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This story happened to me awhile ago when I was 20 and going to school at an SEC school.

It was pretty much your typical Friday afternoon. Everyone was getting done with classes and starting to drink and party for the night. The difference was, that tomorrow was the first football game of the year and our school was supposed to have a pretty good team this year. This being the case, there were a lot of people that had come into town to watch the game. This always made things more fun around campus because there were always more people out at the bars, and consequently, more girls to hit on and flirt with.

I had been at my friends apartment all afternoon just drinking and hanging out and enjoying the nice fall weather. We had begun to party a bit heavier as the night wore on and some people had come over. One of my friends younger s****r, who also went to school with us, had come over with a friend of hers that was in town visiting for the weekend. His s****rs name was Haley and her friends name was Maddie. I had always thought that his s****r was kind of cute but not drop dead gorgeous in the typical sense of the word. She was taller, maybe 5'7", with shoulder length dark brown hair and hazel eyes. She had a pretty good body, her boobs weren't that big, but because she was taller and more slim, she had a very tight ass that I will admit I had spent a good time thinking about and fantasizing about. Maddie on the other had was absolutely stunning. She was a bit shorter, maybe 5'3", with blonde hair, green eyes and a very nice set of tits, but she still was young enough to maintain the flat stomach to go with the nice sized boobs. Having been in college for two years, I could see the effect the college life was having on girls, and having these two, fit, freshman walking around really stole my attention as the more d***k I got, the more I thought about taking one of them back to my place for the night. These two were constantly flirting with everyone, and absolutely loving the attention they were getting. The partying wore on, and soon it was time to go out to the bars which we all did eventually. We finally made it out to our favorite bar, which had a large beer garden on one end, and a dance floor with club music on the other.

Now, let me preface this by saying that I had, in the past, made out with Haley a couple of times while we were out at the bar dancing and grinding but her b*****r, one of my decently good friends, had no idea and I intended to keep it that way.

The night was going as usual and I was standing at one of the bars just inside the door from the beer garden when I felt someone come up behind me and run their arms up and down my chest. I turned around to see who it was, and much to my surprise, and delight, it was Haley, and Maddie was right there with her. We chatted and made small talk for awhile, and again, to my surprise, Haley grabbed me by the hand and said, "lets go dance" and started dragging me to the dance floor. I wasn't one to object to such an open invitation so I grabbed my drink off the bar and followed her into the dance floor. She found an area near the center and immediately started grinding on me. She had obviously been drinking, but still seemed somewhat coherent. As we continuted to dance, Maddie came by and started grinding on the other side of Haley. At this point my male mind really took over and I was wondering just how far this might go. We danced to the end of that song, and when it ended, and the DJ transitioned into a new song, Maddie and Haley switched positions. At this point, this was about everything I had hoped for. Maddie was grinding on me, facing away, while Haley was grinding on Maddie, facing us both. I could feel my dick getting hard and was really hoping this wouldn't cause Maddie to freak out and stop dancing with me. To the contrary, once she felt me get harder, it seemed that she pushed her hips and ass back into me even harder and faster.

Maddie then turned around and pulled my head down to say something to me, as you could only hear from yelling to each other very close by, and she said, "you and Haley are turning me on so much, I'm really getting wet with you two grinding on me."

This completely took me by surprise, because I know she had been drinking, but here was this gorgeous girl who I barely knew, telling me how turned on she was and how wet her pussy was getting just by dancing with me. She released my head and gave me a knowing wink and smile with her beautiful green eyes as I pulled my head back up above her. She then turned around and continued to grind on me, but with a renewed vigor she did not have last time. I took her comment as an invitation to explore her body further with my hands and she seemed more the willing to let me. By this time, the dance floor had become completely packed and other than above the shoulders it was hard to see anything. Haley had disappeared by this time, so it was just me and this gorgeous freshman, who at this point, I was sincerely hoping to take home with me. Little did I know at the time she would have other ideas.

I ran my hands all over her body, feeling her toned stomach, and down her legs, usually stopping to rub her pussy though her jeans while I was running my hands all over her body. I even ventured up to her tits a couple of times, but that was still risky as I didn't want anyone to see us and ruin the fun I was having. I could tell this was really turning her on as she was rolling her head around with her eyes closed, clearly caught up in the sensations. She then turned around and grabbed me by the back of my head and brought me in for what can be called a sloppy make out at best. But, what did I care, I was having the time of my life exploring this incredibly hot girls body. We were grinding still, facing each other, when she grabbed my hand and moved it down her stomach and as we approached her waist line I realized that she had unbuttoned her jeans and allowed them to be unzipped. She placed my hand down her pants and it was obvious what she wanted and who was I to deny this beautiful girl anything. i got my hand down there, although it was still a tight fit, and she was absolutely soaking wet. I began to rub her clit, and at this point we stopped making out and she pulled my head down on her shoulder and was biting and moaning into my ear. Let me tell you, this was one of the sexiest things, to this day, that I have ever encountered. She kept moaning and telling me how good it felt and I was rubbing her clit and sliding my hands down further and fingering her.

"Oh my God, that feels so good. Right there, right on that spot, keep going," she would always moan, as I could tell she was really enjoying herself as she started to brace more weight with her arms wrapped around my neck. She was getting close to an orgasm, and she told me so.

"Right there. Don't stop, I'm going to cum." Right as she said those words, I felt her body shake and tighten up. She held her breath as her orgasm washed over her, and I could feel her muscles inside of her pussy contracting around my two fingers as they were inside of her.

After she finally came down from her orgasm, one that I thought everyone around us had noticed, I looked around and realized that no one had, and she pulled me in for a more sensual, less sloppy kiss. She then grabbed me again and said, "that was incredible, I am definitely going to have to repay you later for that."

If my dick hadn't already been rock hard, it certainly would have been after that. She grabbed my hand and we walked out towards the rest of the bar, and she asked if I knew how to get back to the dorms since she really hadn't been paying attention. I said that I did but she didn't have a key to Haley's room. That's when she got a very sly smile on her face and said that Haley had given her an extra one in case something like this happened. Well, with that settled I was through the roof with anticipation and tried to hide my excitement, both on my face and in my pants.

We left, and thankfully the walk wasn't far. When we got back to the freshman dorms and inside, we went stright to Haley's room and all of our clothes were off within seconds. I grabbed her and threw her onto Haley's bed. (Luckily Haley had a single, and had no roommate) I was getting ready to pounce on her when she stopped me. She said "you have to wait, I still have to repay you for earlier, remember?"

I wasn't going to complain as she told me to lay down. She got on top of me and we started making out, our tongues exploring each other, making out and kissing each other's neck and chest. She then started to slide down my body, kissing her way down, then back up, and teasing me while she was making her way slowly down there. At one point she stopped and wrapped her tits around my dick and started moving on top of me in a type of titty fuck. I thought I was going to blow my load right there before she ever got all the way down there to give me head. She must have sensed I was getting close because she stopped and continued to kiss her way down my stomach. When she finally got there, and took my dick into her mouth, the feeling was unimaginable. This girl had been teasing me and making my dick rock hard for most of the night, and finally I was getting some release. She played with my balls and occasionally would go down and suck one of them into her mouth. This was such a turn on, knowing this young, sexy girl was giving me head and playing with my balls. I tried to hold out as long as I could but she was deep throating me very well and using her hand to jerk me off when she only licked the head and eventually, as I knew would happen, she won the battle. I exploded into her mouth, with what felt like an entire gallon of jizz but true to from she was able to keep it all in her mouth and swallow it all down.

I lay back, exhausted, and she moved throughout the room. At one point I got a little upset because I thought she was putting her clothes back on, but that turned out to not be the case in the slightest. She had just gone to her bag to get a bottle of water and rinse out her mouth. She put in a breath mint and came back at me with renewed vigor. Now I had just had one of the best orgasms ever, but here was this incredibly hot girl who obviously wanted more, so I did my very best to get as hard as I could as fast as I could. She definitely helped by stroking my dick and whispering things in my ear such as, "the sooner you get hard, the sooner I'm going to ride you." Well, that was all it took, and I was back to full attention in no time. True to her word, she grabbed my now very stiff dick, and slid it along her slit a couple of times, and then, in one smooth motion, impaled herself completely on my dick.

Now I wouldn't say I have the biggest dick, but I certainly don't have the smallest, maybe 7.5" to 8", I've never really measured. But, when she went down on it, the look on her face told me that it may have been the biggest she's ever had, and from my perspective it certainly felt like it. I could feel every fold on the inside of her pussy and it felt like a vice grip. I was thankful at this point I had just climaxed recently or I would not have been able to hold on very long at all. She was riding me, her tits were bouncing in my face, and it was incredible sex, we were both moaning, thoroughly enjoying ourselves, and we were being so loud we didn't hear the lock on the door turn and the door handle open up.

The next thing I knew there was light entering the room and we froze as I looked over and standing in the doorway was no one other than Haley herself, with a bewildered, but curious look upon her face.
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