One Amazing Blowjob

We'd hung out for a while after school and such. He'd been someone I befriended in gym class and even though we didn't know each other well, we started to spend more time together. I had never had actual sex with a guy before, but I felt that I had certainly watched enough porn to be good at it when the time came. Even though I acted like I was straight with Chase, he would flaunt his femininity and never disguised that he was gay, and always seemed to lay it on a big thick when we were together; often making a lot of sex jokes or bragging about how good he sucked cock. I restrained my intrigue for a little while before, eventually, realizing how badly I wanted to fuck him. After we'd hung out a few times, I'd find myself getting incredibly hard and had long imagined why I was resisting. Well, the truth was that I was sort of dating a girl, which was becoming more of a ruse, since we hardly saw each other and didn't have sex, and I felt Chase knew that I was frustrated sexually and certainly wanted to take advantage. One day, he invited me over to his house and put on a hot gay porn tape and we watched the first fuck-scene together before I felt his hand slowly rubbing my crotch. At that moment, I felt it was stupid of me to act like I didn't want this and started to give in... Before I knew it, my hard cock was in his hand and we were intensely making out, as we moans and cumshots from the TV faded and my own pleasure and ecstasy was drowning it out. He put his tongue in my ear as he stroked my cock, "I wana' suck your cock so bad..." "I want you to", I could barely say. We took off our clothes and, within seconds, Chase's awesome lips were securely wrapped around my emphatically throbbing cock. I had never before experienced something that felt so awesome and began to grow more sexually brazen as we went on. As he sucked my cock slowly, taking my entire cock down his throat as my pre-cum started to ooze out, I looked down at him - "Look at me as you suck my cock, okay? Ooooooooh, fuck, you do it so fucking good, you're gonna' make me cum so fucking hard...." As he slowly sucked every inch of my shaft and balls, he started to finger my asshole, which only made things more fucking out of control. "Oh, yeah, finger fuck me as you suck my cock.... Oooooooh, fuck!" I watched a bit of the guys on TV, as if in the midst of a hot orgy... Getting more and more off on the cacophany of moans and cumshots, I stood up and started to gently pound my cock down his throat, which Chase took like an ol' pro. "Look at me as you suck me", I kept saying, "Oh, you're fucking amazing. Oh, you're gonna' make me cum so fucking good. You're gonna' make me cum so fucking good....." Chase's commitment to sucking me off continued, as his lips remained tight around my cock, back and forth, back and forth, my pre-cum continuing to ooze down his throat and the sides of his mouth... Oh, I was so close, and I knew this was going to be the cumshot of all cumshots.... As our moans grew almost to screams, I pulled out my cock and shot the most amazing wave of cum clear over his head which splashed against his TV... I continued to stroke my cock before Chase re-directed my cock back to his face and mouth, using my wet oozing cock as a paint brush against his cheek and sumptuous lips, as I continued to cum...and cum...

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9 months ago
I can't read this without wanting to fuck you! I'd love to be Chase sucking your cock, dude. We really need to meet up somewhere. You're incredible, you sexy fuck!
9 months ago
Oh please! There has to be MORE!!!!!