In the beginning or why I like anal stimulation

Well I have to go way back. I was born into a f****y with 3 s****rs, two of whom were only a bit older than me and one quite a few years older again. We were not a wealthy f****y so the house was not huge like the Mcmansions of today and only had 3 bedrooms.

With the main room taken by the parents it meant the four of us had to share the other two rooms. The two oldest girls had one room while I shared with the s****r who was just a bit older than me.

As it was there was only a double bed in this room so we shared the bed as well. This arrangement carried on until one day I was suddenly moved into a single bed in the lounge room. I was only 11 at the time and didn't understand why my s****r suddenly needed a room to herself. It was only much later that I worked out she had begum to have her periods, her having just turned 13.

So prior to that we used to snuggle up together often spooning before falling asl**p with me cuddled in behind her. As it happened she became sexually curious at quite an early age. One night she asked me if I wanted to try something. I was always keen because we used to play a lot together and always had fun. She took my hand and guided into her pyjama bottoms, encouraging me to stroke between her legs. Taking my hand she got me to extend just one finger and she slipped it inside herself. She moaned a bit and started to move back and forward on my finger. I had never seen a girl fully naked and didn't understand the anatomical differences. In response to my questions she explained that it was just like another bottom and that it felt good to have my finger in her.

I was very curious and wanted to feel it too so once she was satisfied we reversed positions with her spooning me and reaching into my pyjamas. It felt fantastic as her finger slipped into my anus and her hand came around and fondled my juvenile little penis. I was too young to get hard, somewhat a late bloomer, but the sensation was amazing. It became our nightly ritual to penetrate each other that way and we did it for nearly a year before we got separated. We also made opportunities to explore each other on many occasions, but that is a story for another day, if you want to hear it.
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2 months ago
I'd love to hear your story sometime ;-)
4 years ago
good but short
4 years ago
great story dear.. I had a similar experience with my sister when I was 13. she was 16. now Im 30 but I cannot forget those days :)
4 years ago
Yes, want to hear more. Love shared between siblings is often better than between strangers.
4 years ago
oh hell yeah part two please
4 years ago
You must tell us what else you learned...maybe more in depth next time
4 years ago
It is amazing the things that siblings learn from and do with each other