Making new friends at the owners Lounge

My f****y own a holiday chalet and it's located on a beautiful park which has many great facilities. I decided to go down for the week for a break as it's a lot quieter in the weekdays and more relaxing. One of these facilities is a owners lounge which has a small gym, sauna, steam room and jacuzzi and is very nice. It was a Wednesday and I decided to go down to the owners lounge. Walking down to the lounge I realised how quite it was, there was no one around. It was about 10:30am and raining a little. I got to the Lounge and went to the changing room, changed into my gym gear and put my stuff in the locker. I then went to the gym and was happy to find I was alone, the gym to myself.

After 15mins on the bike and 15mins on the rowing machine I was a little sweaty and started doing some floor exercises on the mats, press ups etc. I heard a noise which usually meant I was about to be joined by someone and my private gym time would be over. I was right the door swung open and in walked to my surprise a young blonde girl who must of been about 19 or 20. She looked over at me with her beautiful blue eyes and smiled politely and rested her towel on the running machine where she began running. She was beautiful, she was about 5,5 and was wearing thigh heigh baby blue running shorts with a white vest top which made her boobs look big and her bum very firm. She had a very athletic body and clearly looked after herself.

I was now lifting weights trying to concentrate but just watching her on the running machine as much as I could without being obvious. Her body now glistened with sweat and after 40mins of running she wiped her face with the towel, took a drink from the water fountain and headed to the exit. She looked over at me again bright red cheeks, sweaty and smiling "bye!" She said and gave me a little wave. I continued lifting my weights for another 5mins before I headed for the changing rooms. I decided to change into some swimming shorts and go to the sauna for a bit of recovery.

I went into the large room which had the jacuzzi in the centre and two doors, one had the steam room and next to it was the door to the sauna. The room seemed empty apart from a white towel folded on the bench outside the door to the steam room. I headed to the sauna as planned and left my towel outside.
I was sitting in the sauna just relaxing and thinking about the cute blonde girl from the gym. When all of a sudden I heard a noise. It sounded like it was coming from next door in the steam room, it sounded like a groan of pain. I waited to see if it happened again and it did. I decided to go and have a look and see what the problem was.
I stepped out of the sauna and opened the door to the steam room "Is everything ok" I said as the steam filled room started to clear. Slowly the room started to appear there was a tiled bench running along the back and right side of the wall and sitting in the corner was the blonde girl. She was naked with her fingers in her pussy rubbing herself frantically. She suddenly opened her eyes and smiled "I new you would come, close the door and come here" she said. I couldn't believe it.
I closed the door and sat next to her, she grabbed my hand and guided it to her pussy. I began fingering her, she was soaking wet and clearly very horny. My cock began to get stiff as she sat there moaning with pleasure. She lent forward and we began kissing, as she moved my fingers fell out of her and she dropped on to the floor in front of me. "stand up" she demanded. I stood up and my shorts were tugged down, my cock sprung up like a catapult and slapped her in the face. she giggled and looked at my now rock hard cock. She began sucking my cock, her tongue playing with my bell end, it was amazing.

The room began to fill up again with steam and the door had vanished, my worries of being caught had gone and my hornyness took over. I picked her up off the floor lifted her up and pinned her against the wall. she wrapped her legs around me and began kissing me. One hand around me the other placing my big thick cock in her pussy. Once I felt it go in I began fucking her so hard, she was moaning louder then before and pulling my hair as I pounded her harder and harder. I put her down panting, she immediately kneeled on the bench placed her hands on the wall and stuck her firm bum up ready for me to fuck her doggy. I stuck my cock in her pussy and she loved it "yes, fuck me" she started saying, this just encouraged me to fuck her harder. I pounded away harder and faster "oh yea, yea fuck me" she repeated.

I was very hot in the steam room and it wasn't too comfortable so I stopped. " Don't stop! please don't stop!" She begged. "Let's go in the jacuzzi" and she giggled "great idea" We hurried over to the jacuzzi where she got in holding on to the side with her bum out again. " Come on I'm so horny" I got in, the water was warm and she pressed the bubble button which felt good on my naked body. I took a look at her cute face and blue eyes and my cock was ready for round 2. I don't think I have ever had such a hard on before. I penetrated her as if it was her 1st time and began fucking her, my hands began playing with her wet firm tits as I went deeper with every thrust of my cock. She want breathing heavy and moaning "yes, yes fuck me, I'm a little whore, fuck me!" She turned around and lent on the side in a missionary type position. I pounded her hard, the water splashing everywhere. "yes! Yes!" She was getting louder and louder until she screamed "OH FUCK!!" She squeezed my arm threw her head back and tensed her whole body. She was cumming I pumped even faster and could see the cum on my cock as it went in and out dripping into the water. I slowed and she sat up looking at me smiling "I want you to cum in my mouth!" She said. she dropped to her knees now submerged in the water up to her shoulders, I stood up and let my cock fall into her mouth. she sucked and wanked me until I was ready. "I'm going to cum" I said and she opened her mouth stuck out her tough and continued wanking my cock. My cum came flying out all over her face and in her mouth, she loved it.

We both sat back in the jacuzzi and I put my arm around her. "my names Jessica by the way" She said.
That was the best jacuzzi I've ever had, and we are planning to be gym buddy's.

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