The Sitter Part 1

Grace stood in front of Lauren and began a slow, sexy striptease. As she watched, Lauren tugged at her own nipples rolling them between her fingers as Grace remove her bra exposing her beautiful young breasts. Her aureole's were so pink and puffy, and her nipples were so hard as Lauren watched Grace flick them with her finger tips making them even harder. Then Grace slowly moved her hand down her slim, athletic body, her fingers gliding over her soft skin as she drew closer and closer to her panties. Lauren could feel her clit starting to tingle with anticipation as she waited to see Grace's pussy. Grace knew she had Lauren's undivided attention as she hooked her thumbs into her panties, and slowly pulled them down hiding her pussy from Lauren's view. Lauren couldn't believe she was so aroused over the body of another woman when only a few hours ago she was outraged with her husband, and his whoring ways only now she couldn't care less. Grace stepped out of her panties teasing Lauren pretending to turn, but stopping at the last minute. Finally Lauren begged Grace saying,

"Let me see your pussy."

Grace slowly turned around, and tossed her panties to Lauren who quickly held them to her nose taking in her young lovers scent as she gazed at Grace's beautiful young pussy. Her pussy was totally bare which accented her full labia, and her beautiful full clit. Even from where she was sitting Lauren could see the dampness of Grace's pussy. Grace posed for her provocatively as Lauren looked at her, and moved her fingers over her own pussy. Finally Grace stepped forward straddling Lauren's legs, and then lowered her pussy down onto Lauren's leg, and began rubbing her pussy against her leg as Lauren reached up, and started caressing Grace's breasts. Lauren was amazed at how exciting it was to touch another womans breasts, teasing her nipples while Grace lowered her head as the two kissed. Grace was now frantically masturbating herself against Lauren's leg, her pussy soaked with her juices. Grace suddenly tilted her head back as she started cumming as she fell forward into Lauren's arms, her body still quaking and shuddering from her orgasms.

As the two women held one another Lauren took Grace by the hand leading her upstairs to the guest bedroom just in case her husband came home earlier than expected. Grace lay back on the bed as Lauren crawled onto the bed, and began softly kissing Grace while gently caressing her breasts. Lauren's head was still spinning. Never would she ever have imagined herself making love to another woman especially her babysitter Grace. It all seemed so natural as she made her way down Grace's soft neck kissing and running her tongue between Grace's breasts listening to the beat of her heart. Lauren listened to the soft cooing sound coming from Grace as she ran her tongue up her breast, and began making small circles over her nipples as Grace whispered,

"Yes...oh yes...oh you make me feel so good."

Lauren shivered when she felt Grace's fingers move down her back as she sucked Grace's nipples, and flicked them with her tongue. Grace had such a soft touch, and she knew how to make Lauren's skin tingle with desire. It was hard to concentrate as Grace's hand moved closer to her ass, touching and caressing her as Lauren caressed, and gently squeezed Grace's one breast while sucking the other. Lauren felt Grace's hand move beneath her stomach, and she left her hips slightly allowing Grace to slid her hand beneath her stomach, and move down until she was cupping Lauren's mound in her hand. Lauren was now squeezing Grace's breasts, and moving from one nipple to the other as Grace's fingers began probing Lauren's pussy eventually sliding a finger into her depths. Both women were burning with desire. Grace had eased two fingers deep into Lauren's pussy as Lauren rose up grunting and gasping,

"Oh FUCK...Oh FUCK YES...I...I'm going to FUCKING CUM!"

No sooner had she uttered the words than Lauren's body started shuddering. Once her orgasm had subsided Grace pulled her fingers from Lauren's pussy, and placed them to Lauren's lips. Lauren could smell her own aroma on Grace's fingers as she parted her lips and sucked her cum from Grace's finger tips. She smiled at Grace and then kissed her way down her stomach toward her pussy as Grace mewed as she started to squeeze her own breasts. Lauren moved between Grace's legs taking in her beautiful scent as she drew her tongue along her lovers full, wet lips. She lapped up Grace's juices as Grace writhed and moaned as Lauren did everything she could to pleasure her young lover. She loved listening to Grace, and she loved that Grace was enjoying her making love to her. Something she felt her husband never appreciated. Lauren parted Grace's lips as her juices ran down onto her tongue, as she began exploring Grace's pussy. Her tongue was like a small cock sliding in as far as it could probing, and exploring every tasty inch of her pussy. The more she explored Grace's pussy the more aroused Grace became thrusting her hips upward in an attempt to drive her pussy into Lauren's face.

As Grace squealed out in passion Lauren began sucking her clit, and sliding as many fingers into Grace as she could. Lauren sucked Grace's clit while working her fingers around in Grace's pussy, and easing her little finger into Grace's ass. All of this was driving Grace crazy with passion causing her squeals of delight to almost become screams. Lauren paused momentarily as she maneuvered around, and straddled Grace, and lowering her pussy down onto Grace's waiting tongue. Then Lauren returned to licking and sucking Grace's pussy all while fingering her pussy, as well as sliding her finger back into her tight little ass. Both women were lost in their lust as the orgasms washed over the both of them as they squealed, moaned, and called out in passion. Finally both women had cum so often, and so hard that they lay in one anothers arms spent from their love making.

As they lay their they heard the sound of John's car pulling into the garage. Lauren looked over at the clock seeing that it was after mid night. They had been going at it for almost four hours. Thinking quickly Lauren told Grace to stay the night in the guest bedroom where they were, and she would go to the master bedroom. Before she left Lauren kissed Grace's nipples, and the Grace. Lauren left the room and quickly put on her negligee, and got into bed, and pretended to be asl**p by the time her husband had made it to the bedroom. The next morning John was sweet and apologetic to Lauren saying he was sorry for the way he had acted the night before. Lauren shrugged it off not saying one thing or another. John asked why Grace had spent the night. On a whim Lauren said,

"Well we spent the night making love, and when we were finished she was too tired to drive so I told her she could stay the night."

John stared at his wife in disbelief, and then laughed saying,

"Boy you had me going for a minute there. Imagine you making out with another woman. Boy that's rich. Like that would ever happen. Not in a million years. and I hard do it anymore; imagine you and another woman."

Lauren glared at John saying,

"Oh I don't know I'm always open to new things."

John laughed again as he grabbed his golf clubs kissing Lauren on the forehead as he headed out the door for his all day round of Saturday golf. Once he was gone Grace came into the kitchen saying,

"I overheard what you two were saying. I loved it when you told him how you and I made love all night. Too bad he was so arrogant he couldn't even fathom the idea of such a thing happening."

Lauren laughed sarcastically saying, "Funk him. After last night I could care less if we ever made love again. Not when I have you."

Grace walked over and put her arm around Lauren, and began caressing her breasts through her negligee as Lauren closed her eyes and cooed softly."

Lauren asked Grace,

"Would you like me to make you some breakfast?"

"Mmmm, I see something I'd like for breakfast."

As she stood there Grace pulled off her tee shirt, and panties giving them a toss onto the floor, and walked toward Grace who was smiling as she approached. Not saying a words Grace pushed Lauren's night gown from her shoulders, and let it fall down around her feet. The two women embraced, their breasts, and nipples touching as they began kissing, running their hands over one anothers bodies. Lauren broke the kiss long enough to say,

"I have an idea for breakfast."

She led Grace over to the breakfast table, and helped Grace get onto the table. It seemed a little strange at first as Grace wondered what Lauren was up to, but she liked the idea that Lauren was taking the initiative. Grace laid back on the table Lauren as started kissing her again. While they were kissing Grace felt something warm oozing slowly down over her breasts. She wondered what Lauren was doing, but she was too busy kissing her to worry about it. Lauren started kissing her way down Grace's neck toward her breasts when Grace realized what Lauren had done. She smiled when she saw the syrup oozing down her breasts as Lauren began running her tongue over her nipples, licking up the gooey mess. Grace moaned as Lauren licked the syrup from her breasts and nipples pausing to suck Grace's nipples, and flick them with her tongue. She didn't see Lauren pick up the syrup again until she felt something warm being poured over her mound, and oozing down her pussy.

Lauren kissed her way down Grace's stomach where she began running her tongue over Grace's pussy, parting her folds and running her tongue up and down her sex as she licked up the syrup that had oozed between her pussy lips. Grace was cooing and moaning as she undulated her hips trying to meet Lauren's tongue. Lauren started tongue fucking Grace as she poured more syrup over her clit. Grace was becoming more and more aroused as she felt her clit tingling as Lauren moved up taking it between her lips, and began licking and sucking Grace's clit. Grace was beside herself with lust as Lauren sucked her clit and fingered her to a powerful orgasm. Not waiting for her to finish cumming, Lauren told her to lean over the table. Then as Lauren poured the syrup over Grace's ass allowing it to ooze down between the cheeks of her ass. Lauren knelt down, and started running her tongue over Grace's cheeks as Grace reached back pulling her cheeks apart giving Lauren access to her ass. Lauren started running her tongue up and down Grace's ass working her way down to her pussy where she eased two fingers deep into her sex as she penetrated Grace's ass with her tongue, and began tongue fucking her ass, and fingering her pussy until Grace was crying out in passion as the orgasms rolled over her yet again.

Once Grace had recovered enough she took the bottle of syrup, and asked Lauren to take her place on the table. Grace then repeated the process pouring the syrup over Lauren's breasts, sucking and licking the syrup form her nipples as Lauren moaned with pleasure. Grace took Lauren to the edge before pouring the syrup over Lauren's pussy, and began licking and sucking Lauren's pussy, and clit. Grace was about to add more syrup when something on the kitchen sink caught her eye. It was a large cucumber that Lauren had set out, and it gave Grace an idea. Grace took the cucumber pouring syrup over the end, and started sliding it up and down Lauren's creamy slit. Lauren raised her head asking,

"What's that...what are you doing?"

"Oh since we don't have a nice bog cock here, I found the neck best thing. And it won't talk back or cheat on you."

Lauren laughed until Grace eased the thick cucumber into her pussy. Then her laughter turned to moans of pleasure as Grace began slowly working it in and out of Lauren's pussy while she lowered her head and began sucking Lauren's clit. The combination of the cucumber in her pussy, and Grace's hot lips on her pussy was amazing. Grace was soon ramming the cucumber in and out of Lauren's pussy as Lauren squealed with pleasure. As she continued fucking Lauren with the cucumber she noticed a smaller cucumber nearby. That gave her an idea as well. Stopping long enough to get the smaller cucumber, and pour the syrup over it, Grace was back fucking Lauren again. As she worked the cucumber into Lauren's pussy, Grace began teasing Lauren's ass with the smaller cucumber. Lauren moaned saying how good it felt as Grace slowly eased the smaller cucumber into Lauren's ass. Once it was in Grace started fucking Lauren's pussy, and ass with the cucumbers as Lauren gasp, and started cumming over and over. Once she had washed the cucumbers off, and poured more syrup on them Lauren fucked Grace in the pussy, and ass getting her off one more time as well. Once she had finished Grace, and Lauren made their way upstairs to the shower where they washed off their morning fun. Lauren and Grace knew there would be more to come as time went on, but for now they would have to call it a day, but they both looked forward to the next time.
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