exhibitionism to perversion ....

exhibitionism to perversion .....
There we discovered exhibitionists one night by chance. and from that day the fantasy and reality, could not do without ..
We were as usual in the evening, in the industrial area, sitting in the backseat of the car his dad, a great sw easy, and I was doing one of his insurmountable blow jobs, I noticed that someone was watching us, did not say anything not to it scared the stool to kneel on the seat with one hand and lifted her skirt and slipped two fingers in pussy masturbating her long, confident that what we would have liked watching the show, maybe it was one of those guys who frequented the bar and often followed us
The night after I told her everything was ready for one of his usual tantrums, but I look with a smile, "you're a pig," he said "look at me that you liked it?" I obviously could not deny my double satisfaction, "well now that I know I'll make sure you are always satisfied, but remember that what appeals to you, also like the other"
I did not go to the bottom of these his last statements, but leaders' that something had changed.
In fact, the night after I saw her off from her home quickly dressed and made up in a flashy, invited me to leave quickly, "before I see my" was actually being very well prepared, very short and tight mini dress red heels
"Take me to a place full of k**s, so I will look at all like that you will be happy ... right?" "Sure" I replied
I took her to the Pub, a nearby village, was a memorable evening, wing end we were so excited that we stopped in a parking lot, put it with your hands appogiate after having lifted the bonnet and the little dress, fucked careless To be an seen by passers-sula road and we played our pleasure increasing, this was the beginning
We went on a lot with this story, she always dressed in a supersexi, and more and more uninhibited in front of strangers, and always wore only skirts inguinal, minidresses aderentissimi, everything was still more reduced, the measure was now just below the butt, the limit or perhaps more, of decency to get around the only thing that grew were the heels, wedges were dizzy and pin, but she always impeccably floated above them, showing off her fantastic body 's estate, but also in winter , possibly risking to suffer a bit cold, the only concession to the cold season, is "covered" with sensual stockings, increasing still more the effect sexi, since often the attacatura the edge could be seen, when he was not nice view
I took her to many places to show her desire to show it to many, but then one day, she was not enough to be watched and most desired, but expressed her desire to experience new sensations, I obviously was not okay, but now I could not avoid what that would happen, also because it was the fruit of my exaggerations, always wanting more more sexy, naked, confided to me that often when not wearing underwear, felt the warmth of your hands close to his most secret places, and is thrilled to death to ' idea that everyone could touch her in a crowded place, "but I'm not k**ding!" justified then laughing, and I pretended not to understand, when she manifested covertly, trying to keep it quiet, I made him believe that I would have never thought capable of much, but at heart I was afraid
And so her strong that I thought incapable of certain things, and my absolute confidence in it, I begin to give substance to my fears
In a room outdoors, in summer, I noticed that was the subject of advances by two guys at the bar just before, you alazo saying that he must go to the bathroom, but after about ten minutes without seeing it I decided to go Dov was going to see, just after I crossed the two guys that came from a garden, chuckling satisfaction, settling in the camiciam pataloni, and just behind her, intent on ripasarsi lipstick on the lips ... it did not take long to realize that had just happened, two nice blowjob.
I pretended petrified of anything and I received them in the Soriso, so normally the evening continued, that was just the beginning
It followed other incidents of this kind, where she was absent for any reason, in most places and in different situations, to follow and be followed by those who wished she could see her at work sometimes, other times I imagined, it was impossible to resist becoming extremely sexy and provocative in the ways and especially in 'clothing, at times I wondered "if not you embarrassed to be dressed so slutty when I go out with you love?" I replied reassuringly "no indeed ... I like when you're teasing me to love" I actually had to answer "no! because you're a slut, and rightly so!" but I preferred to keep quiet or risk losing it and suffer in me, crying, like the time with my own eyes I saw her in the bathroom of the restaurant while anti was at work with a big cock in her mouth, another that pumped from behind and another that if he was taking with him before her as she watched, or club where he was surrounded by a grupetto of youngsters who take turns covering the fucking, or in the parking sotteranneo the shopping center where he was sawing two huge blacks cocks, and then again, and again ...
He found work in a supermarket, I thought that the work, the maturity to take her to review these his behavior, but alas it was a masculine atmosphere, here with her not long before a lot to get noticed, of course, thanks to his clothing and behavior, to countered had to wear a lab coat, usually to the knee, and for all, I spent one day to visit her at work, and I saw that he was squeezed to a dental lab coat, two sizes smaller and short to mid-thigh, coincidentally, opened two buttons below and one above, so as soon as she bent to place the goods, her boobs were in plain sight, as her beautiful legs slender wedge heels from unsuitable to work with great effect, and "effect" was to make sure the his colleagues, always ready to lend a hand in the work heavier, then for convenience, he said, was moved to make baskets in the store.
One morning I saw her as she prepared to go to work, so much attention to the makeup and styling, they seemed out of place for a warehouse, nothing skimpy bra and stockings perizzoma network under the "camicino", they sent me a thousand questions I decided not to follow me out, so he went to work dressed, I mingled with many customers, I stretched the look but not see her in the warehouse, on a pretext I asked to speak with the manager, who told me to be committed, and to wait in corridor of offices, it was easy to find the office of the Director, eavesdropped a bit, laughter and groans came from the glass walls covered by large blue curtains and just a crack inside of them saw what happened, she was with her hands resting on the table folded, legs apart, she was only wearing stockings and shoes, around her well-dressed four uomni schiaffeggiavno that touched her ass and her tits, someone slipped her fingers in her mouth, "must be good at sucking cocks this slut "said one of the four, another took her by the hair, long blacks, and turn my head towards another who meanwhile had extracted from the flap cock, placed it in her mouth, her moaning of pleasure I begin to give him a blowjob, knowing her blowjob could not help but envy those four, you could tell he enjoyed as seen in turn grabbed those cocks and sucking them after they scappellati, the four then never undressed in turn scoparono, she always supported the table of its director, stockings and heels was definitely super excited to be owned by four separate maschioni beautiful and much older than she, after an hour or so a guy I call the manager without going into the office that came along with the other three smiling and red face "is good to start the day in a relaxing ahahahahah" he said, laughing, from where I was hiding I could see that she calmly put the minicamice is arranged her hair and makeup and left red-faced and tested dll'ufficio avvaindosi the warehouse, I rifugiaui in the bathroom just in time to hear the comments of two other warehousemen "if I can ask her out one evening and then call you and we sweep all four loa, they say gives the best if taken in the midst of several dicks" "hahaahha "laughed and went
Sure enough a week later he told me he had to go out with colleagues for a business dinner.
Booms rigged very quickly wearing away a long black trench coat to below the knee, as I noted calzem and black high heels, I thought, as always, the follow up to the parking lot near them was a black sports car with a man inside, you look around and go up quickly, you follow them with the car until you get to a place along a small lake for fishing, other cars parked there, waiting for the arrival of the "couple" immediately looked for a place where you can see what all succeva ' internal turning around I found a ladder and managed from the top to have a good view inside a large room with some furniture around and big sofas, once inside they were greeted by a dozen, maybe more, than men who drink to hand impazzienti expected to know this girl, just the friend took her from behind and calling ATTENTION all slipped causing the duster approval of all the many present, in a second my young companion was exhibited and paraded in among many uomni, black stockings and high heels, a show that all the presentations made gradirono you guessed immediately what was the purpose of the evening, was accosted by a first group of five uomni ecorporature of various ages, were stripped and surrounded was invited to take them into his mouth and suck "like you know how beautiful you slut" linvito put to it to, which she could not escape, so began an evening of pussy where she made was always the center of attention of uomni he did not spare anything fucking her sodomizandola and in very large groups, some had
not equipped with camera and filmed everything from undulating avvolota hairy legs and arms, he saw her appear beautiful legs sheathed by black stockings and high heels as she was filled with cocks and cum all their lumina, continued for several hours these 18 men, ruscii hardly count them, and when all the pigs had finished work and return you home to me, until next time.
Troy was a real big slut, young but capable of being owned by a large number of boys together, and that she was conscious, but it slave, could no longer escape, and did it with passion,
Of course, always coming with me dressed and ready to be exhibited and admired for the joy of his "love", but I do not believe to be held .....

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