The sub I played with last night is a hot city boy who wanted to meet after work.
He lives closeby to his office so I told him to go home during his lunch break, get clean and shove a prostate massager I got him,up his butt, hold it in place with a tight leather thong and go back to work.
After work, he had to go back home and stay put in his office clothes.
He's a horny slutboy with a fuckhole that's constantly gagging for action and he did as he was told.
When I arrived, there he was, waiting in anticipation. Looking cute in his light blue pinstripe suit, white shirt and blue tie.
I ordered him to get up, bend and spread, which he did slowly.
I pushed the leather thong aside, grabbed the handle of the prostate massage toy and prodded his g spot.
He moaned. Before long, I was fucking his arse in every possible position (doggy is my favourite as I can pull his hair and see my hard cock sliding in and out of his fuckhole!).
I spanked his butt until it was the campest shade of hot pink!
As the night progressed I got more creative.
Got him on all fours, with his butt raised high up in the air. He was sniffing poppers while I lubricated his fuckhole with my spit and clear lube.
I have skilled fingers so it opened up beautifully but not too much (if not, what's the point1).
I had already training this sub to to do kegel exercises so he always knew how to squeeze back and tighten up.
When I'd opened it up just so (or should I say sore?), I dipped an ice cube into a glass of vodka and then inserted it into his hole.
Mr. Bitch Boy went wild, moaned and groaned and bit his duvet!
The coldness of the ice cube mixed with the warmth of his hole sent him into another world. The slight sting of the vodka only accentuated the pleasure. It was beautiful to watch this high flying city boy who has taken over Daddy's company and manages over 100 staff - whimper and squeel like the slutty pussy boy he so loves being!
Now like most high flying city folk, this bitch also had a passion for the good old Columbian powder!
I only let him have 2 lines as I don't want a completely coked up bitch. I gave up this stuff long ago and do not like taking d**gs while in control.
So, my middle finger, coated with the good stuff slid into his fuckhole and gently rubbed it deep in.
More moans and groans...
My dick sprung into action again and fucked his arse for all it was worth.
More lube...
And then I pushed in the infalatable dildo into his arse. He took it like a bitch, right upto the base.
I was always impressed at how clean his hole was. One has to admire a boy who presents his Master/Dom with a clean hole to play with, use and abuse!
As I pumped up the inflatable dildo he kept begging "Yes Sir, please sir... I want some more Sir" and so on.
A modern day Oliver Twist who wants to be fed up the rear end!
As I ordered, he slowly played with his cock. But he had strict instructions. he wasn't allowed to cum until I asked him to.
Thankfully this bitch was so obsessed with waking up the next morning with a sore arse, he always obeyed my orders (apart from that one time when he could not help himself and shot his load before I told him to and then I punished him by having him bound and gagged, with an electro plug working his sorry hole for almost an hour, while I whipped his slutty butt cheeks with my belt! That taut the slut a lesson never to disobey me again!).
Face down and arse up, the bitch didn't know what was coming next. I held the now fully inflated dildo in place with my upper thigh and slowly rolled on an elbow length latext glove onto my right hand.
I coated it with more lube. The clear kind. I hate seeing creamy crisco distorting my view of a hot arse and open hole!
As I ordered him to push the dildo out, he reluctantly did. The moment the monster dildo popped out, I slid my fist into his well lubed hole slowly.
He moaned then there was a sharp intake of breath. His hot ring tightered around my wrist so quickly I myself felt slight pain around my wrist.
"Oh my God, please don't... I don't want a fist up my hole... Nooooo" he moaned.
But his fuckhole was not listening to his mouth!
It gently drew my fist in, well.... dragged in I guess.
I could feel the walls of his rectum hugging my hand, while his prostate throbbed gleefully like an excited host cheered up by a long awaited guest!

I pressed 3 fingers on his prostate, spat on my left hand, wanked his cock and ordered, (Cum, Bitch!).
A few seconds later spurt after spurt of hot jizz fell onto his bed sheets while he groaned and shouted "Oh fuck, oh yeah... oh my God!" (Why do sluts always call the Almighty at these moment? Because he was the one who created the liquid for reproduction obviously! Too bad it was being spent on white Egyptian cotton rather than in a baby machine!).
Very gently, I drew my hand out. This was the first time this Bitch has been fisted and it wont be the last. Now that his fuckhole has tasted my Fist, it would throb, ache and long for it more!
I ordered him to suck me off, which he did with gratitude, while kneeling down.
His eager eyes looked up at me as he sucked my cock to completion. He gagged while I held his ears and shot my load down his throat.
He swallowed every drop like it was manna from heaven, licked my cock clean and sat on his bed.. letting out a satisfied sigh.
I soaked a towel in hot water, wrung it and mopped off the lube and sweat off our bodies.
We lay in bed together... his head on my left shoulder. My left hand gently probing his butt cheeks and occasionally caressing his butt crack.
After about 30 mns, I decided to leave. I had an early start today. "When can I see you again?" he asked.
"Just call me and we'll find a time and date suited to both of us. By the way, put some Anusol cream on your hole. It helps soothe things down there."
And with that, I was gone. This is a true story.
Why am I such a good Dom Top? It is because I am also a good Sub/Bottom and enjoy playing both roles but not usually in the same session, although it can be done with the same person.
I have always been intrigued by all things sex and started practising very young. The most interesting bit, however, is not the sex itself. It is the psychology behind it.

Next time, I will share with you my experience with a hot silver fox who makes me feel like the only purpose in life (when I am with him of course), is to satisfy him!
Tip: If you use ice cubes up the arse, make sure there are no sharp edges on the ice cube. The circular/round cubes are the best and always ALWAYS to it very slowly after lubing up the hole.
*If you like this incident, feel free to comment. All feedback welcome! Also open to meeting guys for fun - no d**gs!
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