi bright idea and slowly kissed my way down her body. I raised the pitch of my voice and said,
“Don’t worry, Inga take care of you.”

“You doofus. Inga has a British accent,” Dawn said amid giggles.

“Oh, silly me. I feel a little peckish. I think I will just slip down and get a nibble.”

I had a much better British accent, (the first sounded more Hungarian than Swedish after I thought about it), so by the time I reached her pussy Dawn was willing to play along, or so I thought.

I excelled at eating pussy because I am a fan of lesbian seduction clips and I took notes. The most important thing I learned was to never be in a hurry, so I began with soft caresses and kisses to her thighs. I gently kissed her pussy and returned to her thighs as I caressed her long legs with my fingertips. I sucked her toes, I licked behind her knees, and I kissed her inner thighs from her knees to her pussy.
I spent the time.

Dawn was responding with small shudders and soft moans, neither of which I had ever elicited from her before.

Once in a while I made a bolder move like scr****g her clit with the flat of my tongue or running the tip of my tongue over her anus. Those moves elicited loud groans and body spasms.
It occurred to me that I really loved doing this for her.

I repeatedly kissed and licked every part of her I could reach in my position with my head between her legs. I rubbed my face on her pubic hair, her pussy, and her thighs. She had many small spasms and many deep moans as she arched her back and pressed her pussy to me.

I had been exploring and loving every inch of her body below the waist for nearly an hour when my neck and jaw started to get sore. Suddenly her hands pushed my face hard into her pussy and she just exploded into orgasm, the largest she had ever rewarded me with.

As she came down she shuddered and moaned a few times. Much of her orgasm was still in her several minutes later and I knew not to move too much. I resumed my caresses and soft kisses until her hands released my head and I could again breathe freely.

I kissed my way up her body using the same soft touches I had used on her thighs and pussy. The trip from her pussy to her tits took about ten minutes.

I whispered endearments to her fine tits as I rubbed my face over them. Her nipples seemed to be reaching for my lips with all their might and I allowed her nipples to kiss them. Her tits were at least a twenty-minute stop.

I slid up to her neck and I licked and kissed under her ear. My cock slid right into her pussy as I softly kissed her lips.
Her whole body shuddered. She whimpered.

I just held my place for about ten minutes while softly kissing her lips then gently worked my cock in and out of her pussy as kissed her neck and nibbled her earlobe.
I kissed her eyelids, her nose, her cheeks, I kissed and gently pulled on her lower lip with mine, I licked her lips but did not enter her mouth with my tongue, as she desperately wanted.

I felt her holding her breath so I suddenly took three deep hard strokes into her pussy.
She had another full body orgasm.
I kissed her softly as she endured.

“You bastard,” was the first thing she said after she recovered. I would have been worried except for the fact that her arms and legs were wrapped around me so tightly that I could barely breathe.

I could not escape her ferocious kisses, not that I tried.
I also took comfort with the fact that my cock was still hard and still buried in her pussy.

Somewhere in her madness she noticed that and flipped us over. She released her grip on me and began to slide down my body coating my thighs with her juices. She not so gently bit my neck, my nipples and my pubic hair. When she got to my cock she took a deep breath and slowly slid it into her mouth.

When we were discussing one-night stands she told me not to expect blowjobs. I had not asked for one and none had been offered. Yet, there she was with my cock in her mouth.

She looked like a k** that had discovered the best tasting candy ever but she did not look like she was ever going to get around to getting me off. She seemed to be thanking my dick, loving my dick.
“Your cock is so beautiful,” she said.

That statement caught me by surprise. Although it is very functional my dick is pretty much average.
It is not too impulsive and when it needs to be it is very patient. Her words had suddenly made it frantic.

I squirmed and grunted warning her of an impending explosion. She calmly removed my cock from her mouth and pressed her thumb under its base. After a few moments everything calmed down and she resumed loving my confused cock.

Twice more she stopped me from cumming; twice more she made love to my dick. The next episode would be the last and she knew it, she could feel my cock’s desperation.
Before I crossed the point of no return she pressed her hand to the base of my cock, straddled me, guided my dick into her pussy then let go.

My release was immediate and volcanic. The tip of my cock was just past her pussy lips when my first volley was fired and a lot of my cum spilled down over its shaft before her pussy fully engulfed it. When her pussy retreated upward the cum was gone, her pussy had slurped it up.
I will never forget that sight.

Dawn continued to slide her pussy gently up and down my cock as I blasted her vagina with cum, easily the largest single orgasm in my life. I saw spots swimming before my eyes.

When I recovered most of my senses I saw that Dawn was having an orgasm of her own, a quiet but apparently very satisfying one.

Her body collapsed on me with a sigh. After a while she giggled a bit and said, “ I take it you liked that.”

“Yeah, it was OK,” I gasped as I regained the power of speech.

She tenderly punched me in the chest and we kissed as she slid her body to my side. She laid her head on my shoulder and I extended my arm behind her and caressed her ass.

Somebody’s stomach growled.
We laughed and got out of bed. Hand in hand and still naked we headed for the kitchen. She fixed us sandwiches as I made coffee. We ate our dinner and drank our coffee in silence. We kissed and caressed and we just looked at each other as if it was the first time we ever had.

After we cleaned up in the kitchen we walked into her shower together, another first. We got each other thoroughly clean and thoroughly horny. We took a chance with our safety and fucked in the shower.

It was nearly twelve o’clock and I had been at her house since before sunset. I had never spent the night with her but that was apparently also going to end.
I helped change the linens on the bed.

We returned to her bed turned off the lights. Snuggling close she placed her head on my shoulder and I caressed her ass.

“So did you like Inga making love to your pussy?” I asked.

“I knew exactly who was making love to me and it was not Inga.
But to answer your question, it has never been better. Not close. Not ever. I have never felt so wanted.
Until now I never understood the difference between fucking and making love. Thanks for showing me.”

“I have never wanted to please anyone more than I wanted to please you,” I said. “I had apparently never made love to anyone until tonight. It was a very easy thing for me to do for you.”

Her ensuing kiss had a lot of emotion in it. I returned the kiss in kind.

Derek and Inga had disappeared from our world.

We kissed for a while longer. Small shudders went through our bodies reminding us of what we had given to each other.

“I think we just fucked up,” she said as she cuddled closer.

“Possibly, probably. We can worry about it later,” I said as I gave her the longest kiss I had ever given anyone in my life.
As our lips separated she gave me a kiss that lasted a bit longer.

I caressed her hair and she kissed my cheek. Her hand wandered down to my cock and we were both surprised it was hard again. She kissed me as she mounted me and sighed as I slid into her.
She put her head back on my shoulder, her hands behind my neck.
I held her tightly to me.
Neither of us moved.

I knew then that Dawn was right, we had just fucked up.

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