School nurse

Nurse please look after me.

Bit of a young boys fantasy of mine since back at school, lets bear in mind by the last year of school, I had hormones all over the place, very mature for my age, and a cock to match.

I was always blessed with a vivid imagination and the school nurse fit this criteria just perfect. She was the sort of lady, who although had to match the whole 'teacher-pupil' persona whereby she could take zero shit, I could see deep down inside she had a very dark, sexual underlying, and I wanted every fucking bit of it.

Despite associating with the teachers during breaks and such, I could see she would have had a much better time laughing with us lads about taking the piss out of the 50 year old teachers with blue cord pants hold-ups, she was very fun, but never showed it. She did not wear the typical white and red cross outfit, instead she stuck to open collar shirts and skirts with matching heels combined with funky glasses. She walked as if the whole world revolved around her, and I loved it.

It was a Saturday and this meant no school, but it was still Rugby day, after all this was an all boys school so the anger release was paramount with no females present. Our nurse always had to be present, sun, rain or hangover. This day it was raining heavily, and as usual she was present on the side lines, with umberella in one hand and phone in other, I just wanted to take her home and keep her warm, she did not deserve to be out in the icey cold.

Thirty minutes into the game, Id took an awful tackle which had resulted in a knee sized impact to smash my mouth and nose area, I was dazed and bl**d was pouring. Next thing I awoke in the nurse room, at the time I did not recognise it, our Rugby coach was present with Nursey too, one side of her hair was soaked from the rain. Poor girl. 'Il have to get out there and sort out the second half' announced Coach. This resulted in a full facial examination by the lady I had cum over many times before. I thought it was a dream.

Still dazed, room spinning slowly I was having my cock stroked, no words, no expressions, just stroking. It felt amazing, still confused I could feel latex gloves cup my tense balls whilst she quietly sucked my cock gently at first, gradually faster. Still no words were spoken and one thing had lead to another, I was in the room, away from everybody, locked-in with shorts around ankles, thrusting into Nursey, she coiled her neck after each deep fulfilment of my large girth. I started slow and she began to get real wet and it began to drip beneath my shaft. She moaned at most 3 times, it was enough, none of that fake porn shit, she was loving it. Still, dried bl**d was on my left cheek and neck, my back was pumping and she kept a good grip, she did not care what I looked like, she just wanted a good silent fuck in the check-up room. Many times did she attempt to halt me on the basis somebody was fast approaching, I did not care, I kept forcing forward and she couldn't get enough.

She takes hold of my cock and lines it up to her slit and slams down onto it. Nursey starts bouncing up and down with me under her, thrusting up to meet her hips. I’m loving the feel of my pre-cum coating my own cock as it slides in and out of her. Within a half hour, we’re both sweating and she’s had many orgasms. Each time she climaxes, I can see her eyes close, she takes in a deep breath and holds it. This woman is unbelievable. She keeps bouncing, without a care in the world about how sensitive I am.

"Nursey, baby, I’m close. I want to let it loose inside you. You want to feel my hot cum explode in you baby?” “Mmmm, yea. Let it loose in me babe. I want to feel your cum in me,” she says. Here it comes, and the next thing I knew, I was flooding her pussy with my man juice. I empty myself inside her, letting her pussy milk the rest of my cum out of me. Exhausted, I pulled up my dark muddy shorts and we kissed slowly for a bit.

I saw her many times after, and loved the smiles she threw across the classrooms and hallways. I wish I could go back to that Saturday...

*This one is dedicated to a special someone out there, Ms Nursey ;)
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