All Grown Up. Part 1

My mum has a friend who has been a close f****y friend for years, since i can remember she has been friends with her and her f****y. They don’t see each other a lot, just every now and then. She used to bring her young daughters over when she visited when i was younger. The last time i saw them i was about 16 and the eldest daughter Cassy was about 6 blonde and pretty and really blue eyes from what i can remember, and her s****r Kayleigh was about 3 and i don’t really remember much of her.

13 years have past and I haven’t seen any of my mums friends f****y in years. I am invited to a party its my mums friends wedding anniversary at there big 7 bedroom house. This place was huge they clearly have a bit of cash. 
Im at the party my f****y mingling as you do speaking to old friends and people i apparently know, when a hand touches my back. I turn around to see a beautiful blonde girl about 5,8 athletic body with big firm breasts dressed in a white full prom style gown with blue high heels and the most beautiful blue eyes I’ve ever seen. “Hi! Its me Cassy, do you remember me?” I was blown away. I realised i hadn’t said anything and i was just staring at her, checking her out. “Im all grown up now” she said giggling. “Yes hi, sorry i just can’t believe how much you’ve changed” i said.

We kept chatting and she introduced me to some of her friends, then we went and sat down and helped ourselves to the bottles of champagne casually sitting on the tables around the main room. “I love champagne” she said sipping her glass. “Are you even old enough to drink” I asked. “Im 18 now, theres lots i do I’m not a little girl you know” she was clearly flirting with me, touching me and being very suggestive. We decided to have a dance as everyone else was and we were a little d***k by now. She was having fun dancing and so was i. “Im just going to freshen up” she said and walks off.

Dancing away waiting for her return i realise its been a few tracks and she’s not returned yet. I decided to go and look for her. On my way out of the main room a young girl steps in my path. “You fancy Cass don’t you!” She said catching me completely off guard. She was about 5,2 brunette, really brown eyes, thin with small but perk breasts. She had a cute face and a beautiful but naughty smile and she was in a black dress with no shoes on. "Errrr….what!” Not knowing what to say or who she was. 

The music was quite loud and talking was hard, she grabbed my hand and pulled me in to there cloak room where it was a little more quite and shut the door. “I said you want to fuck Cassy don’t you?” She said before taking a drink of red wine out of her glass she was holding. “Your very forward, i like her yes she’s very beautiful. Why do you want to know?” i said. She seemed like she had been drinking but she knew what she was doing and saying. “I bet you have a big dick don’t you?” she said smiling and playing with her hair. I was surprised to be in this situation and decided to play along. “Yeah i have a huge cock you would love it!” as soon as i said those words her face lit up, she slowly came closer her eyes just fixed on mine. She was directly in front of me looking up, she then turns around her bum now up against me cock. She slowly rotated her small firm bum grinding on me. Her eyes were still fixed on mine watching for my reactions. “You think it will fit inside me?” She said in such an innocent voice. My cock was rock hard by now and i wanted her. “I think we should find out” I said. She smiled took another sip of wine before putting it down, turning around and dropping to her knees. My zip was undone and my cock in her mouth in seconds. I couldn’t believe it this was actually happening. I looked down at this cute girl slobbering all over my cock looking up at me with them dark brown eyes. 

She gave a great blowjob. I grabbed her hair and lifted her on to her feet. I kissed her on her lips grabbed her bottom and lifted her on to the chest of drawers behind her. She knew what was coming and lifted her dress up to reveal her lacy black knickers. I took them off and noticed she was quite wet already, so i put two fingers inside her to help her a little more. She smiled and closed her eyes and moaned a little as i went faster and faster. She opened her eyes looked at me all innocent and horny pulled my head close to hers and whispered in my ear “Fuck me!” 

I grabbed her legs opened them up and slid her closer and eased my rock hard cock in her soaking wet and very tight pussy. I began fucking her “Fuck me!” she said, i was worried she was getting a bit too loud and people would hear. Close friends and f****y in the next room, music was playing and everyone had been drinking but being caught was not in my plans. “FUCK ME!” louder and louder she was getting, i was praying no one could hear this. The louder she screamed the harder i fucked her petit body. Her pussy was really red and wet and she was breathing fast and heavy, her cheeks were rosy and she was clearly loving it. My cock was rock hard as this was so hot fucking this beautiful stranger, it was risky the thought of being caught at anytime. I pumped her harder and harder until her abs tighten and her head fell back and she moaned loudly “ffFUCKkkk!!” I looked down and noticed she had cum on my cock. I kept pumping nearly there myself this only turned me on more. She was dazed and smiling. I could feel myself climaxing, I pulled out and came on her stomach and it went all over her dress too. It was amazing! I took a breath and kissed her passionately. She smiled and rubbed her fingers in my cum all over her stomach. 

I grabbed a near by bit of cloth i found and wiped up before giving it to her. Pulled my pants up and said “Look i better get back and it might look odd us leaving together” “Yeah il be out in a minute or two” she said picking up her glass of wine and rearranging her dress. I stepped out into the empty hall and continued into the main room. It was like id never left.

I looked around, a voice called my name i turned to see Cassy standing there. “Where have you been i lost you?” smiling and looking pleased to see me. “sorry i was looking for you, your house is very big i must have got lost.” I said feeling a bit guilty that i just told a hug lie. “Well i have got someone to introduce you too come with me” Cassy grabbed my hand and led me into the kitchen area. I noticed my mum chatting to the girl i had just fucked in the clock room, we were heading in there direction and i started getting worried. “Hi sweety, having a good night” said my mum. The two girls Cassy and the girl in black started giggling. “Yes thanks mum” feeling even more embarrassed. Cassy looked at me “Well do you not remember her?” she was referring to the stranger i had just fucked in the other room. My mum tutted and said “Don’t you remember Kayleigh, Cassy’s little s****r. She was only little last time you saw her” I froze oh shit.. “s****r, i don’t remember you having a s****r Cassy?” Lying though my teeth.
Kayleigh smiled at me “Hi nice to meet you!” she said loving the situation and clearly knowing exactly who i was. What a little bitch i thought to myself.
“She was a baby last time you would have seen her, how old are you now Kayleigh” said my Mum. “Ive just turned 16 a few months ago” said Kayleigh smiling at me. My mum then lent over to Kayleigh “Oh Kayleigh look at that you’ve spilt something on that lovely dress of yours”
I nearly passed out i was that shocked by the situation. “Im not sure what that is” Kayleigh said looking at me.
I needed to leave, i grabbed Cassy’s hand and said “Anyway come on Cassy lets go and get a drink. See you both later” and led her away. As i was leaving Kayleigh was looking at me an gave a little wave..

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7 months ago
7 months ago
super story I can not wait to read part 2
7 months ago
Fucking awesome story. Can't wait or part 2
7 months ago
Love it
7 months ago
7 months ago
7 months ago
OMG this was awesome thanks
7 months ago
Good one-can't wait for part II
7 months ago
haha wasn't expecting that. Usually when the description is so vivid about one girl, it's a given that's who will be the one involved. Interesting twist.
7 months ago
so good, need to get part 2 up asap lol
7 months ago
naughty naughty tell some more
7 months ago
What a great and hot story! That sneaky little minx got him but he still has that statuesque bombshell to have fun with. I can't wait for part 2