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"Jet!..get up or you will be late for school"
'fuck sake' was the first thought through jet's mind as he woke up to his mother's daily wake up call as she left for work, groaning he hauled himself out of his bed, rubbing his eyes as he stumbled to the shower. Like most mornings his 17 year old cock was suffering from the effects of morning glory. During the shower, where the warm water woke him up and relaxed him as it cascaded down him he started his own daily routine, beginning with wanking himself off to the images of upskirts and tight asses from girls at school.

Jet has dark brown hair, green eyes, medium height and stocky build. At school he was the funny guy, most people enjoyed his company but always as a friend, he had never managed to lose his virginity, and was getting desperate as his schooling career was coming to an end.

After his wank session in the shower he got ready for school, chucking on his clothes and his favourite necklace which had a bamboo whistle on it, which he would whistle on when bored. He drove to school, parking in the student area. Just as he was going to get out he saw kim, one of he hottest girls in the school bending over while she picked up something from the back seat of her car. He felt the bl**d rush to his cock as he watch that magnificent ass. Shaking his head he got out and headed to class.

The day went by slowly, shit classes followed by shit weather, rain started pouring down as he headed out to lunch 'fucking fantastic' he thought as all the students in the school huddled together under whatever cover they could find.

Lunch passed by miserably, he added his input to the group every now and then, mainly to rip on about Daniels milf of a mum. He could hardly here himself think with everyone crowded together under cover, he started day dreaming thinking of kim's ass again, nice,tight and juicy.
'god im so horny'
The sentence teared through his head like someone had screamed in his ear, 'wtf?' he thought, looking around he didnt see anyone talking to him and he certainly didnt think it himself. Confused he shook his head to clear his thoughts then tried to forget about it.
'i could use a good cock right now'
There it was again! He looked around again until his eyes fell on erin, a slightly chubby girl with long blonde hair and a slighly larger than usual nose. The one good thing about erin was her massive DD tits, he had wanked over them before on numerous occasions, dreaming of titty fucking them hard then shooting his hot load all over them.

Erin was minding her own business, not really talking to anyone. As he was looking at her it happened again
'my pussy is so wet'
This time he knew it came from her, he didnt know how but somehow he was hearing her thoughts, and he was enjoying them. Unfortunately lunch ended and everyone headed off to class, he tried his new found power out again but to his dismay could only pick up bits and pieces. As school ended the senior students headed to the car park quickly, determined to beat the traffic, as he opened his door, he was surprised to see erin at her car next to him. Boldened by her thoughts before and his own raging hormones he started to talk to her. "hey erin, your looking good today" he said grinning
"oh hey jet, how are you?" erin replied, surprised at the sudden conversation and also anxious to get home to her dildo. "im good, if not a bit bored" standing up jet leaned on erins car while she stood at her door. "maybe we should have some fun" he said coyly, grinning at her.
'oh i could his fingers in my pussy right about now'
There it was again jet thought, clear as day, coming from erin. " what did you have in mind?" she asked running a hand over her hair. "hmmm i was thinking you could suck on my cock" jet said confidently, stepping closer to erin, running a hand gently down her arm
'oh my god, what did he just say'
He heard her think as she stammered out "um...what...what are you on about?" eyes widening, " oh come on now, i know your a horny slut, theres no one around" he said gesturing to the empty carpark before stepping closer, resting his now hard cock on her thigh.
'oh wow, i could use a good cock....'
He heard her think and he knew he was in. "ill take your stunned silence as a yes" he said before leaning in to push his lips against hers, enjoying the softness before hesitantly pushing his tongue into her mouth. She accepted it greedily, sucking on it while pushing her massive tits into his chest.

His eyes widened in excitement as he felt those soft pillows of flesh against his chest. " i wanna suck on those puppies so bad" he breathed into her ear, pushing her against her car he practically ripped her shirt over her head, then watched in anticipation as she slowly unclasped her bra and exposed her glorious breasts.
'please suck on my tits hard'
He heard her thought go through his head, before hungrily diving for them, sucking on her left nipple while he massaged both her tits, enjoying the soft feel while he circled his tongue around her erect nipple, hearing her thoughts ' ohhhhhh yess i needed this' as she closed her eyes and moaned in pleasure.

He continued to play with her tits until his cock started to hurt it was so hard, he stood up and looked at her, unzipping his pants and letting his seven inch cock spring out " would love that blowjob right now" he said grinning, she smiled and knelt down, giving the head of his cock a small lick before taking it in her mouth while slowly stroking the shaft
'mmm this tastes good'
He heard her thinking as his eyes lit up in pleasure, his first ever blowjob and it was better than he couldve imagined, he started pumping his cock further down her throat , her saliva running down her chin and down between her massive tits. He felt his balls tighten and knew he was gunna cum. Erin knew aswell as he heard her thoughts 'i hope he cums in my mouth' jet was happy to oblige, grabbing her head he shoved his cock deep and hard erupting and spurting his hot seed in her mouth, he could feel her swallowing fast, and milking his cock with her tongue, he groaned in pleasure as he slowly pulled his spent cock out of her mouth. "wow!, thanks that was amazing" he said grinning. "no thank you, i needed that, maybe next time you can fuck my wet cunt" erin said smiling, and with that she got in her car and drove off, topless and all.

Jet stared after her, basking in the pleasure of his recent blowjob, thinking of who else he could use his powers on.

----------- this is my first story, if its liked ill add chapter two----------------
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Not bad my man. Keep it going.