Discovering My Mom's Stash

I was 11 and in the 6th grade, but at a even younger age one would call me a cum slut (that is if I knew how to make myself cum back then). I knew how to pinch and rub my nipples and I knew how to play with my clit and little pink pussy, but there was something missing. A climax of course but something else. I watched porn in my room before but my big b*****r would come in and ruin it when he wanted to sl**p. So I'd be on the top bunk of our bed and I'd use my doll babies and my b*****r's action figures to put on alittle show for me to get off on.

I was so addicted to watching people fuck that I would look at my class mates and put on a show in my little, twisted mind. Like Anna sucking off Josh while she took a hard fuck from our teacher in her small, tight ass. No one knew of my mind waking, not even my friend I always told my secrets to. Nope, everyone thought I was the sweet, shy, quiet girl who always did what she was told. I was far from having a clean mind, and I was more of a sex addicted bitch in heat on the inside.

I was home alone one day and bored out of my mind, so bored that I couldn't pay attention to my favorite after school cartoons. I tried masterbating but was boring without seeing a good fuck going on infront of me. So I descided to play with my blocks in my mom's room. I poured out the blocks next to her dresser and started building a castel. On the inside, I was so horny that it made me want to pull my little pig tails off. I had to wait until nightfall to watch porn on tv and it was 7-8 hours away. Then I heard something, a buzzing.

"huh? What's that?" I wondered as I pushed my ear to the dress. I opened it and saw a big pink vibrator. I took it out and turned it off(not knowing what it was). Then I looked through and say a magazine. I flipped throught it and saw nothing but slutty girls with big pink pussy lips posing for the camra. I got so turned on that I started to play with my pussy. As I flipped through the pages and fingures my little cunt I looked over and say a dvd with a woman with big titties and riding a dick.

"Oh My God!" I thought. I kissed the dvd case and was so happy that now I didn't have to wait for night fall. I put in the dvd and pushes play. I saw a man getting head then I saw a woman going down on another woman. Then I wittnessed a 6 person orgy.

"oh yes... uhh, making me so hot." I huffed out moans and fingured my pussy harder and pull my nipples. It was my first precum that day, and it felt amazing. I watched it til I knew someone was home. My sweet & little pink pussy dripped on my mother's carpet & my nipples were hard as fuck. I cleaned up my toys & her toys. I closed the dresser & left the room to go pass out on my bed.

To this day, I watch that dvd & now I use alittle vibrating ball to help my juices flow & make me cum harder & squirt out on to the floor. As sweet races down my tits, I wound how it will feel to finally have my boyfriend pop my cherry & make me feel... Complete.
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1 year ago
it was already on. I just did hear it. This is a true story but I left out somethings cause I was running low on time. In real life, I didn't hear it til I turned the tv off. I heard the buzzing but thought it was from the old tv. Sorry if that comfused anyone.
1 year ago
how did the "big pink vibrator" turn itsef on?
1 year ago
great story..and you have a nice way with words..i had a perfect picture in my mind xDD
1 year ago
1 year ago
Wow,,hot story,,,thanks
1 year ago
Wow great story