Meeting the Parents

This would be Bruce and I’s first out of town trip together to visit his parents. He had felt we were serious enough to introduce me after a few months, however I was constantly complaining that we weren’t having enough sex. He was so consumed with his job that I was left to my own devices. I resisted every opportunity to stray. How many times I’d see a cute guy on the way home and want to approach him knowing Brad was going to be at work or too tired, and instead I’d end up coming home, watching porn and whacking off, imagining my own fantasies of sucking and fucking. I’d even intentionally leave videos of me intensely whacking off in the hopes of his wanting to drop his work and just wildly fuck, but it wasn’t happening…and I was about to fucking burst. I told him, not even in jest, that in the two and half hour drive up to see his folks, we’d have to pull over for a blow job, and he refused…only until I started whacking off myself and promised to cum on his dashboard did he pull over and let me spew on the side of the road.

By the time we arrived, I was pretty pissed and still fucking horny as hell. I knew that when we got back, I’d end it with Bruce and go back to not being loyal to anyone, but to simply being a swinging single. He introduced me to his father and mother, who seemed very old fashioned New Englanders, and yet I was dressed in my usual provocative way which Brad just hated. I had tight jeans and and an open denim jacket with no shirt. His father was obviously much older, and seemingly straight, but he seemed to really be taken with me. Brad had to run errands and so his father offered to show me around the backyard. “I’ve never seen one of Brad’s boyfriends. You must be special.” Without blinking I said, “Well, I do give awesome head.” I sort of thought this would be a deal-breaker with his father, who would just run back to the house, but instead he said… “Yeah, you do have nice lips. I can see that. My wife hasn’t touched my dick in over 35 years.” I replied, “That’s too bad. I bet it’s nice too still.” With that, I daringly leaned over to him and gave him a sensuous long kiss on the lips. My cock instantly swelled up as did his, then whispered to him… “I’ll suck you off so good, you’ll forget you even married that bitch.” With that, I dropped to my knees, unzipped him and pulled out his surprisingly thick, hard cock which was already dripping. I unzipped myself so that I could stroke myself as I gave him the blowjob of a lifetime. I was incredibly horny and didn’t care what this meant. I was going to break up with Brad once we got back anyway. As I sucked off his father, I increased my intensity as I thought of all the times Brad left me to whack off. I though of how fucking boring he became and how I wanted to channel all the anger I had at him in this amazing blowjob of his father, who couldn’t be happier. I continued to suck his cock, building the tempo slowly, gradually… We both moaned, as I felt his pre-cum drip down my throat like nectar… I looked up at him on occasion and hotly said “Does it feel good when I suck your cock?” “Oh, yeah”, he cried, “I’m gonna’ suck you so fucking good, it’ll make your wife and son fucking jealous. I’m gonna make you cum so fucking…” I continued to slide my tongue and my thick lips around his cock faster and faster, as my cock strarted to drip… I heard Brad’s car pull up the driveway, as his father said “Oh, shit, it’s Brad…” “Don’t worry, I said, we’re almost done. Just cum down my fucking throat, okay?” I stroked and sucked him, as we heard Brad’s steps, then his mother calling for the father, as we secretly were both about to fucking burst in the backyard garden, just out of eyeshot… “Chris?”, Brad called for me, but I didn’t stop, we were both too fucking close to stop, there was just no fucking way… Finally, I gave one last intense squeeze of my lips around his pulsating thick cock, and kabooommm! Down my throat, as he barely contained his moans, streams of his cum splashed along the side of my face as I came about 4 feet across the yard… We faintly heard our names called as we continued to drain our big throbbing cocks. I stood up and looked at Chris’s father, both elated beyond words and also in shock. No doubt thinking, “Who knew this guy his son would bring home would give him a killer blowjob in his garden? “

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