Debt Paid

My roomate Jerry and his bitchy girlfriend Brittany had split up and she was over to pick up her stuff. I sat there folding my laundry making sure she didn't steal any of my stuff and smiling at her bitching about Jerry. She was a rude little slut and she had borrowed $200.00 from me a few weeks back and hadn't paid me yet. I asked her when I could expect my cash and she said, "I'd get it soon."

"Bullshit", I growled, "I want it now." Brittany moaned on and on about not having it and she was going to trade me an old crappy stereo and some other shit. I turned down all her offers. She was standing there in her tight ass jeans and a crop top sleeveless t-shirt looking pretty hot so I gave it a shot, " I'll take sex." She almost came unglued and called me more fucked up names and then flipped me off. "OK how about 5 blow jobs?" She laughed and said "No fucking way 3 blow jobs is all I'd give for $200." I jumped up, "Deal!"

Brittany stood there with her jaw on the floor stammering and pleading with me. I told her, "Well it was that or I'd bust out a windshield on your car and you could spend the money that way." She stood there looking lost and said, "Fine, asshole have it your way."

"Cool" I sneered "we'll start now." She looked around the room and looked like she was going to cry. I unbuckled my pants and pulled them down to my knees. She said, "I don't swallow and I'm not getting undressed."

"I don't give a shit get to work." She knelt in front of me and her hands grabbed my cock and she bent to put it in her pouting mouth. "Ahhhhh, there you go." I said and reached over and lit a cigarette as she slurped and sucked on my slowly hardening cock. "Good girl keep going." her hands played with my shaft and her lips kissed the head of my dick. "You're good keep going, lick it like a popsicle." She swore at me and licked it like I asked as I continued to smoke and leaned my head back on the sofa. She moved her head faster up and down and I could feel close to spurting so I said, "I'm gonna cum bitch." So she lifted her head and jacked my cock until I spurted over my belly and her hands. I reached over and grabbed a towel out of the laundry basket and handed it to her. She wiped her hands and began to stand. "Where you going?" I said. "Why?" she asked, "I have things to do." "You sure do, I got two more blow jobs." She stood there again bitching and swearing at me. I sat there wiping myself of with a grin on my face. "Do them today and we're even and I'll leave you alone."

I grabbed the TV remote and punched a few buttons and a porno movie that I had in the DVD player started up with a big titted porn queen getting rammed up her ass. She was screaming and moaning and Brittany took a cigarette and sat down and lit it. After a few minutes she looked at my cock and noticed it was starting to get hard again, "Hmmm", she said, "Jerry didn't recover that quick." She stabbed out the smoke and knelt again in front of me. "Well let’s get this over with." This time I noticed she was slower and caressed my balls playing with them softly. I leaned back into the couch my hands held onto her head making her go a bit farther down my cock and I held her there as she rubbed all over with her tongue. Damn she was good. I took the rubber band out of her hair and it fell and spilled over my thighs. She rubbed her face on my thighs and I started to really respond. "Yes there you go." I moaned. She slid her hand up and down and I felt her finger tickle my ass. She licked farther down and I was ready to cum again. This time my cock was pressed against her cheek and she locked eyes with me. "Cum" she whispered. I did. It spurted on her face and it splashed on her shirt. She giggled, "Now you made a mess." The porno was still playing but the scene had changed to a hot brunette riding a guy that was sitting on a couch. She watched then asked, "Do you have any beer." I pointed to the fridge. She came back with two and we sat and drank them quietly watching the movie. We drank two more and she reached over and began to massage my cock. She picked up the remote and put back to the scene where the girl was riding the guy on the couch. She stood in front of me without saying a word took off her cum stained shirt. Her boobs bounced and her nipples were already hard.

She unbutoned her jeans and turning around wiggled her hips pulling them and her panties down to her ankles. Her shaved pussy glistened as she bent all the way down. She let her hands rub her legs and ass as she stood again facing me. She licked her finger and traced it down her body down to her pussy. She wiggled again and covered her bald pussy with her hand rubbing it and sliding a finger inside her. My cock was hard. She sauntered seductively towards me wrapping her arms around my neck and I guided my cock into her pussy. She began to rock her hips and grind herself onto me, my hands fondled and rubbed her tits. Her nipples stood out like pencil erasers as I licked them and sucked on them. She rocked faster and faster, I was buried deep into her and she was moaning and whimpering as her clit smashed between us. She came and kept going her nails scratching into my back. I bit slightly on her nipples and she threw her head back. I stood and she wrapped her legs around my back I spun her onto the couch now I was on my knees banging her with all my might. She moaned and started to pant as I felt myself getting ready to cum. "Faster faster.", she begged as my hips slammed into her pussy. I came hard and she tensed and gripped the cushions on the couch having her orgasm with me.

We spent the night together. Her debt paid.

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1 year ago
Nice quick paced story
2 years ago
Hey... Can I barrow some money? lol. Poor girls need sex too. Let's break out a fund raiser! Maybe a poor horny girl sex drive?
3 years ago
Sounds like you got the better end of that deal.
3 years ago
Now thats the way to get paid back if she don't have the cash that is
3 years ago
great story so hot!