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Car parking

Car parking
We had just finished up meeting a girl and walked her back to her car, making sure she got going safely. We started to walk back to our car which was parked not far away, with a little less light. I don’t know about you, but I am horny as ever! As we are walking I give your luscious ass a squeeze and keep my hand there. As we go to the car and I stop you at the front of it, turn you around and kiss you. As I am kissing you, I slide my hands all over you and end up at your zipper, slowly undoing it and releasing your hardening cock. Slowly I lower myself to suck in your cock, and swallow it to the base. It slides down my throat and you groan with pleasure, grabbing a handful of my hair you pull me away and bring my mouth back to yours and kiss me deeply.
As you let your tongue find it’s way to my neck your hand runs up my dress, between my thighs and straight to my pussy. You find my clit and give it a little pinch which sends and electric shock right through my body. As your fingers enter me, I can feel my juices running out and into your hand. You bring your hand up and smile at me and then you let me lick my wetness off your hand. Mmmm, Sweet honey.
After I clean up your hand, I turn around and lean over the bonnet of the car and you slide all of your rock hard 9” into me in one movement. You push in and out and I rock back and forth and we move in a slow rhythm and we both start to become more and more frantic as we reach our peaks.
Just then the girl’s car pulls back into the car park and drives right up to us with head lights on full. Just as she pulls up and steps out of the car we both cum at the same time. She stands there with applauding us with a sweet smile on her face and says she was coming back to see if we wanted to hook up tonight as like we obviously are, she was horny as hell. We separate ourselves, straighten up and say back to her, why not, the night is still young. We all come back home and that’s another story all together.

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