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I love getting fucked. I love having men put me on my belly and plow deep and hard into my ass pussy. I love to take a big fat fucking hard dick up my ass and screaming for men to stop, to pull back, as it is too painful, but really wanting it deeper and harder. I thrive on getting my ass fucked.

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3 days ago
Thank you for the invite and I am
pleased to accept you as a friend
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. . . . . /. ,'___. . :/. . . . . .
. . . . /'`-.l. . . `'-..'........ . .
. . . ;.PAUL THE BEAR .)-.....l
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. . . . . /. . . . . /__. . . . .)
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. . . . . . .' - .......-`
kisses from Paul the Bear xxx
3 days ago
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Thanks for the invite, your profile is so fucking hot!!!
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