My last Bi sexual experience

We met on adult friend finder site. I had seen Annie on her own a couple of times and had some great sex. She told me that she wanted to have 2 men at the same time and wondered if I was game. She knew I was Bi and had openly talked about sucking cock and fucking another man's arse. She was like you, wanted to see what it was like for herself. On one of my visits to the UK she arranged for us to meet in a hotel near Cardiff, she paid for the room and we split the cost between us 2 blokes.

I arrived and had a shower, Annie liked everything clean and gave me the enema kit while I had a shower. She had already showered and had her own enema and was dressed in a white basque with white stockings, no knickers just a clean shaven wet pussy. I was in the shower when Ian arrived, awkward at first but Annie quickly instructed him on what was required. I was on the bed kissing when Ian joined us. WE all lay together on the bed, a man either side of her, both kissing her nipples and both playing with her wet pussy. She had our cocks in her hands and we were both hard and getting more excited by the minute. I decided to get some sweet pussy juice and went down to lick at her pussy, slipping a finger inside her to get it wet before sliding it in her arse. I could see Ian had moved and was fucking her face really hard and she was loving it.

She stopped both of us and told us she was in charge and we should help her have her fantasy. We had both been prepared for this after weeks of her telling us what was going to be and countless wanks on cam. She squatted over my face and come down so I could lick her pussy again while she bent forward and sucked my cock, then Ian pushed his cock into her from behind, it was only an inch away from my face, I watched him going in and out of her, his cock getting wetter every thrust, his balls were bouncing on my head, I held his cock while he fucked her, gripping hard on his shft until he pulled all the way out and put the tip of his cock in my mouth, I took about 3 inches of his cock in my mouth and I felt Annie getting off me, There was still a hand round my cock wanking away but I didn't know whose. Ian pulled his cock out of my mouth and I could see Annie fingering herself while she watched us two guys. Iand went down on my cock and took nearly all of it down his throat, he had obviously done this many times.

Annie wanted to see more and asked me to fuck Ians arse, I agreed but she would need to get us both ready. Ian and I lay down on the bed, Annie knelt between us and poured baby oil all over our backs and arses, she started to massage very very softly and sensually until she got to our arses, She would use both her hands on each one of us at a time, opening up our arse cheeks so she could see out tight holes, first a finger, in and out, slowly and softly, then 2 fingers, fucking our arses with her fingers, MY cock was solid and ready to explode, she knew where that special place was and could massage it to within a minute of cumming before she stopped. She told me to fuck Ian now she was ready for us, I got over the top of Ian and slid the head of my cock just up to his arse and started to slowly push inside him. I stopped when the head was fully in his arse so he could get used to me being in there, Ian started to get on his knees and my cock went deeper inside him and soon I was fucking him slowly and deeply. Annie had gone underneath us and started to suck on Ians cock, I could feel Ian starting to cum his arse twitched and started to squeeze harder on my cock, then I heard him cum all over Annies face, I was not far from exploding when Annie asked me to cum in her mouth, unfortunately I was too late and cum all over her face and tits, she lay there rubbing her clit with her fingers, legs wide open, she looked at both of us and said clean me up boys, we both licked every drop of cum from her face, her tits and her neck.

We had a little rest for 30 minutes with some nice wine and Annie had a little smoke of something i*****l, but hey, she was having fun and not hurting anyone.

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1 month ago
What a perfectly wonderful time!
2 years ago
like it this is a big fantasy of mine