The Weekend

It was quite the site. My beautiful wife, straddled across his lap, facing him. He took her breast in his mouth, while she moved around on his pole. He slid to the front of the cushion to allow her to grind further on his dick. She kept her high heels firmly on the ground and just continued to move herself up and down and around. It didn't take long to see she was getting close to her orgasm.

She was right. It didn't take long for him to explode in her pussy, even before she had a chance to cum.

"Well," she said. "I'm glad we got that first load done quickly so you can really take care of me now."

With that, she leaned forward giving him a deep kiss. Then she slowly slid off his cock and I could see the rope of cum stretch between them before it fell on his thigh.

She walked slowly to me and asked if I liked the look of that cream pie in her pussy. And before I could answer, she demanded that I lie back.

"On your back", she commanded.

And as I laid down, she turned to Clint and said "any questions you have about who's in charge will be answered right now."

And with that, she stood over me facing my feet lowered her pussy to my face and commanded that I lick his juices from her cunt. She knows that I love 69, and for a moment, I thought that was coming next. I adored feeling her stocking clad legs next to my head. And she did reach for my cock, but it became clear there would be no release for me. Instead, she held it by the base to keep me from coming.

She was still horny from the fucking she'd just had, and clearly wanted the release she'd not yet enjoyed. She started grinding her pussy into my face, using the bumps of my chin and nose to bring herself closer to climax.

"Now, lick just my clit." she commanded. And as I did, she moaned as the rest of Clint's sex juice eased from the deepest part of her pussy. After she finished her climax, she stood up, looking at my glistening face.

"I'm enjoying this more than I ever thought I would," she said. The giant smile on her face was proof she was not saying that just for me.

I begged to come. Even if I had to jack myself off in front of her and her former boyfriend.

"No." she said. And told me I didn't get to cum, at least not yet. Not until she knew she'd had more than she could stand. "That means Clint has to get it up to fuck me again."

With that, she walked back over to Clint. He reached out for her thigh, and rubbed his hand up and down her leg until he finally reached between them, and slid his finger into her slit.

"That just makes me so hot." she said. "I need to feel you inside me again, please" she continued, taking a deep breath.

He said he wasn't recovered yet. She said that could be fixed.

With that, she told me crawl back over and suck his dick until it was hard. She made it clear she wanted to feel that giant dick again, and if I wanted to cum that night, it wouldn't happen until after she had a dick induced orgasm.

By this time, I knew I had become what I said I wanted to be. I was now a cuck. I crawled over, and quietly sat in front of him. As he stroked my wife's stockings from knee to stocking top, I reached for his dick. Immediately, it started to grow.

"In your mouth." was all she said as she reached for her own nipples and started to play with herself.

I can't believe it, but I did it. I took his dick in my mouth and actually felt like I wanted to make him hard so we could get it over with.

It didn't take long for him to start growing in my mouth. I was actually jealous of how quickly he recovered. His pole was hard before I knew it.

She could tell he was ready. She withdrew from him long enough to climb up on the sofa, set herself on her knees and told him to take her from behind.

She always liked it doggy style, and tonight was no exception. He pushed me aside as he mounted her from behind. His dick sawed in and out of her like a champion. It was clear his release a few minutes ago gave him the ability to fuck her hard without fear that he would cum quickly.

It was also clear it wouldn't take much time for my bride to experience the orgasm she had been longing for. Her breathing started to quicken.

"Harder" was all she could say, followed by something about how good his big dick felt.

The view from the back was everything I'd dreamed of. Clint, standing behind her pumping in and out. On either side of him I could see her stocking clad legs and high heels rocking back and forth to meet his every thrust.

It seemed like it was going on forever, but I know better. She started to moan, let out a near scream and clearly had one of the strongest orgasms I'd ever seen her enjoy.

He paused for a moment to allow her to enjoy the release, and then started right back in again. He gave her three orgasms in that session before he finally exploded in her again.

Panting, she collapsed on to the sofa as his dick popped out of her very slippery hole.

"That was the best fuck I've ever had." she said through her labored breathing. I was confused. I was glad she was happy, and I enjoyed watching it. But I hated hearing that another man given her the best fuck of her life.

Clint sat down on the other side of the sofa to catch his own breath as she rolled over and stretched her legs out to rest on his lap. Slowly, her fingers reached for her own sex, as we both watched her play her fingers across her pubic area.

"Come to me," she barked. "Just watch for a moment," she added.

With that, she fingered herself like a school girl. With two fingers full of Clint's cum, she reached for me and fed me her fingers. I knew what was expected. I just licked them clean. She repeated it. Again, I had two fingers full of jism in my mouth. And then she repeated it for a third time.

She looked over to see that my dick was hard. She told Clint she felt sorry for me, that I was clearly in need of an orgasm myself. And she pointed out that I had complied with every order she had given.

She asked if I was ready to cum, and I quickly replied that I was. She took delight in making me not only ask for permission, but beg to cum. Finally, after an actual snicker from Clint, she said I could cum, but they would watch.

I couldn't believe it. She was actually going to make me jerk off after everything I'd been through. But the truth was, I didn't care. I needed to cum more than I could ever remember.

I started to stroke myself. It was more difficult to cum with Clint watching than I expected. I actually asked her to help, but she delivered a strong rebuke, saying this weekend was about her pleasure. But then, she slipped her foot out of her high heel and reached her toe to my thigh. As she slid it up my leg toward my balls, I could feel the pending eruption starting to build.

She could see that, too, so she withdrew her foot. "Pleeease," I begged.

"Beg more." was all she said.

And so I did. "Pleeeeeease don't stop." was all I could muster. With that, she stretched her leg to my balls again and I erupted like a school boy. The cum actually shot from my dick like cannon fire.

As I laid there, catching my breath, she slipped back into her four inch pumps. She explained that she and Clint were going to grab a shower together and go to bed. In our bed. I was to use the guest room.

"Breakfast at eight," was all she said, followed by "and make sure you have it ready for us."

With that, she stood up, grabbed Clint by the hand and walked off, leaving me lying on the floor with my dick in my hand.

"If you think this was something," she said as she looked back, "just wait for tomorrow. You know I've never let you fuck my ass before. But if Clint get's me this excited tomorrow, you may get to see it
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