A night of pleasure part 2

After I had my fun with my pet Jackie, the door bell rang. I ordered Jackie to go and clean herself up and put on the clothes that were under the sink. I opened the door and there stood Gina the gorgeous 5’7” 36d slim blonde haired slut Jackie was told to invite. Gina was one of the young slutty whores that we have used before. She stood at the door and asked me for permission to enter my home. I told her to come in and ordered her to stand before me. When she saw that there was prior activity in the room she became upset and nervous thinking that she was late and would be punished. She asked for forgiveness for being late. I told her that she was not late and that I had business to take care of with Jackie before she arrived. As she stood there, I sat down in my chair looking at her. Just then Jackie entered the room, she had followed my instructions. Her perfume was to die for. She now was wearing a red skirt, red leggings, red opera gloves and a red hooded mask made of latex. On her feet were 6” high heels. As I got more comfortable in my chair Jackie approached me to show her pleasure and gratitude for the clothes. I told her that she has been a loyal and faithful pet to me and that to celebrate the years we have been together; I was allowing her to have her own pet for the evening. This pleased her and I noticed that Gina was pleased as well. I told her she may do whatever she wanted to do to her as I watched, and if she needed any assistance I was there to help her. I made it clear to Gina she was to refer to Jackie only as Mistress, if she didn’t I would punish her.

Jackie approached her pet slut kissing her lips softly and stroking her breasts. She grabbed her blonde mane and ordered Gina to undress and stand before her naked. As Gina disrobed, Jackie noticed that her panties were wet. Jackie asked her if she came already. Gina replied, “No Mistress that is pre cum.” Once she was totally naked, Jackie examined her pet from top to bottom all the while slapping her on the parts she was examining. As she approached her ass, Jackie rubbed that soft ass and inserted 2 fingers into Gina’s ass. Gina was getting turned on. A 2” vibrating butt plug was inserted. Jackie asked her if she liked her ass played with and Gina replied, “Oh yes Mistress.” Then Jackie moved to the front and inserted two fingers into Gina’s pussy. This made Gina weak in the knees and she let out a large moan. Jackie removed her fingers and then slapped her pussy. After the examination was over Jackie placed a studded collar around Gina’s neck. Jackie then took a flogger and began to strike Gina’s breasts, ass, and back. With each strike the pain caused a rush of euphoria through Gina’s body so much she was moaning and groaning. Jackie asked do you want more and each time Gina replied, “Yes Mistress.” Taking rope Jackie tied Gina’s breasts to the point that they turned purple and the veins popped out. Jackie then picked up a pair of medical clips and attached them to those hard nipples and applied them to her pussy lips. Jackie then led her little slut to the bedroom. Spreading her arms and legs in full eagle Gina was tied to the bed. A blindfold was applied. Gina could see nothing. Jackie left the room momentarily, to Gina it was forever. When Jackie returned to the room she climbed onto the bed and sat on Gina’s face. She asked her, “Can you smell my pussy?” “Oh yes Mistress,” was the reply. “Do you love my pussy?” “Oh yes Mistress.” “Would you like to eat my pussy?” “Oh yes most definitely Mistress.” Jackie then ordered Gina to eat her pussy; the butt plug was turned on. As Gina was eating pussy, Jackie had the riding crop and began to smack Gina’ tits and pussy. Each blow made Gina hornier and hornier and her licking became more intense and caused Jackie to squirt her cum all over Gina’s face.

Jackie then began to stimulate Gina’s body. First with a light massage, then with a feather, and then she took an electric toothbrush. She used the toothbrush on high power and began running in over Gina’s tits. With each pass Gina wiggled with excitement. Jackie slowly moved the toothbrush down Gina’s body and applied it to her clit. This shot waves of tingling and unbelievable feelings through her body. Gina was begging, “Please Mistress let me cum.” Jackie refused and began to lick Gina’s pussy. Jackie was licking feverishly and sticking her tongue in deeper and deeper. She could feel the waves rushing through Gina’s body, until she gave permission for her to come and her exploded all over Jackie’s face. Gina was ordered to lick the cum off Jackie face.

After catching their breath, Gina was untied from the bed and was bent over a chair. Jackie removed the butt plug and began to spank that gorgeous ass with a leather strap until it was beet red. Jackie then put on a 10” thick strap on and began to fuck Gina’s ass. At first the strap on only penetrated a small bit. Then Jackie reamed her ass hole and shoved that dildo right in. She fucked Gina’s as fast and furiously. Gina was moaning in pure delight. After Jackie was finished she laid Gina down and began to kiss her passionately. Gina responded, “Oh thank you Mistress, for allowing me to be your slut and whore.” They then turned to me and sat on either side of me and thanked me for allowing this to occur. I kissed my two pets and we went to sl**p together.

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3 years ago
very good a part 3, 4...
3 years ago
That was awesome.
3 years ago
great, what happened in the morning?