Special Delivery

Another hot summer day in the city. I think the temperature is around 34 today. Add to that a complete lack of any wind, makes for a miserable day. I work for a company the supplies restaurants. My partner and I make all the deliveries. To make matters worse my partner Nick called in sick today. He probably went to the beach. Can’t say that I blame him but it means more work for me.

It is around mid afternoon (the hottest time of course). I have made several deliveries already. I only have one delivery left to make today. I always hate this one. The Head Chef there can be a real bitch. She is constantly looking over our shoulders as we work, berating us with comments, and telling us how clumsy we are. Hopefully she won’t be there today and I can get this job done and go home.

Luck is not with me today. As I pull the truck up to the back of the restaurant, I can see her standing there. What makes people think they are better than everyone else I wonder? Oh well. Better get this over with and get the hell out of here.

When I get out of the truck I look up at her and say hello. “You’re late.” Is the reply I get back. Typical. The sad part is that she isn’t a bad looking woman. Shoulder length red hair, firm breasts and generally a pretty good body. I’ll bet she would look damned hot in casual clothing; or out of them for that matter.

“Sorry Ma’am, traffic was busy and my partner isn’t here today.”

“I don’t care. I am paying for service and I expect to get it.”

In my mind I am thinking. “Yeah. I would like to service you alright.” Instead I just nod and begin offloading. Of course she is going to stand there and watch me. After all, she can’t insult me if she isn’t around now can she? As I walk past her with the first load I can see her eyes as they give me a once over. Now I don’t want to brag but I do feel that I am in pretty good shape. One of the advantages of this type of work is that it keeps the muscles toned. My arms and chest a very well defined. Because of the heat I am wearing just a simple muscle shirt and it doesn’t take long before I am covered with a shiny layer of sweat.

Under your constant observation I continue to unload the supplies. Of course I am assaulted by your continual comments as I work. “Not there, dummy. Over there.” “Why are you so slow?” “Don’t you know what you are doing?” “Careful with those you idiot.”

Usually I just ignore the comments and carry on, trying to finish as soon as I can. Maybe because I am alone today, or maybe because of the extreme heat. I can feel my anger building. The job is almost complete when I slip and drop one of the boxes. “You idiot!” You scream. “You are going to pay for anything you broke.”

That is the last straw. Moving towards you I say. “I have had all that I am going to take from you, you bitch.” I stop with my face inches from yours. If you were a man I would belt you right now. Instead I stop and glare. A look of fright comes over you for an instant. As I look into your eyes I begin to recognize some things. There is a wild look in your eyes. Your nostrils are flaring. You can certainly smell the sweat off my body. As I stare at you I notice that your chest is heaving. At first I chalk it up to fear, but then it dawns on me. This bitch is in heat.

I grab hold of your head mash my lips to yours. Your eyes open wide and you struggle against my grasp. Your fists hitting my shoulders. When I release you, you stand there shocked for a moment, and then slap me across the face calling me an a****l. “Yeah, and that is just what you need.” I say. “An a****l.” Grabbing your head I pull you forward and kiss you again. Hard. Forcing my tongue into your mouth. I can feel you trying to push my tongue out. You hands are pushing at my shoulders, but I can feel your resolve weakening. When I pull back from your mouth, you don’t pull away this time. Looking at me for a second, then you pull me towards you and kiss me this time. Our lips mashed together as our tongue dance feverishly against one another. I think to myself. “Wow. This bitch is really in heat.”

Your hands move over my body, pawing and grabbing. My arms wrap around you pulling you tight against me. One hand moving lower to grab your ass and pull you closer. You moan as you feel my hard cock pressed against your groin. Pulling away from your lips, I kiss and bite at your neck. The sounds of your moans driving my lust to a fever pitch.

“This is what you want, isn’t it, Bitch.”

“Fuck yes.”

“I’ll bet your boyfriend isn’t giving you what you need, is He?”

“No he isn’t.”

“Well you are going to get what you deserve now.”

The entire restaurant staff could have come in now and it wouldn’t matter. You were going to get fucked no matter what.

My hands move up and grab the front of your shirt. Buttons go flying when I rip it open exposing your bra. I sexy little blue lace bra with the clasp in the front. I can just make out your nipples through the material. You let out a cry as I sink my teeth into the flesh of your shoulder. Grabbing the front of your bra, I pull hard, breaking the clasp and exposing your tits. Typical of redheads, your flesh is pale white with a few freckles. My eyes are drawn to the pink nipples. Areola about the size of a half dollar and hard nipples. Grabbing one, I bring it to my mouth. My tongue circling the nipples as I suck on it. Biting it with my teeth, you cry out as I pull hard on the nipple. Lifting your arms above your head my mouth continues its assault on your tits. Sucking, licking and biting. First one, than the other. Your breathing is ragged and your moans constant. My tongue licking the trickle of sweat between your breasts.

Standing back from you I pull my shirt over my head. The sound of your heavy breathing fills the room. You lunge at me. Your hands are all over my body. Breathing in the scent of my body with every breath you take. Kissing and licking your way across my chest. You take a nipple into you mouth and suck on it, then biting on it; bringing pain and pleasure at the same time.

“Wow, you really are a hot bitch aren’t you?”

“God yes.” You replay as you kiss your way down my rippled stomach. Quickly you pull at the buttons on my jeans eager to get what’s inside. One hand reaching into my pants. I gasp as your hand wraps around my hard cock. Your eyes widen as you realise what is in your hand. I am quite proud of my cock; eight inches long and very thick. You can barely get your hand around it. While you stroke my cock with one hand your hands pull my jeans to the floor and I step out of them. Standing there looking at you as you pull my briefs down giving you your first look at my throbbing cock.

Gazing at my cock as your hand strokes up and down the shaft. “This is what you want, isn’t it?” Instead of answer you merely lean forward and take the head into your mouth. Your tongue swirling around the head feels incredible. Slowly sliding your lips down my cock. Your mouth feels so hot. You moan as I take your head in my hands and push my cock into your mouth. Moving in and out until the whole eight inches is in your mouth causing you to gag. Your hands move behind, squeezing my ass while I fuck your hot mouth. I have to resist the urge to fill your mouth with cum. I have other things in mind for you.

I push your head back removing my cock from your mouth. Lift you to your feet and push you back onto some boxes. Grabbing the waistband of your pants I pull them down off your legs. Looking down at you lying there. Shirt torn open, tits heaving, nothing else but a red thong. I can see a wet spot on the crotch. I kneel on the ground, spreading your legs wide and run my tongue over the crotch of your thong. I can feel the heat from your pussy through the material. I take hold of the waistband and pull hard. You gasp as I rip them away from your body, exposing your pussy to me. Mmmmmm, what a prize. Shaved except for a tiny patch of soft red hair at the top. I can see the trickle of juice forming on the lips. Moving forward I dive into your pussy. My tongue lashing at your clit. “Mmmmm, you taste so good.” All you can do is moan and watch as I feast on your pussy. Licking furiously, I eat you like a man starved.

“OH yes. Lick me please.”

You juices are flowing from your pussy now. My fingers fucking you as my tongue works on your clit. You thighs are squeezing my head as your hips rise to meet my tongue. I can feel your body tense as your first orgasm comes upon you.
“Oh God! You are making me cum!

“Ooooooooooooooooooooh fuuuuuuuuuucccccccccccck!!!!”

I can barely keep contact with your pussy as your body thrashes. My chin is soaked with your cum as I watch you squirm. Juices are free flowing now. You body is glistening with a layer of sweat now.

Standing back I admire my handiwork. You lay there looking back. Your chest heaving. Taking hold of your legs I make you turn over. My hand runs over your sexy ass. Moving behind you, taking my cock and running it up and down the entrance of your pussy, and teasing your clit.

“This is what you want, isn’t it?”

“Oh God yes please.”

“What was that you said?”

“Please, God please fuck me.”

Pushing forward, I push the tip of my cock inside your hot pussy. You let out a moan as you feel my cock inside you. Moving back and forth, teasing you with the tip of my cock.

“Please, more.”

After a minute of teasing like this I drive forward hard. Sinking the full length of my cock in your pussy. Your body stiffens and you cry out as you feel my cock sink home. Pulling back so just the tip is inside I pause then drive hard onto you again. Taking hold of your hips I move rhythmically in and out of your pussy.

“God your pussy feels so good.”

“So does your cock.”

I can feel you pushing your ass into me with each thrust.

“You want to be my little fuck toy every week, don’t you?”

“Yes, fuck me whenever you want.”

My cock is throbbing inside your pussy. Both of us are covered in sweat now. The room is filled with the scent of our sex. My cock is covered with a layer of your juices. All we hear is our moans as I fuck you. Reaching underneath you I stroke your clit as I fuck you. This has the desired effect as another incredible orgasm washes over you.

“Oh FUCK! I’m Cummmmmiiinnnggg!”

Your body twitches as my cock keeps fucking you. Looking down I see my cock shining with your cum all over it. Your sexy ass looks inviting. Just one more thing to make this day complete I think. You let out a soft moan as I pull my cock out of you. You are still d****d over the boxes with your ass up. Taking my cock in hand I bring it up to your puckered ass. Firmly but slowly I push forward. You stiffen and your eyes open wide when you realise my intentions.

“Oh God no! Not there please!”

I just ignore your pleas and keep pushing at your back door. You try to push yourself off the box but this only helps my cock into your ass.

“Oh Christ it hurts! Please it burns! STOP PLEASE!!!!”

“No. This is what you deserve.”

Slowly moving in and out of your ass. God it feels so tight. I can feel you squeezing me. Finally my cock is all the way inside your tight ass. I pause for a minute to let you adjust to the size. You have stopped struggling. Your cries turn to moans as I slowly move my cock in and out of your ass. Oh yes. It feels so good. I can feel your ass milking my cock.

“How does it feel now?”

“God just fuck me.”

After all this, I know it won’t be long. I grab hold of your hair and pull your head back.

“You like having your ass fucked don’t you?”

“Don’t you?”


“What? Speak up.”

“Yes. Fuck my ass please.”

The sight of my hard cock going into your ass is incredible. So hot and tight. My cock pistons into you like a jackhammer.

“Fuck I am going to cum soon. I’m gonna fill your ass for you”

“Yes. Cum in me. Fill me with your cum.”

Grabbing hold of your hips I drive forward sinking the full length into you as my cock explodes, shooting hot cum deep inside your ass.

“Fuck yeah! Here it comes.”

My cum triggers yet another orgasm in you as my cock fills your tight ass.

You collapse on the boxes. My body lying on top of you. Both of us panting and sweating. We lay there as I nuzzle your neck.

I whisper into your ear. “Why didn’t you tell me this was what you wanted?” I say. “We could have done this a long time ago.”

Finally I lift myself up, pulling my softening cock from your ass. I pull up my pants as you lay on the boxes with my cum leaking form your ass. Thinking to myself “Not a bad days work.”

Dressed finally I collect my stuff. Walking over to you, I grab your hair and pull your hair up and pull you to me to give you another hard kiss.

“I’ll be back next week to do this again. Oh and by the way. Nick is back to work next week so I hope you can handle two.”

With that I walk away leaving you there to collect yourself.

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