On the street with Luci

About a week after my fantastic session with Luci and Karen, I was walking down the street in the city. I got a text. It was from Luci. It simply read 'Stay there Ill meet you very soon.'
I looked around and couldn't see her anywhere, so how could she know where I was?
I stood and waited a couple of minutes. (I was standing in a small corner between two shops) Luci suddenly appeared round the corner.
She was wearing an ankle length coat and lovely strappy sandles. Her hair was glistening in the sunlight. Of course we kissed lovingly. I asked her how she knew where I was? She confessed she had followed me. I asked why? And she said she wanted to have a little game with me as a surprise.
I was intrigued and kissed her again slowly on her lovely red shiny lips. She took a tiny step back and let her coat fall open, she was wearing nothing under it but heels, stockings and a smile. Her lovely cock was already hard and standing to attention.

From the back it looked like just some bloke talking to a very attractive woman. But from my point of view I was looking at a stunning transvestite with the face of an angle and the cock of a king, with legs to die for...........
To say I was stunned would be an under statement and my cock instantly joined hers as hard as It could ever be.
I started to babble 'What,,,why,,who.,,public,,,,people'
She put her well manicured finger to my lips and said “Just stand there and don't move, or say anything” She ran her hand over the front of my trousers and slowly took down my zip and released my cock.
This was amazing. Here I was on a busy street with my hard cock out and a gorgeous naked transvestite standing in front of me with her hard cock out.
She took hold of my manhood and slowly started to give me a sensual hand job. All the while telling me what she could and would do with me as soon as we were alone. I was in heaven............. She continued to rub and squeeze me. She told me I had to cover her with my hot cum because she was going shopping for lingerie and wanted to feel so smutty with my cum on her naked body when she was in such a public place.
Wow how sexy can one person be???????????
My breathing was heavy now and I was very close to giving her all my cum. I looked at her from top to toe. God she was gorgeous. Her cock was twitching. I looked into her eyes and let go.......................Whoosh!!!!!!! pulse after pulse of my hot cum splashed onto her belly and cock and dribbled down her stocking clad legs.

Oh my orgasm was so good.

I just looked into her green eyes and let the waves of pleasure wash over me...............................................................

Oh that was so good I told her. She gave me a cheeky grin and licked a few stray drops of cum from her fingers.

She put my softening cock away and zipped me up, but continued to stand in front of me with her coat open.
She said “this is what is waiting for you when you get home”
With that, she closed her coat loosely and after kissing me said goodbye she glided off to do her shopping.

Boy what wouldn’t I give to be in the shop when she asked the assistant to help her with tying on her lingerie.

I went on my way like a man in a trance. I couldn’t wait for this evening to see what she had in store for me when I got home. Wow what a lady...............

93% (8/1)
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3 years ago
God! Please tell me this is a true story. I think I'm in love with her!
3 years ago
What a way to meet thanks