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Sometimes I get so horny I can’t stand it. You know those days, walking around half hard looking for some relief what do you do? A massage parlor or some street hooker perhaps.Maybe watch a porno and beat off until your dick is sore. I find the best remedy is the adult book store video booth. It seems there is the best place to find some lonely cocksucker willing to suck you off for free. I’ve been to my favorite dozens of times and find the whole session quite satisfying.

A few weeks ago I found an exceptionally good cocksucker there and have to tell everyone about it. I was spending my lunch at a nearby strip club watching some very pretty and supple young ladies strut their stuff displaying their talents on the stage for me. I even got a few lap dances but couldn’t convince any of them to give a little relief under the table as they had in the past. Now horny, half hard and just a little d***k I walked the block to the adult video store knowing there I could get some relief. I change a five for singles and looked at the options of the videos that were displayed. I didn’t really care but I know it gives the cocksuckers a chance to see me and drool in anticipation. I selected a booth looking to make sure there wasn’t too much spew on the floor and put the dollar in the machine holding the door shut without sliding the lock across.

I felt a tug on the door and let go as an older guy slipped in behind me. He was graying and pudgy with soft full lips and I whispered, “You want to suck my cock?” He smiled and said, ” Oh yes”.We were belly to belly in the small booth the video was playing some woman getting slammed in the ass by one guy and she was sucking the cock of another. The volume was up very loud filling the booth with moaning and the light from the screen cast dancing shadows over both of us. He knelt in front of me quickly undoing my belt. I unbuttoned my shirt and felt him tug down my underwear. His hands began to softly rub
my balls and shaft of my quickly hardening cock. I felt his breath on my belly and he began to kiss and lick my dick. My hand went to his head and I rubbed his hair as his lips wrapped around my cock. I felt his tongue play lightly on my cock and I instantly started to respond. He was good, very good, nothing like an old fag to give head.

He sucked and bobbed his head and I began to thrust my hips pushing deeper into his mouth. The woman on the video was cumming and yelling loud blasting her groans over the cheap speakers. I felt the cum in me starting to explode and I said in a hoarse whisper that I was going to cum, I wasn’t sure if he was going to swallow but I expected he would. He touched my balls again and I shot my cum into his mouth and down his throat. I pumped my hips and he remained there firmly clamped on my cock catching it all. My knees almost buckled but I stood grabbing his head as he rubbed his hands over my bare ass.

He dragged my shorts up kissing my cock before he covered it. I stood there with a dumb grin on my face. “Thanks” I said, “that was great”. He complimented my cock or something I wasn’t paying attention anymore. He slid past me and unlocking the door crept out.

95% (24/1)
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2 years ago
It did seem one sided. I do hope the old guys gets his release in the sequel.
3 years ago
I agree it's a hot story but I didn't like the use of the word, "Fag." It's very derogatory.
4 years ago
I would never call the guy sucking my cock a fag! And I hate being called one too. I do like being called cocksucker, especially as you(he) cums in my mouth....
4 years ago
4 years ago
I agree bloody, I am bi. I love sucking cock and I have been the older guy sucking cock in the booths before. I don't mind being called a slut, cocksucker or cumdump but I don't like being called a fag.
4 years ago
A good story but I think it's a little bit unfair. In this pages we should avoid calling and be called fags and similars!
4 years ago
Very hot storie. Keep writing them.