Seduced by a patient

I work in a hospital as a nursing assistant. I work on a unit that at one end specializes in taking care of patients older 65. The beds are lower to the ground in case someone rolls off they won’t hurt themselves. The beds are also automated so they can rise up and down with a push of a button. I started work like any other day by going into my patient’s rooms a introducing myself. I had 6 patients and they seemed like a good group. One of my patient’s was a lady named Gloria she seemed a little quirky was talking about all kinds of things when I introduced myself to her. She was about 5’3” and if I guess about 130 lbs with blond hair. I left her room and went on with my duties.

Later on that night I got a call saying her heart monitor wasn’t working and I needed to check on. I went into her room and she was standing up next to bed looking for something. I told I will her in a minute but I needed to check on her heart monitor. Usually the patients are pretty modest and I try to check the heart monitor patches without exposing them to much. Gloria was not one of these modest patients. When I told her this I needed to check them she sat down on the bed and untied her gown. Gloria had huge natural breast that hung down to her waist. I could see one patch in between her breast had fallen off. She said they it always get sweaty between her boobs. I removed the patch and put a new one on. I told I had to check the other ones and I processed to lift up her right breast I must have been 15 lbs the patch under it was fine. When I did this Gloria started to breathe a little heavier and her nipple started to get a little hard. That’s when I notice just how big her areolas were. They were around size of a baseball and her nipples were the size of a nickel. As I but her boob back down my hand brushed her nipple and Gloria let out a small sigh. I lifted her left breast and the patch had fallen off. I grabbed a new one but I was hard to hold her large breast and attach it. Gloria said she would help I was expecting her to just hold her boob up by holding under it but instead she kind of grabbed it by her nipple and pulled it. I attached the new patch and Gloria dropped her large breast and her nipples were now fully hard and sticking out about an inch. I pulled her gown back up and tied it in the back around her neck. While doing so I had to get pretty close to her and my crotch was right in front of her face I looked down and it looked like she was trying to put her face closer to me. I finished and ask if she needed anything else and she said not right then but maybe later.

About 45 minutes had passed and her call light came on. As I walked in I also got a call about the heart monitor again saying it needed to be fixed. As I walked in I ask Gloria what I could to help her. She was sitting on the bed again and said she felt like she had a fever and wanted me to check her temperature. I said sure I’ll be right back let me grab the vital machine. I came back in her room with the machine and when I saw her I noticed her face did look a little flushed and she was looking a little sweaty. Gloria said her monitor patches fall off again and I told her I know I will fix those after I check your temp. I was standing in front of her getting ready to check temp when what happened next I wasn’t prepared for. Gloria reach over grabbed my pants and yanked them and my boxer briefs down. Before I could anything she had my dick in her mouth. I tried to pull away but as I did so she bit down so I could get out of her mouth. It didn’t her but I noticed it didn’t feel like teeth. That’s when I noticed she had remover her dentures and was using her gums to suck my dick. It started to feel really good and my now semi hard cock started to get harder as she sucked and used her gums to slide back and forth. I was worried we would get caught and I told Gloria she had to stop the nurse could come in. Gloria stopped and let my rock hard dick spring out of her mouth and said don’t worry I told the nurse you would be in my room for a while helping me get ready to take a shower and changing my bedding since It was wet from sweating. Without missing a beat she was back at sucking my dick I put my hand behind her head and started to get into it pushing my hips back and forth. I stopped for a second and said Gloria what about your temp. She stop and said she didn’t have one she was sweaty from masturbating, that after I left the room earlier she had was worked up that her breast are very sensitize. She said she hadn’t had a man touch her breast in almost 12 years since her husband died. Gloria said she imagined my young hard cock in her mouth and filling up her tight pussy and even in her ass. I couldn’t believe this old granny planned the whole thing. When stopped talking she back at sucking my dick. Her head was bobbing back and forth and I decided what the hell. I untied her gown and started playing with her huge watermelon sized tits. I pinched her nipples and she started sucking harder the more I pinched and played with them. I pulled out of her mouth and slide my hard 7 inches between her glorious flesh mounds. She pushed then together and my dick disappeared between them. It felt amazing sliding between it slippery tits. I pushed the button to raise the bed up and she was now at the same height as my hard rod. I pulled her toward me and had her lay back. I was surprised how wet she was for her age. I rubbed my head up and down her slit and she moaned. I started to push my head in and it felt amazing. She was as tight as a virgin. Her warm wet hole clinched down around every inch of as I pushed in. My whole manhood was now buried in her and she was moaning. I pulled back and slide back in. I picked up the pace and my balls were slapping her ass a trusted into her. Her huge tits laying to each side were flopping back and forth. Her legs were resting on my shoulder and she was starting to squirm and I could tell she was getting close. She grabbed he sheets on the bed and tightened her legs around my neck and she came all over my hard cock she was breathing heavy and shaking. She was oozing out of wet tight hole and it running down between her ass. I told her to flip over so we can all of her fantasies come true. She got on her hands and knees and her big tits were hang down on to the bed. I used some of the juices from her pussy and slide my finger into her ass. She moaned again. I started to slide it in and out of her tight little rose bud. I lined my hard cock up her and slowly inserted the head into her ass. She gasp a little I pushed a little more in let it rest as her hole got used to me. I feel her pulse around me and I slid a little more in as she relaxed and became use to it. It took about 5 mins but I was all the way in her. I slowly started to slide back and forth in her tight old ass. She started rocking back and forth meeting each one of my trust. Her huge tits were swinging back and forth and I couldn't last must longer I felt my balls start to tingle and my hard cock start to pulsate in her tight hole. I grabbed her hips and started to pound her hard and blew the biggest load of my life in her ass. Rope after rope of hot sticking cum filled her waiting ass. It stared to ooze out of her hole and she had another orgasm as I finished. I pulled out of her and she turned around and started sucking my dick clean. This of granny was a freak. She thanked me for everything and said she wouldn't need anything else for the night. The next day when I came back to work she was gone, my manger called me into her office and told me she was left a note from one of our patients which read. My stay on your unit was great your staff was very helpful. One nursing assistant was the best I ever had. He took his time and made me feel very special he fulfilled every request I had and he did so with a smile. I will be telling of my friends about him and telling them to ask to have him their assistant to help fulfill their needs. Gloria

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is this story true?