It was a sweet, warm fall day when my master came to visit me for a week.
It wasn't enough to just text him while he was a state away and on that day he came to see me.

Before he came I was getting myself off, and I was having an hour long stress relief after school. I was slowly pushing in my little 3 fingers, trying to guess how his big cock would feel inside me. And I stretched out my little tight hole that day as i let a little of my sweet/bitter juices flow out of me and down my little asshole.

Then it was time to leave the house,and I had to get nice and pretty for our movie date. I had to ride shot gun next to his mom but that didn't stop him from trying to tease me. Soon I felt his hand rub slowly and smoothly on my tiny arm, and I put my hand behind my seat to hold his hand. As we held hands my mind was racing with dirty, wet & hard fuck images. I rubbed his leg and he rubbed my little hand. I wanted so bad to touch his big cock and to rub it tell he cummed on my hand. Sadly, my arms were too short and he was too far away.

We finally made it to the movie theater, and it seemed like it was going to be a nice date. My master knows of my sexual, hot & dirty thoughts that race though my mind but I was unsure of his thoughts at the time. We got some pop corn, and worried about my k**-like looks getting him arrested(but no time for full story. to make it short the man giving us our tickets thought I was a 12 year old because I'm so short and my face looks c***dish).

We go into a movie room and sit in the far back. He put his arm around me and I leaned on his chest. He rubbed his head against mine and I looked up at him and he gave me a sweet beginner's kiss. It didn't take long for him to want more and make out with me. I sucked his tongue and he gripped my little ass with his big hands.

"Mhmm... I'm going to be doing that alot." he said,
"Hee hee, and I'll let you papi..." I said>

We sat there and made out over and over, sadly I was on my flow and he was sad about it to but he still wanted me & I wanted him. He put my little hand on his leg near his dick.

"I know you want it kitty..." he said as he kissed me and grabbed my nipples. I rubbed his dick slowly outside his pants, and I could feel it get bigger and harder. Then he pulled his dick out and let me finally jack off his big dick.

"It got so hard." I said as precum started soaking my hand. Then I leaned in and sucked him as hard as I could. Then he ran his fingers slowly through my hair and push my head down & made his massive cock push into my throat.

"Ughmm!!!" I tried to moan out as the tip penetrated my throat. He slowly fucked my mouth and I gripped his leg< trying to learn how to breathe with his dick in my throat. I finally sat up and he pinched my nipples and f***ed his hand down my pants and rubbed my ass. I felt his fingers moving between my ass cheeks and before he could get to my lot ass hole it was time to leave.

After that, we walked out the room completely different. His hand was on my hip and moved to my ass and my hand was around him.
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1 year ago
very good story
2 years ago
I know. When i started learning German, Russian, & Japanese my English has been mixed up XD
2 years ago
very good
2 years ago
flow shmo its great but rrrreeeeeaaaaaalllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyy messy