Everybody has a story

So I think everybody has a hot story to tell but most dont want to go through the bother of writting it out in great detail. So what I propose is this - in no more than 5 sentences share your most horny, most shocking sex story as a comment below. Gay, straight, young, old, something you done or something you seen, your best time, your first time, friends, f****y or strangers - share your story and make someone horny!!!
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3 years ago
I was seduced by two cousins" at Bondi Beach in Jan 1973, just before the Stones came to Sydney after being banned by the Liberals for 2 years. The smaller one had a completely hairless body and had insisted she was visiting from the Year 2548. One of only two threesomes in my life, but they had bonza weed from the bigger girl's dad's workplace, the NSW Police Drug Squad Evidence Room..
4 years ago
Nice idea!
Once, on a holiday in Spain, I proposed my GF a role play. She was my best looking by far - pretty, tall, blonde, slender - a ballerina. For one day she would be my sex slave...
And afterwards she only coolly commented about the heighth of my drive that day! First Summer I spanked her! ;-)P ... And her parents´ bed cracked down under our bouncing ,-(...
4 years ago
Car sharing can have its benefits for all. On a tour to Zurich I once took a young girl, 21 - blond tall, healthy boobs and a sweet ass with me. She only spoke hungarian, and when I asked her where she needs to go she showed me a paper which read "Teeny Massage". She told me in signlanguage that she is on a new job in town to give erotic massages. I asked here "do you like sex?" she nodded and I pulled out to the resting area of the highway where I convinced her to give me a blowjob. She eagerly sucked my dick and I fingered her pussy and boobs till I shot my load down her throat. That s how we settled the fare. Aint it great for all of us... ?
4 years ago
I was once getting a blowjob when the girl's bf came in and tried to stab me. Well, he actually did, but it was only a minor cut, and I was able to get out before anyone got terribly hurt.
4 years ago
I had given a paper at a conference in the midlands- a woman, not tall but with a nice figure, strawberry blonde curly hair and glasses, cornered me after the day's proceedings, latching on to me for the evening, asking question after question to do with my topic. After the conference dinner there was a son-et-lumiere presentation at a local castle for the delegates. Half way through the show she reached over, undid the flies on my Levis, reached in and pulled my cock out. She knelt in front of me and quickly sucked me hard and then teased my cock and balls for half an hour before I shot my load.... We then went back to my hotel where we spent the night exploring each and every orifice in one another's bodies. She slipped away shortly after dawn to save me any embarrassment that might arise from her being seen leaving my room.