My first time...true story

We just moved to our new home and I felt quite happy about it. Atmosphere was nice and I was really happy about my new room and so on. Yes I forgot to tell, I was 13 years old at that time. Days passed and everything was nice. What was even better was my new neighbour. A cute boy, same age, green eyes and eveything with him attracted me.

However, this guy I never talked to him as I was quite shy. Every afternoon after school I admired him playing outside. I should approach him and our first conversation was about playstation. After some time we became good friends came at my place and so on. I so wanted to do this boy. His lips were amazing. I started to 'test' him to see. I started with those caresses on his neck and back just to see, and he seemed to really like it. He also started to do such things after some time on me and whenever we were alone it was habit for us to caress each other. Things started to get serious and most of the time my hands were playing with the cheeks of his firm ass..and he was always trying to reach out my dick. Being so unexperienced we did not know that all we needed was to bang. We first kissed in my room while my parents thought we were playing monopoly. His lips were so warm and tender.

One day after school he called me at his place and I rushed to. He got a new porn on vcd and he us to watch it together. In his room, door closed and his s****r in the next room we started watching the film. We got very excited with hard cock. I started to kiss him and caress his chest and he did same. I moved down to his dick and slowly got my hands in his short. His young cock felt amazing in my hand, with his warm precum. He got on his knees and put my hard dick still in my boxer in this mouth. I got it down so that so that he could really start to suck it. Those sexy lips was just too good on it. It was my first blowjob I got and even if he was not expert at it, it was the best and most exciting one I got. Those green eyes kept watching me while he was going hard on it. It was so sexy. It was now my turn to enjoy his cock after so much time. I took off all his clothes, lean him down on his bed and started to blow him. His cock was very beautiful with soft skin. We saw the girl in the porn movie playing with the guy's balls and I tried. He started to moan and this got us even more horny. I kept on sucking his nice cock till I felt his ball coming tight and I stopped. We had a deep kiss.

I got him on his knees and started to lick his ass cheeks and his sexy hole. I got him on his back and we deep kissed again and this time I tried to insert a finger in him. He shivered and hold me tight. That asshole was so tight and warm inside. My finger got in and out several time and I inserted two in his ass. I then asked him if he would let me try to fuck him and all he said was 'yes I want'. I tried to put in my rock hard dick in his tight asshole and after several attempts I succeeded. This first feeling was unbelivable. I was sucking on his neck and kissing him while I was slowly fucking. My dick went out several times but I got it in more easily. After 15min I was able to fuck him harder and more rapidly. I then whispered to him that I wanted him to do the same to me. I got my dick out of his ass and I was in doggy position on the ground. He rubbed my ass with his fingers and he got his dick covered with his sexy pre cum nearer to my ass and tried to penetrate me. After 2 attempts he succeeded. This warm feeling of his cock in my ass was very nice. He slowly started to fuck and when I looked back at him and he smiled. He was so sexy fucking me. He was able to fuck in deeper after some time. His hot cum exploded in my ass. He got his dick out of my ass and I licked out his cock clean. He then got down on his knees and sucked me till I cumshot on his sexy face. I gently held his head and rubbed my dick on his lips. We had a deep kiss and this taste of warm cum was delicious.

We dressed up, stopped the movie and got out of the room. His face turned rose after this action and I was indeed very satisfied. In the living room his mom asked wats up..and we said playstation..
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