I had just got home from work , and what to my wondering surprise my gf is naked and waiting for me on my lazy boy , with her legs spread , playing with her pussy.

ON the couch are 3 shemales also naked and playing with there cocks , how she did this i have no idea , but its been my fantasy to have a shemale and my gf in a sexual frenzy ,now i had this and plus two more , wow what a girl.

IM licking my lips as i watch all 4 of them playing , my gf tells me she has run a bath for me and has nikki one of the shemales lead me upstairs to get washed and relaxed , and says we will be waiting for me

NIKKI undresses me and im rock hard looking at her beautiful tits and hard cock , my mouth is watering , she proceeds to wash me , her tits are brushing up against me and sending quivers through my body along with goosebumps, as im down bathing she drys me off , and i proceed with her to our bedroom

AS I enter my gf is getting pounded by claudia bigger tits then nikki , her cock as to be at least 8 inches , my gf apologizes and says she couldnt wait any longer she is taking claudia with ease, while alina the 3rd shemale is feeding my gf mouth with her 7 inches , i sit and watch an nikki is on my lap stroking my cock as im pinching her nipples

Now ive always wanted to eat anothers guys cum of my gfs pussy , and have always wanted to be with shemales as well ,so as claudia unloads in my gf , it seems i might get my chance , but alina starts to fuck my gf , and nikki hops off of me so i can suck her cock oh my wish is granted finally im sucking a she male , as alina unloads in my gf , its nikkis turn to fuck my gf , wow my dream is cumming true im going to get to eat cum out of my gfs pussy not one load but 3

SO Alina and claudia are kissing and standing in front of me there cocks are still hard i start to suck there cocks oh they smell and taste great i can even taste my gfs pussy on there cocks im in heaven , nikki is getting ready to unload in my gf and does so as she slowly pulls out she tells gf to keep her legs closed for my birthday cum filled pussy

Finally i get to lick my gfs cum filled pussy oh and its just oozing out of her and i get it all as im licking away at her pussy , claudia is placing her 8 inches in my assshole , ohhhhhh thats huge but i take it and love it alina is sucking my cock , and nikki is placing her cock near my mouth as i lick her cock and suck my gf clean , claudia cums in my ass , and alina enters my stretched ass im still eating my gfs pussy and sucking nikki , alina cums in my ass and then nikki fucks my ass , alina and claudia are spent and tired , nikki pounds my ass good till she cums as well in my ass , 3 loads of cum in my ass i love it what a birthday present , my gf is asl**p , and nikki , alina and claudia are asl**p as well , and you know what i never got to cum , but my stomach and ass are full of cum , its what i always craved , i have a wonderful gf
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3 years ago
3 years ago
Great fantasy: You need to start working
toward making it all come true, bit by bit,
a little at a time.
3 years ago
I love doing that!
4 years ago
wonderful adventure, i'm jealous all that cum and no one to suck it out of your ass is sad. could have helped mmmmmmmmm
4 years ago
Great story, got me off! Wish it was a bit longer tho.
4 years ago
Boy would i love todo the same got so hot thanks
4 years ago
WOW! A dream cum true!
4 years ago
sexy creampies for a BD present , to bad the wife fell asleep with out eating your crfeampied ass and sucking you off
4 years ago
i would love to get with some she males and the wife