a horny day

it was a hot day in march and i woke up with my morning boner so i got outta bed to take a shower and got ready cuz i was goin to the beach with my girl friend so i drove to my girlfriends friends house she slepted ova so i picked here up and took her to the beach as soon as we got there we drop our stuff and we jumped in the water we started kissin touchin and i got rock hard she started jackin me off in the water and i started fingering her then we both got tired of not fucking so we hurried up and jump back in my truck went back to her friends house and jump in the shower she started jackin me off and givin me head i started jerking her head back and forth fucking her mouth really hard i felt her chokin and slobbin on my balls i tell her stand up i wanna taste that pussy so i get on my knees spread her lips apart then i started vibratin my tongue on her clit and fingering her then i tasted my fingers she tasted like strawberrys i slid my tongue inside her sweet pussy and deeply started reaching her g-spot i whipped my tongue in her pussy until she nutted in my mouth she started shaking i loved it wen she did that then we got out the shower then i sat on the toilet and she sat in my lap she grabbed my throbbing cock and slid it inside her she started thrusting her hips back and foward her moans were silent and soft she took my dick deep she bounce faster and faster harder and harder i told her im cummin she said me to daddy i shot cream inside her and then she squirted it back out on my dick we kissed and cuddled for a while den chill for a lil then fuck 11 more times that day
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4 years ago
good but short & needs details