First 3some part 2

The night was still young, it was still very early and we had at least
5 hours ahead of us before any of us would need some sl**p. Jean
started to play again, this time with a banana shaped vibe, Steve was
busy with his camera and Jean was lost somewhere in her dreams, she
started to cum a couple of times then stopped and spread her pussy for
us to see, she was soaking wet, I couldn’t help but dip a couple of
fingers in there and have a play, Jean concentrated the vibe on her
clit, then I had one finger in her pussy and the other up her arse, I
thought I had spoilt the moment when she pulled my fingers out and told
Steve to lick them clean, Now she really got to work on herself with
the vibe,she cum so much it soaked the bed, she squirted all over both
of us guys there watching her.

Steve needed some cigarettes so got dressed and went out to find some,
meanwhile Jean told me to lie down on the bed, she lay down between my
legs and started to suck my cock, solid again, now she moved to my
balls and started there, then she pushed my legs up so they were bent
at the knee, she started to lick my arse, pushing her tongue inside and
wanking my cock at the same time, then she started to slip her finger
in, she felt me tense and told me to relax, she would not hurt me only
give me pleasure. Her finger was inside me and she started to suck my
cock again, I felt myself lifting my legs to give her more access to my
arse, it felt fucking out of this world, then it felt like she just
flicked a switch (she told me later it’s the male G spot) and boy did
my cock start to pump into her mouth, she sucked on my cock until I was
drained of all my cum and slid her finger out, she carried on sucking
trying to get me hard again, that’s when Steve walked in and she told
him about our adventure, This obviously turned himl on and she was
ready for some cock in her wet pussy, Steve stripped again and took
Jean from behind over the dressing table, I just laid there and
watched, it was absolutely fabulous, Jean could see my cock was hard
again and beckoned me to sit back in the chair again, while Steve
fucked her from behind she bent right down and started to suck on my
cock, Steve suggested me all move to the bed, she lay on her back and
both us guys were at her sides, Jean whispered to me, let go of your
inhibitions, Steve slid his cock in while I sucked on her hard nipples,
then Jean told me to put my cock in her pussy with Steve’s, there was a
tangle of legs and someone was playing with my balls, I did not look to
check, I was too engrossed in fucking Jean, She loved the two cocks
stretching her pussy, we could both feel her cum, then Steve was ready
to shoot his load first, Jean asked for it in her face, I thought when
Steve came there was a fire hose attached to his cock, it hit Jean in
the face and my forehead, I had never seen a guy shoot so far, not even
in a porn movie, I was about to cum myself and let what I had left go
all over Jeans nose and lips, Steve leant over to kiss Jean and licked
my cum from her face. Jean smiled at me and said thank you, we lay
there in a pool of sweat and cum, we took some time to relax before
going to the shower.
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1 month ago
I've done double vaginal with my wife and a buddy -- fucking wonderful!
4 years ago
very good