At Trails End

At a shabby bar in northern Michigan I was having a few beers with my friends and meeting some of the locals. We were up there camping, fishing and relaxing spending most of our nights at this small bar called Trails End. The locals included the typical t-shirt, and John Deer cap wearing guys and the females ranged from heavy single moms to dried up d***ks looking for someone to hang on all night. My friends, all white suburban upper middle class types, loved to pick on them behind their backs. The bartender a stout mid thirties woman with a black t-shirt and skin tight blue jeans knew all the locals by name and had their drinks poured before they sat in their seat. At the end of the bar sat Alice. She was a twice divorced mid fifties woman, alcoholic, rail thin with sun baked prune type skin and thinning grey hair. She was nursing a beer and a shot looking over her shoulder acting like the life of the party trying to get someone to buy her drinks. Alice had been in this bar on that seat for years. Cashing her checks at the bar to clear her tab and drinking what little was left the day she was paid. Story had it that she had been brought up north by her by her husband from Detroit he found her in bed with another man and then after her lover grew tired of her he too divorced her. Life was not easy for Alice.
As luck would have it the only seat available was near Alice so I sat but turned my back to her to avoid talking but she wouldn’t have that. A soft tap on my shoulder and I heard her ask if she could bum a cigarette. I turned to face her flicking one out of my pack and she took it slowly and her hand touched mine, a smile was her thanks. I turned again to talk to my friends but again I felt a tap. Being brought up too polite I turned again as she started to ask me where I was from and attempted to strike up a conversation. There was no avoiding it I was stuck talking to Alice. She changed totally however, from loud and obnoxious to soft and quite. She listened when I talked and before too long I had bought her a few drinks and we shared my pack of cigarettes. My friends were now running the pool table and had left me and Alice alone now for a couple of hours it was well after midnight when she stood up from the barstool. She thanked me for a great evening and was getting ready to leave when she whispered in my ear, “Meet me in the men’s room.” She put her purse over her shoulder and wandered to the back of the bar where the bathrooms were located. I gave her a minute slammed down my shot and checking to see if anyone was watching walked off towards the men’s room. I opened the door quietly seeing two stalls and a urinal I heard a soft, “on the end” come from a stall. I closed the door and opened the end stall. There she stood her eyes glazed from booze as she reached for me. Her mouth lurched for mine her breath smelled of whiskey and cigarettes, her lips dry and chapped locked around mine. At first the revulsion almost made me push her away but I was d***k enough, and horny enough to try this. Her hands fumbled at my belt and pants I began to tear at hers also her blouse quickly unbuttoned and her bra I unsnapped from the back. She contorted and maneuvered skillfully and soon her bra was removed and her sagging flat tits were available to my mouth. She panted as I sucked her nipples the sweaty salty taste and smell along with the odor from the men’s bathroom did little to stir my passion. She pulled my head from her tits and dropped to her knees on the sticky floor of the stall. Tugging my pants to my knees she grabbed my cock in her hands and shoved it in her mouth like she was devouring a hot dog. I opened my legs as far as my pants would let me and she began the most vigorous blow job I had ever experienced. Her head bobbed back and forth on my stiffened cock her mouth made loud sucking and slurping sounds. Her energy was rewarded by my booze soft cock getting harder by the second. She pulled and tugged on my balls and jacked me while her lips covered my tip she nearly brought me to the edge of orgasm a couple of times. She slowed down, kissing and jacking my cock once more. She stood and smiled stripped of her pants and panties knelt on the toilet seat and put her hands on the wall. Her ass and pussy were now at cock height and I did what any red bl**ded man would do, I stood behind her and popped my dick into her moist hairy pussy and rammed it home. She grunted and took it as I went balls deep into her. I had just enough room to thrust my hips and fuck her like this, my pants around my ankles, ass hitting the stall door and driving my cock into her as she kept from hitting her forehead on the tiled wall. I reached for her sagging swaying tits hoping to grab them but decided to grab her hips instead yanking her onto my cock as I thrust hard into her again and again. Her moans started to grow louder as I quickened my strokes. The slapping sounds of us colliding echoed in the tiled bathroom and she almost fell off the toilet a few times. When she finally had enough and decided to turn around and she sat on the toilet seat itself. I hoped we weren’t finished and to my happiness she once again swallowed my cock, her hands now grabbing my ass she pulled me deep into her mouth and I locked my fingers around the back of her head. It wasn’t three strokes like this when I gushed. I came in big spurts her nose buried in my pubic hair she almost gagged as I pumped into her throat. I broke into a sweat and leaned against the stall door a stupid satisfied grin on my face. She relaxed her grip and hacking and coughing spit a wad of my cum into the toilet between her legs. Wiping her mouth with some toilet paper she slid her panties back over her ass, wiggled back into her pants, stuffed her bra in her purse, and buttoned her shirt, all in about fifteen seconds. We traded places in the stall I now sat on the toilet she stood in front of me and kissed me a soft peck on the cheek. I reached into my pants pocket and found a twenty dollar bill, I handed it to her. She accepted it stuffed it in her pants pocket and quickly slipped out of the bathroom.
I composed myself as best I could and tried to sneak into the bar back to my seat. My friends never looked up from their game. The bartender walked over, her face expressionless, drew a fresh beer for me and placed it in front of me she said, “I hope you had your shots”, as she walked away.

85% (9/2)
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2 years ago
oh wow. that ending was brutal! Poor Alice. She deserved more then a 20 too. And again it's a story that shows alcohol can be an underdogs best friend. lol
3 years ago
yep may need them thar shots