Hot Phone Sex with my Nephew

The day after arriving home from my incredibly hot cabin weekend with my hot 19 year old nephew, I found it hard to think of anything else. I called in sick at my office job, thinking why I should put myself through the torture of having a hard-on all day while recalling the many highlights. How could I sit at my desk and not think of his gorgeous cock that I gleefully sucked for hours? How could I ignore how my hard cock felt in his sweet ass? So, long story short, I called in.

The plan was to simply get one of my compilation porn disks out and whack off to it all day. While I would still be tempted to call my nephew, I resisted. Rationalizing that maybe he’d come to his senses soon enough, realizing that what we had was just an amazing marathon of carnality that would eventually have to end. So me being the older and wiser adult, I had to set an example and at least restrain myself from what I wanted to do; call him, invite him over, and shove my cock in his mouth. “What a gorgeous cock”, I said to myself. “How I’d love to be sucking it right now. Watch his face as I licked his balls… Oh, and how he made me cum like never before…” But again, I was his uncle. I had to resist. It was all just a phase, I had to convince myself. To sway thoughts of us fucking, and with my cock rock hard, I urgently threw on my porn compilation disk and began to jerk off to it. As I watched an array of cumshots, I was still hard-pressed to not be reminded of my nephew’s perfect cock.

Suddenly,…the phone rang.

“Hi, uncle.” It was him. “Whatcha’ doin’?” I feared he could hear the moans of ecstacy from my tv, so fighting my now unbearable arousal, I struggled to lower the volume. “I called in sick”, I said, using the most restrained tone I could. “Oh, really?” he asked. “Do you want me to come over?” I could barely contain an audible moan at this offer, but still I did everything in my weakening power… “No, I don’t want to get you sick too. Thanks, though.” He waited for a moment, then said, “Uncle, I miss you already. I hope you’re not having second thoughts.” Again, I feebly tried to repress any instincts I had which wanted to tell him that I could not stop thinking about him, but was starting to give in… “Uncle, didn’t you like it when my lips were around your beautiful cock?” I paused, then “Yes, it was…it was unbelievable”. “Didn’t you like it when I sucked your cock and fingered your asshole?” “Yes…” “Didn’t you like fucking my ass with your cock? Oh, you were amazing, uncle…” “Sweetie, I can’t get you out of my fucking mind.", with my hand clenched around my throbbing cock, I continued "I called in today because I can't stop thinking about your beautiful cock down my throat. Oooohh, God..." we both now started to lose breath as we spoke, "Oh, uncle, you're amazing when you suck my cock..." "Yeah?", I gasped, "You like it when your uncle sucks on your big hard cock, huh?" "Yes, uncle..." "You liked it when I had my cock in your sweet ass?" "Oh, God, yes, are you fucking k**ding me..." We both began to stroke our cocks as we spoke more and more intensely... "Uncle, imagine my lips around your cock okay?" "Oh, God..." I gasped, as I stroked... "Imagine my lips around your beautiful hard cock, uncle!" "I feel you, my darling. I feel you..." "Yeah?" he gasped, "Oh, now imagine me doing the same, okay", I quivered. "Okay, uncle". "My lips around your cock..." "Yes..." he squealed,... "Your lips around mine..." "Yes, yes, uncle...and I'm fingering your asshole..." "Oh, yeah,...fuck, yeah, sweetie..." Our breaths getting louder and more passionate, my tongue licking the phone like it was his beautiful thick cock... "When your uncle doesn't feel well, you take his temperature with that cock of yours, right?" "Oh, God, yes!" "Make me cum, sweetie... Let your uncle cum down your throat.." "Uncle, I'm gonna' cum too..." "Do it, sweetie... I can't hold it any...any...anymoooooooooohhhhhhhhh...." And then, like a cannon, I came across the room, my firehose stream of cum splashing against my tv screen... "Oh, my God, sweetie,...oh, my...ooooohhhhhhh God...." Soon after, I heard my nephew scream, "Oh, my fucking GOOOOOOOD...." As we continued to stroke our still dripping cocks, we exhaustedly but excitedly traded descriptions of our cannon-like gushers.

"Do you feel better, uncle?", my nephew seductively whispered. To which I could only reply, "You make a horny uncle proud."

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1 year ago
so fantastic so erotic would make me very happy too
2 years ago
That was fucking hot. I saw my newphew on Craigslist add in Men to Men and I sent him a responce with pics of my cock, he didn't know it was me, I was 35 and he was just turned 18. I told him I wanted to suck that young cock untill he filled my mouth and have him fuck me. We meet in a dark street and he about shhit himself when I saw me. I took with me a copy of what we had talked about. For years we had some realy hot times and when the family got together on one ever know about us. Some times we would go in the back and play when everyone was in the house at our grandpa's house.