We've talked off and on about you bringing your lover to our house, but you never seemed comfortable with the idea. Imagine my shock and surprise then, when I walked into our kitchen one night after work and found you on your knees in front of your lover, his cock in your mouth as your head bobbed up and down. You looked so damn sexy in your crotchless black pantyhose and gold backless slides!

I had mentioned in the past that bringing your lover onto our "home turf" would be especially humiliating for me - which is why I wanted it to happen so desperately. You had always felt uneasy about it, wanting to save our home just for the two of us. I was never surprised at you feeling this way, you are so warm and considerate and we are so much in love! The fact that you finally brought "him" here is just another way of showing how much you love me! You knew I'd get off on the total humiliation of your lover having his way with you in our personal space.

As I walked into the kitchen and saw the two of you, it was such a feeling of ecstasy! My dream had come true - thanks again to you! You looked at me and with feigned alarm and in your best exaggerated southern drawl said "Oh my stars! It's my husband, whatever shall I do?" Answering your own rhetorical question you added "I know.I'll suck my boyfriend's cock!" With that, you promptly wrapped your bright red lips back around his dick and resumed sucking him. Your boyfriend was laughing as I just stood there watching. You eventually pulled your mouth away from him and said to me "Make us some drinks Cuck, sucking cock makes a girl thirsty you know!"

I set my work things down and began mixing the drinks on the kitchen counter opposite from where you were kneeling in front of your boyfriend. I could tell by the sounds he was making that he was close to cumming. Of course, that also meant that you had been sucking him for quite a while because your boyfriend does not cum quickly - unlike me.

With my back still to the two of you as I mixed the drinks, I heard that familiar sound of a man climaxing. Your lover was moaning with pleasure as he came in your mouth. I next heard the equally familiar sound of you swallowing his cum, almost gagging, but managing to keep it all in your mouth. I looked over my shoulder and saw him grasping both sides of your head with his big hands. He was thrusting in and out of your mouth as he came, smearing your lipstick in a sexy, almost obscene way.

As I turned to hand each of you your drinks, you stood and walked over to me. You took your drink from me and gave me a long, deep kiss. Your lover's cum was fresh on your breath and all around your mouth. "Next time you'll suck him and get him nice and hard so he can fuck me - won't you Dear?" you said. I nodded my consent, after all, I had sucked your boyfriend before. You knew I enjoyed it and wanted to do it again, only longer this time. "We'll sip our drinks while he re-loads" you continued; "why don't you make yourself scarce until I call you?"

I took my leave as you directed, going upstairs to distance myself from the two of you. As I busied myself on the computer, I could hear the two of you talking and occasionally kissing in the downstairs f****y room. As time went on, the talking became less and less and the sounds of renewed passion and lovemaking became more obvious. "Hey Cuck!" you shouted to me, "Come get my lover hard for me! You better be naked when you come down here too" you added.

I quickly stripped off my clothes and hurried down stairs. As I entered the f****y room, you and your lover were snuggled side by side on our couch. He was naked and semi-hard, leaning back on the couch with one arm around you. You still wore your crotchless black pantyhose and gold high heels, dangling one shoe off your foot as you slowly bounced your crossed legs up and down. You grabbed his semi-hard cock with one hand and wiggled it back and forth. Looking at me you said "Think you can make this soldier come to attention?" When I again nodded my consent, you curtly replied "Well, don't just stand there, show me!"

I moved over to the couch and knelt between your lover's legs. I leaned forward with my mouth open and you fed me his semi-hard cock. "That's a good little cuck, get him nice and hard for your wifey" you mockingly said. I began to suck his cock and then moved my hand up to replace yours, I was now stroking him as well as sucking him. The two of you began to kiss and seemed to forget that I was even there. I would look up from time to time, his cock still in my mouth, and watch you run your fingers through his hair as you kissed him. He would kiss your ears and neck the way you like, I'm sure you've told him that I always forget to do that. I felt him grow in my mouth and realized how big he really was. It was then that I understood why you loved the feel of him inside you.

After a while you looked down at me and said "Well Cuck, how's the cock? Hard yet?" You both chuckled at your choice of words. Removing your lover's cock from my mouth, I held it forward, showing off my work. His cock was now rock hard and ready for action. "Alright! I knew you were good for something!" you exclaimed. You then straddled your boyfriend with your back to me and slowly lowered yourself down onto his thick dick. I held his cock steady while you lowered yourself, not removing my hand until you were completely impaled.

I then sat back watched you enjoy yourself, bouncing up and down on your boyfriend's cock. I was only inches away, watching your cunt slide up and down where my mouth had just been only seconds ago. He must have pounded away at you in this position for at least 10-15 minutes, never breaking stride or slowing down. This was amazing to me, I normally cum within 2-3 minutes of entering you! I guess that's why you took a lover in the first place!

After your orgasm, your boyfriend asked "Are you ready for your favorite position?" "I'm always ready for that!" you giggled. You hopped off the couch and moved to the floor, getting into the doggie position on all fours. You two had obviously done this before. Your lover then told me to lie on my back underneath you, in a 69 position. "You're gonna get a real good view while I screw your wife" he said to me. I moved into position underneath you. It was then that I realized that even though I had a raging hard on, you had yet to comment on it, let alone touch or suck it. I thought to myself that you were ignoring my manhood (such as it is) intentionally, to further my humiliation.

With your ass in the air, your boyfriend moved in behind you. I watched as he briefly fingered you to make sure you were still wet. He placed his hands on your hips and slowly moved his cock into position. What an awesome sight as I watched his thick meat slowly disappear inside your cunt. You let out a little whimper, delighted at the feeling of having his cock in you again. You rested your head on my abdomen, only inches from my cock - but you still wouldn't touch it. Your whole body began to rock back and forth as he increased his tempo. His balls were swinging back and forth, inches above my face.

We stayed in this position for quite a while, I lost track of time, mesmerized by the erotic sight inches in front of me. You had another orgasm. I remember thinking that I was the luckiest guy in the world at that moment! Here I was, surrounded by your nylon covered thighs on either side of my head, your cunt stuffed with your lover's cock inches in front of my face as you moaned to yet another orgasm. Your orgasms were so close together now that you must have reached that heavenly zone your refer to as "the plateau".

Your lover was close to cumming now as well. I could tell by the noises he was making and the frantic speed at which he rammed in and out you. He let out a loud groan and exploded inside you. From my vantage point I could see his balls tense up and the veins in his engorged cock bulge out. What happened next surprised me, but in retrospect it shouldn't have. Your boyfriend's cum began leaking out from around his shaft, dripping from your well used pussy, right onto my face! At first it was just a drop here and there, then a slight trickle. When he pulled his cock out of you however, a huge glob of his cum oozed out of you. Another man might have turned his face away in disgust, but not me. I opened my mouth and managed to catch the glob on my tongue! Your lover dragged his cum covered cock across my forehead as he backed away, I'm still not sure if that was intentional or not. You looked down and saw me straining to get as much of his cum as I could, so you decided to help me out. You lowered your stretched out, cum filled cunt right down on my face. You didn't sit still, but purposely ground your cunt into my face, moving around to spread the cum as much as you could.

The evening wound down from there, it was time for your lover to go home. He got dressed and you walked him to our front door and kissed him goodnight. I stood there and watched with delight, still excited. As you closed the door behind him, you turned around and came over to me. Looking down at my still hard cock you said "I suppose you think I should do something about that pathetic little hard on you've got there?" "That would be nice" I replied with a hint of pleading in my voice. "Oh, alright" you said with exasperation in your voice. You then, none too gently, grabbed my cock as we stood in our front hallway and began stroking it up and down. After just a few strokes you looked at me and said "Hurry up! I don't have all night here!" That final verbal humiliation put me over the edge and I shot my cum all over our wooden floor. You quickly moved out of the way so I wouldn't get my cum on you. The second I came you quit stroking me and walked away. Before you went into our bedroom you turned and said "Clean that mess up Cuck, and use your tongue since you like the taste of cum so much!"

What a great night! I can't wait to do it again!
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1 month ago
Would love to have my wife do that. So hot!
2 years ago
Good story. thats how a slut should treat her cuck.
3 years ago
Smokin' Hot, I love it!
3 years ago
Sexy story - like you fluffing and then helping your wife impale herself on her lovers hard dick. I only take a few mins so would be nice to see my wife have a really enjoyable long one!
3 years ago
Mmm this is pretty much what my wife and I like to talk about.
3 years ago
mmmm nice tale
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Nice tale
3 years ago
Nice story. I have many fantasies of my wife getting fucked by another man. Oh well, another wanna-be cuck here, who really enjoyed your story.