Train to pleasure

On a very crowded train I was wedged into a corner. A tall man in a nice suit was jammed in front of me.
We were wedged in. Every time the train lurched (which was very often) he bumped into me. He apologised the first few times and I told him not to worry. Then a few times he bumped me when the train didn't lurch.

He didn't apologise but I said very quietly don't worry. He pressed against me and I pressed back. I soon got a huge hard-on.
He reached behind himself and put his hand on my stiff cock. No one could see anything because the carriage was so crowded.

He kept his hand on my cock and started to fondle me through my trousers. I whispered in his ear 'nice aftershave.' He held my cock and squeezed a bit. Then he put his hand in my pocket. Bumped up against me again and got out at the station we had arrived at.

I felt in my pocket and he had left me a card saying same train tomorrow. My cock was sooooo hard I had trouble hiding it.

I will be on that train again soon.

What would you do???

I did meet him again.
I got on the same train the next day. I had a large flat package. I stood in the same place, and he got on at the same stop and stood in front of me. I was ready for him. I had on tracksuit bottoms with a Velcro fastener at the front but I had taken out the Velcro.

Sure enough he bumped against me and he felt I was already hard. No one could see anything for the package I was holding, so when he felt for me I had my cock out.
He froze when he felt it, but held on. I pushed my cock against him and he started to wank me.
He had lovely soft hands. It didn't take long for me to cum. I had spunk all up my front and on his hand. He gave a small cough and when he held his hand in front of his face I saw him lick my cum.

When he got off the train I followed him. He looked a bit frightened, but I told him when we were alone “I must repay you.”

We went to the car park and got into his car. I thought he was going to drive somewhere quiet like a country lane or secluded woods. But he drove to a huge multi storey car park. All the way to the roof top. It was totally deserted and he asked me to get out. I thought he was going to drive away and dump me, but he got out too. He came round to the same side of the car as me and asked how I wanted to repay him.

I just dropped to my knees and got his cock out. He lay back against the side of the car and said 'yes do that' as I sucked his cock.
I gave him a blow job until he shot his cum into my mouth. I held his cock in my mouth until he finished his orgasm, then I stood up, my mouth still full of cum. He looked at me, then kissed me and took half of the cum and swallowed it. I swallowed the rest.

He said he had to go then and he took me back to the station. I got my train to my proper stop.

I rang him later but the number was discontinued.
Ill be watching for him on that train.

Am I lucky or what?
100% (13/0)
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2 years ago
2 years ago
what a train ride im stiff and dripping
3 years ago
THAT is one awesome story! YES - you are SO fucking lucky! I wish that happened to me!!
3 years ago
Yes Youre lucky!!
3 years ago
lucky you!
3 years ago
awsome horny story