3 Cocks Outdoors

I've just got back from sucking off 3 lovely cocks and thought I had to share my experience as its the first time I have done more than 1...

Was a slow night tonight, I had been out photographing the sunset (im a photographer) and thought I would hang around until dark to see if I could get any action.

After a while of driving and waiting around the usual cruising spot I parked up in my normal spot where I had a good view of an old bus shelter that guys use at night. Was quiet for a while until a guy pulled up in a car behind me and got out.

He made his way across the field to the bus shelter and disappeared into the dark. After about 5mins I decided to take a wander over. At first I thought he was by himself but as I got closer I noticed another guy sitting on the bench infront of him giving him a bj. I made my way to the other side of the shelter and lit up a ciggie and watched them both while stroking my now hard cock through my jeans. A few mins later another guy turned up and stood next to them wanking his cock. After a while the guy doing the sucking got up and slowly wandered over towards me and stood next to me while the other 2 guys just hung around. I finished off my ciggie and asked the guy if he liked a suck to which he replied yes.

I sat myself down on the bench and took hold of his nice hard cock, prob about 6.5-7", cut and nice and thick. I started by licking round his head before swallowing the whole thing. After a little while the guy from the car wandered over and stood next to us wanking his hard cock. I reached over and grabbed hold of it and began to wank him. I didnt notice the other guy walk over but he had his pants down to his knees and was getting himself hard. I switched cocks in my mouth and started to suck the guy from the car while I wanked the other guy. I was getting so horny and began to get a little carried away. The guy from the car had a bigger cock, prob about 7.5" and also quite thick, it tasted great in my mouth. I then reached over and grabbed the 3rd guys cock and started wanking him. I then switched my mouth again to his cock while wanking the other 2. It went on like that for quite a while as I got even hornier and carried away, switching from cock to cock.

After a while the guy from the car wandered off and I was left with 2 very horny cocks. The 3rd guy was getting really close now and he grabbed my head and rammed his cock into my mouth repeatedly and I could taste his precum which I lapped up hungrily. He then pulled out and started cumming heavily and shot his load everywhere while moaning really loudly. I just sat there and watched while he emtpied his load. Once he finished he cleaned himself up and wandered off. So now I was left with the original guys cock which I returned to sucking, licking up and down his hard cock and then swallowing it whole. It contined like that for about 5-10mins before eventually we stopped and he explained he couldnt cum again as he had earlier. I wasnt to bothered though as all I wanted to do was suck a nice hard cock, and I had had 3 of them. We chatted for a couple of mins before we parted company and I drove home.

I am now sitting here wanking my hard cock thinking of those 3 I had tonight and I am still so horny. I hope it happens again soon, and with more..

68% (8/3)
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2 years ago
oh god yesss id like to suck there hehehe
2 years ago
tghe best adventures happen to photographers
2 years ago
Like it!
3 years ago
Loved it. Had to whack off as I read. Check out my stories.
3 years ago
Where was this?
3 years ago
Love it. Wish I'd been there to suck you too.
3 years ago
Now that's what l call horny wish it had been my cock you were sucking on
3 years ago
Your story is so HOT! Thanks for posting all the sexiness.