When Moms away, me and my stepdad will play!!!!

I was about 17 at the time, when my mom started going on week long work trips. And one day I pulled up from school to find my stepdad had beat me home. I walk in and he was in my shower (very unlikely) and the door was open. Me and him had a very open relationship. So I asked him why are u in my shower? He said hell why not join me? I then start getting undressed and jump in with him. I helped him shave his balls as he did mine. Well from that day on instead of walking around in boxers like we normally did, we decided since moms not home lets save laundry and stay naked. So Spring Break rolls around, moms gone again and he was off for the week as well. Every morning we'd wake up eat breakfast naked and since we had a 10 acre farm house we could do yard work naked... well down here in ga during spring break its hot.. so come bout 3 o clock after working in the yard all day even being naked we were sweating. He said "lets go in watch a movie of mine" i said alright.. He pops in a dvd he just bought at an adult novelty store just for me and him...5 mins into i find myself watching his dick get hard and i mean all 11 inches of it...so i get my hard on and he says you know what son...i know u r bi curious why dont we experiment with each other... i said r u sure... he said well im not gonna waste this hard on so u can either help me or watch me. so i got on my knees and started kissing his very sexy body, abs, and oh god that "V" muscle and made my way to his throbbing cock... started sucking it all the way to the balls...hearing him moan made me harder.... I felt his hand run down my body, nipples first then abs then my crotch...suddenly he flips and we starting doing 69... then i hear his moaning get louder and breather harder...and a weeks worth of cum shouts down my throat...and i simultaneously came...both of us swallowing..
my mom and him are divorced now but i still go and visit him for weeks at a time and i actually have had a 3 some with him and his new wife and also a big orgy with their friends....i love that dick 11 inches of the best dick in my life
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2 years ago
A great story, you're very lucky.
2 years ago
hot story and photos. any more visits to stepdad?
2 years ago
looks like everyone had a little fun
2 years ago
not much
2 years ago
Hot story
2 years ago
nice story