IT was a hot and humid day , and i couldnt wait to get home and take a cold shower , get in to my air conditioned room and take a nap.

AS i was laying in my bed naked the cool air and hum of the ac unit , was making me drift into a peaceful nap. , after about 30 minutes my neighbor was banging on my door , wanting to enter , it seemed his ac unit just quit working and was wondering if he could cool off , with me , i told him i only had the one in my bedroom , he didnt seem to mind , so i said sure.

WE went upstairs to cool off , now for the longest time i often seen him without his shirt on and his rock style abs always had me hard for him , ive been with guys and gals , but always enjoy the feel of a cock in my mouth and hand, besides there is nothing like the feel of a cock in your mouth or hands .

I told him to take his shirt off , it might help him get cooler faster , awe what a stud his chest was glistening from the sweat and his nipples were getting harder from the cold air of the ac , i myself was was getting hard just looking at him , he did notice but looked away , i smiled a little , but wasnt sure if he was into guys or not , but at that momenent all i wanted was to suck and play with his cock .

He was flipping through the channels on tv i was on my laptop , and one of my cam bi buddies chimed in asked if i was horny , and wanting to suck his big black cock , i looked at my neighbor , and he smiled at me and said he thought i was into guys but wasnt sure , i was a little embarrassed and shut the cam chat off quickly , he told me not to worry that it was our little secret , i was a little worried , that he would say something , but assured me he wouldnt

He did want to see some pics of some bi guys and cock so i showed him some pictures and videos i saved , i could tell he was enjoying it for his cock was jabbing into my arm , he jumped back and apologized , i told him dont be afraid its normal occurence , i asked if i can touch it , and he let me fondle it through his shorts , i can tell he was enjoying it cause it was getting harder , i reached inside his leg shorts and was feeling it for the first time , it was so soft and hard , i asked if i could see it , he said he wasnt gay , i said i didnt care and it wouldnt make him gay if i saw it or played with it , i wasnt looking for anything in return , but just wanted to play with his for a while.

HE said ok and let me drop his shorts to the floor , as they did his beautiful cock was out and free it was sticking straight up and proud , i was stroking it nice and slow , i was hearing little moans from him , that made me happy , i bent my head and started to tongue his shiny big head , inserting my tongue into his slit , mmm i was in heaven with this fine piece of meat, i started taking long slow licks up his shaft , taking his cock into my mouth as i swallowed as much as i could , i slid my mouth up and out ,slid my tongue down his shaft to his beautiful shaved balls , i took each ball into my mouth and sucked and stroked his shaft i felt some pre cum oozing out so i hurried and licked it up tasted great i asked him if he would fuck my mouth like he would a pussy , he obliged me by thrusting his cock in and out of my hot mouth , he was getting ready to cum and wanted to pull out i said nooooo fill my mouth with your hot cum he came and came into my mouth i didnt miss a drop an swallowed it all , he said his gf never swallowed and would make him cum in a tissue , told him with me i would always swallow i love cum and told him i often eat my own .

IT was getting late he asked if he could sl**p here cause of how hot it was , i said sure as long as you dont mind sharing my bed , so we fell asl**p , him naked with my head on his rock abs holding his beautiful cock stay cool everyone and hard
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2 years ago
Hot story
2 years ago
Ended too soon. Since they were sleeping together, it should have gone on to getting rock hard while spooning then the neighbor fucking they guy in the ass. then flip fuck.
3 years ago
Great story! Got me harder!!
3 years ago
mmm tara love to have ur cock n balls in my mouth