IVE been sucking my neighbors cock for the past 6 months , and hes been sucking mine , i got asked to come over to his house for a oral explosion

As he was sucking me his, wife , came home early and found him sucking my cock , she was shocked , but didnt say a word just watched for a while , and crept back outside.

Fearful of what to come , we were just getting done , putting our clothes on , and she came home again , never letting her husband know what she saw , she smiled at me and winked at me , she invited me for dinner, but i declined and said i had a few things to take care of at home.

The next day she came over , for a cup of sugar , smiled and winked at me , asked how long as it been going on i said the last 6 months , she wanted to know who initiated it i said i did , i saw him peeing one day and saw how huge it was , asked if i could touch it , he let me and eventually he let me suck it , he said always wanted to know what it felt like to be sucked , but his wife wouldnt suck it she always thought it was disgusting and she wouldnt even let him go down on her , they just fucked and that was it.

After she saw him sucking my cock she got aroused by it , and wanted to know if she can try it , i said sure , , but i said i wanted to do her as well , , i told her sucking a pussy is great as sucking a cock to , so she undressed and she as a incredible boy for being 60 her tits sag a little , but she is sexy.

So i started helping her undress , had her shirt off , undid her bra , and started licking her nipples getting them hard in my mouth , working my way down her belly i started tonguing her belly button , she said it tickled , i worked my way to her panties , i noticed there was a wet spot there i said wow u are getting wet , i pulled her panties down , and started to sniff her panties , i asked if i could keep them , she said yes , she was quivering a little i told her to relax and just go with it , i gently placed my tongue on her clit , and was licking it , oh it was so nice and hard , and tasted great , as i was swirling my tongue all over her clit i was pinching her nipples , she was moaning with desire , i worked my tongue down to her quivering pussy lips and inserted my tongue into her sweet pussy ,oh she tasted and smelled gooood , i was rubbing her clit as she exploded into my mouth , oh it was so nice , i cant believe i got to suck my neighbors pussy and cock without either one knowing about it.

SO now it was her turn , she was a little scared , now im small , compared to her hubby but she handled my cock like a pro , , i made her take her time told her i likeed long slow licks up my shaft and a lot of attention and sucking on my head she obliged and even took a few licks on my hairless balls her hubby never did that , as i was getting ready to cum i pulled her off and she got upset i said its ok for your first time you dont have to swallow, i said her hubby never swallowed and would often catch it in a glass so i can have it later , but she said she wanted the full effect of a spurting cock, cause she always heard her gfs talking about it and how good it tasted so i said ok , she started licking my shaft again sucking my head and tonguing my slit i love that , i was ready to cum and after a few more licks on my shaft i exploded down her hot mouth , wow she said that was fantastic , she continued to lick me clean

As she was getting dressed she said she still wanted to keep this are little secret , who am i to complain , her hubby never found out , and i get the best ofboth worlds , , we never fuck its all oral , its how we all want it , i have told her i tasted your pussy once when your husband had just fucked you , she started to smile , i told her my one fantasy is to eat your hubbys cum out of your pussy , she gave me a wink and a smile ,

About 6 hours later the husband came a knockin , i was wearing his wifes panties as i sucked his cock to completetion , his wife was lookin through the window with a smile and a wink
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7 days ago
woooow coool story
4 months ago
you just made me cum
9 months ago
You have some hot neighbors! Awesome!
11 months ago
read it a year ago and it's even better now! Have to check out my neighbors!!!
1 year ago
You should buy lotto tickets being that damn lucky.
2 years ago
wish i had nieghbors like that
2 years ago
hard on time! Great story!
2 years ago
Luv it, doing them both !! Luv your story!!
3 years ago
When you do get it you'll love it!
3 years ago
rely hot made me hard
3 years ago
Nice, well done
3 years ago
3 years ago
Nice one, well written.